• Icons now showing in preview mode
    • Form element's style broken issue fixed
    • Mod Quix php warning fixed



    • Improved the navigator feature (Edit title, Smooth drag & drop, Duplicate, [Edit, Delete, Add, Reset] Elements from the right side menu).
    • fix 🐛 Form element style issue fixed.
    • fix 🐛 Accordion element image size bug fixed.
    • fix 🐛 Fixed disable for all screens issue.
    • fix 🐛 Fixed email sending error related to danger encoding.



    • 🎸 Added the new Quix Navigator
    • Countdown Elements's label visibility options on the mobile screen.
    • Removed Quix fonts priority to set the default font from template.
    • fix 🐛 Slider Z-Index input validation fixed.
    • fix 🐛 Quix collection table update issue #83
    • Google map element height issue fixed
    • Element: Joomla Menu: Off-canvas menu style fixed



    • Custom element bug fixed



    • Module loading fix
    • Form element bug fixed



    • Custom Code Unleashed using dynamic selector
    • Updated all legacy class dependencies for enhanced compatibility and performance.
    • Guided Tour Efficiency
    • Smoother Builder Interactions on columns resizing
    • Drag-and-Drop improvements on elements
    • Say goodbye to erratic cursor jumps in textareas
    • Template item custom styles and icon layout are now bug-free, ensuring consistent design.
    • Paste the element you want into column elements seamlessly
    • Adding scripts to the head only happens once now, preventing duplicates.
    • Empty strings in links are handled correctly, avoiding broken connections.





    • style: 💄 The blurb element's media display block and margin have been removed.
    • style: 💄 The element selector position has been changed to relative.
    • fix: 🐛 The style for the missing icon path has been fixed.



    • 🎸Introduced the clear page content feature
    • 🎸Assets URL optimisation control
    • Refactor Quix configuration options
    • Resolved an issue with the version switcher
    • Accordion element content typography bug
    • Builder API bug fixed due to double slash in request
    • Smart Search - Finder plugin indexing bug fixed
    • Section save bug fixed for Joomla 4



    • 🎸 new option: Image Optimisation control
    • Quix Page cache and cleaning cache
    • [search result] removed styles from search result
    • [search result] only published quix item will be indexed
    • [Accordion element] class not applied issue fixed
    • Page hits resetting on save
    • File manager url fixed for double slash
    • Italic style font-family bug fix



    • 🎸new codes manager for header and footer
    • Joomla Article Element's API support to avoid cache conflict
    • Animated Headline Element's responsive alignment fix
    • edit-quix URL double slash caused the wrong route



    • JCE Editor's code source edit mode support
    • Page CSS and JS loading on builder
    • New color picker for opacity changes
    • Color picker value does not shows on switching element
    • Typography font change does not show on switching element
    • Box-shadow opacity was not showing



    • Joomla 4 routing update for API
    • JMedia for PHP 8.2 support
    • Atom templates html conflict resolved for J4



    • [Lottie Animation] You can use your local JSON file for animation
    • [Form Element] Fixed email body for plain text email



    • Joomla 4 - Lottie Animation script loading
    • Joomla 4 - Video Elements script loading



    • Background image path fixed
    • Dynamic API data missing issue fixed
    • Assets loading improved
    • no more export with image and fixed import and export



    • Countdown element's Evergreen counter feature
    • Uikit library update
    • tooltip style override from uikit to avoid template conflict
    • row-settings bar position fixed



    • Video elements auto play on scroll issue fixed



    • Keyboard Shortcuts for Preview and Save[ ctrl+p->Preview, ctrl+s->Save Page, ctrl+shift+p->Save & Preview , ctrl+r->Reload Soft, ctrl+shift+r->Reload Hard ]
    • Customized elements css was not loading



    • Section style updated
    • Setting reset option
    • More entrance animation for elements
    • [Articles Element] Responsive layout
    • Image accessibility improved
    • Form - Input field accessibility issue
    • Image opacity slider issue fixed.
    • Testimonial rating issue fixed
    • media carousel
    • Testimonial carousel quotation issue
    • Duplicate page issue fixed



    • Cross-domain copy paste
    • Article with Quix
    • Dashboard style
    • Article by Quix's intro-text issue fixed
    • Export page JSON validation issue fixed
    • Collection table wrong type issue fixed
    • Button elements icon hover issue fixed
    • Joomla Article elements style issue fixed
    • Slider pro elements button style issue fixed
    • Accordion element active item icon alignment issue fixed
    • Menu items duplicate key issue fixed
    • Joomla Articles Introtext including styles code bug fixed



    • Quick access buttons added for sections, rows and elements.
    • Section control hidden issue fixed for the last section.
    • Settings fields style improved
    • JMedia for Joomla 4
    • Media carousel element overlay issue fixed.
    • JSON import issue fixed.
    • Section overwrite issue fixed for library.
    • ACL 403 issue fixed.



    • New Router for Joomla 4 and Legacy for Joomla3
    • Display condition modal style
    • Quix as an editor for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4
    • Joomla menu elements style
    • Fetal error due to style migration for J4
    • AMP link bug fixed for page
    • Quix as a editor bug fixed



    • [Accordion Element] Added Joomla content prepare event support
    • [Header Builder] Display condition style
    • [Form Element] Invisible re-captcha
    • [Form Element] Multi-value selector
    • [Form Element] Default value and config update
    • [Video Pro] Auto-play and mute
    • [Google Map] height issue fixed
    • [Joomla menu] Dropdown submenu items style fixed
    • [Joomla menu] Submenu dropdown caret style fixed
    • [Blurb Element] image width issue fixed
    • [Form Element] Fix from element submit button full width issue
    • Image optimization fetal error for unsupported image
    • Fixed icon resize issue
    • Joomla SEF routing fix to save page on subdomain or sub-folder



    • Accordion element close first item delay issue fixed
    • unused code removed from twig file
    • Atom template css file loading logic update
    • Builder - new element button visibility issue fixed
    • Image link set to Absolute to view local image
    • Menu Element fixed for menu type alias
    • Routing bug fixed for home page alias
    • API request URL fixed for cache css/js
    • Row min-height style and width fixed
    • 0 value emptyChecker for border fixed
    • duplicate function conflict with classic



    • Atom template style improvement
    • Permission error page for J4
    • Builder Select form field search option for all select fields
    • Slider-pro elements image lazy load improved
    • Dynamic name and path for image cache
    • Classic page renderer fixed



    • Element path registry system event (Create your own element)
    • JSON Import message and workflow
    • Divider and Smart-Tab style improved
    • Same name image optimization and cache
    • Border type none style
    • Lottie animation style
    • Column background image size and style
    • Form element submit action warning
    • Page settings bug fixed for custom JS code
    • (PHP) Router warning Something is wrong issue fixed
    • Parallax Background image position conflict issue



    • Testimonial Carousel Improvement (Rating content and Style)
    • Elements min padding 1 px extra spacing fixed
    • Row background-overlay fixed on builder view
    • Router php notice for undefined id fixed
    • Builder fetal error fixed for slider element's unit value
    • My elements re-use bug fixed. data-processing bug
    • Image optimizer fetal error fixed for type null



    • Duplicate function quixRenderItem



    • Element icon missing
    • Accordion element icon style and alignment
    • Background image attachment style
    • J4 routing fixed when home page is set to Quix
    • My Templates list not showing
    • DataBase checked out issue
    • Grid style improved for row
    • Improvements of Atom template to support J4



    • Form style syntax
    • Google font loading
    • Column bug fixed
    • Duplicate method checker added to fix fetal error



    • 🎸 Custom Element register hook for template.
    • 🐛 My elements bug fix



    • Google Web-Font delay loading



    • 🐛 Links attributes bug fix for 4 elements
    • 🐛 Slider Pro, Social Icon, Flip Box, Dual Button, Call 2 action and Pricing Table
    • 🐛 PHP Warning fixed for Media Version
    • 🐛 Modal Tab style improved



    • Gantry conflict Fix
    • Form element style fixed



    • 🐛 Gantry Latest version conflict fixed
    • 🐛 Quix Template Selector Modal fixed on Joomla Editor



    • 🐛 Meta image bug fixed
    • 🐛 Classic page version fixed



    • 🐛 Row style duplicate border
    • 🐛 SEO score result bug fix
    • 🐛 Accordion element spacing and icon color fix
    • 🐛 Helix framework style conflict fixed
    • 🐛 Button element target issue fixed
    • 🐛 SEO drawer style, builder icon path, assets version
    • 🐛 Joomla4 Modules Templates selection form bug fixed
    • 🐛 Article edit with quix bug fixed
    • 🐛 Custom element for joomla3 dependency fixed for j4
    • 🐛 Form Element email sending fix for visual-builder
    • 🐛 Classic email sending ajax api migration
    • 🐛 Email does not sent for sendmail bug fixed
    • 🐛 Legacy file upload method's dependency fixed
    • 💡 JSON request migration for legacy support.



    • 🎸 Joomla 4 support
    • 🎸 Joomla 3 compatibility assured
    • 🎸 Filemanager reload button on modal
    • 🎸 J4 field modal for menu and routing support
    • 🎸 J4 admin quick menu link to quix
    • 🐛 Section alignment fixed
    • 🐛 Section background image optimization turned off due to UI issue
    • 🐛 Image loading blur effect fixed
    • 🐛 Builder Modal width adjustment fixed for elements list
    • 🐛 ACL checker fixed to implement Joomla ACL
    • 🐛 Admin style improved
    • 🐛 Atom template style and tooltip style fix with j4
    • 🐛 Blurb element style: icon border, padding, border radius, width
    • 🐛 Border 0 value, empty value, hover style, and default
    • 🐛 All elements border checker for 0 value and empty value fixed
    • 🐛 Collection ordering warning fixed for J4
    • 🐛 Collection publishes unpublish for J4
    • 🐛 Context menu style and free-pro checker updated
    • 🐛 Element icon URL fix for J4
    • 🐛 Form element field height control and button icon alignment
    • 🐛 Form input style and alert close option fixed
    • 🐛 Header and Footer loading checker fixed
    • 🐛 Header/Footer display condition setting modal bug for J4
    • 🐛 Page and Collection ordering issue fixed for J4
    • 🐛 Paste style live to reload
    • 🐛 Quix icon and template name fix for J3 and J4
    • 🐛 Redirect URL fixed for j4 to login and edit
    • 🐛 Remote SVG image lazy load and color fixed
    • 🐛 Template's list modal error fixed on the builder
    • 🐛 Unsplash loading
    • 🐛 CSS Background parallax fixed



    • fix: 🐛 Form Element's math captcha
    • fix: 🐛 Blurb Icon's background color on preview
    • fix: 🐛 Form element required field validation
    • fix: 🐛 Background gradient color radial options does not work
    • fix: 🐛 Repeat welcome message
    • fix: 🐛 Background image parallax does not show
    • fix: 🐛 BoxShadow style and mobile css value merge conflict
    • fix: 🐛 forms and tabs element style fixed
    • fix: 🐛 data migration of form and divider update
    • fix: 🐛 tab element php warning fixed
    • fix: 🐛 admin menu, admin module, language and broken links
    • fix: 🐛 Gallery data migration
    • fix: 🐛 Google fonts delay loading
    • fix: 🐛 Form element alert style
    • fix: 🐛 Flip-box element bg image
    • fix: 🐛 Section bg overlay blur and lazy
    • fix: 🐛 Flipbox animation fix



    • feat: 🎸 Builder version added to migrate legacy pages.
    • style: 💄 added page's builder version number on admin list
    • fix: 🐛 Builder sidebar spacing fix
    • fix: 🐛 JS style for icon fixe
    • fix: 🐛 Legacy cache call fixed and builder version params fix
    • fix: 🐛 Old section importing bug fixed
    • fix: 🐛 Button Element style
    • fix: 🐛 Fixed adding empty value css
    • fix: 🐛 Icon size migration
    • fix: 🐛 Section background image and its lazyloading fixed
    • fix: 🐛 Image exception handled with dependency fix
    • fix: 🐛 Text editor table toolbar added and fullscreen removed
    • fix: 🐛 History name undefined fixed for inline editing
    • fix: 🐛 Content resetting bug fixed for live-editing text editor
    • fix: 🐛 Icon style php warning fixed for legacy value
    • fix: 🐛 Quix API ssl URL fixed
    • fix: 🐛 Dual-button element migration fixed
    • fix: 🐛 Button element icon-size css
    • fix: 🐛 Classic template editing bug
    • fix: 🐛 Fix wrong versioning
    • fix: 🐛 Captcha checker php warning fixed
    • fix: 🐛 SVG rendering conflict with PHP Opening and Closing
    • fix: 🐛 Builder twig cache for cleaning path fixed
    • fix: 🐛 Display condition's menu item selection



    • feat: 🎸 JMedia updated 1.4.0
    • style: 💄 Animated Header svg icon changed
    • style: 💄 Legacy css updated
    • fix: 🐛 Elements responsive disable option not working
    • fix: 🐛 Box shadow not showing
    • fix: 🐛 Admin module license activation warning
    • fix: 🐛 Delay loading css missing styles
    • fix: 🐛 My templates list not showing
    • fix: 🐛 My templates old items not inserting
    • fix: 🐛 Method not found renderQuixItem
    • fix: 🐛 Form Element's math captcha
    • fix: 🐛 Image optimization bug due to server configuration



    • 💄 Empty section style fixed
    • 🐛 Icon list element style fixed
    • 🐛 Column element background style fixed
    • 🐛 Fixed bug on welcome guide showing always.
    • 🐛 Menu element style bug fixed
    • 🐛 Blurb element icon style bug fixed
    • 🐛 Element padding/margin bug fixed
    • 🐛 Image loading bug fixed
    • 🐛 Column reverse bug for mobile view



    • [Classic][Fonts] Google Webfont API Updated for un-interrupted service.



    • [Improvement] Reduced 4 css to one css bundle file
    • Admin Modal new collection view improved
    • Image lazy loading improved
    • [Element] [Video Pro] Autoplay issue fixed
    • [Fonts] Google Webfont API Updated for un-interrupted service.
    • [Style] Margin-align-bottom fixed



    • Fix the icon list, social icon element extra spacing for icons
    • Fix video pro element autoplay issue
    • Filemanager non UTF file name bug


    • Form Element bug fix on builder


    • Filemanager bug fixed



    • License Validation cause CORS error.


    • JS/CSS Conflicts issue resolved.



    • Header Builder
    • Footer Builder
    • Fresh Interface for admin
    • Organized options
    • Performance Improvement
    • Lots of Bugfix



    • [Video Carousel Element] Allowfullscreen feature for YouTube
    • [Smart Tab Element] Multiple uses in a page
    • [Form Element] recaptcha Typo
    • JCH conflict resolver improved
    • Filemanager updated to latest to avoid mimetype namespace bug
    • Unused script removed from elements
    • AMP view jch conflict fixed by auto configuring excluded url format=amp
    • Quix Business lifetime license validation
    • PHP warning fixed for quix as editor
    • Subfolder Quix API path fixed
    • PHP error fixed for Quix as an Editor
    • Preview url routing bug fixed
    • SVG upload bug fixed
    • Relative URL routing fixed for custom link



    • Cross-Device grid support improved for visual builder
    • [Quix Editor] Virtuemart support
    • [Form Element] Captcha Fixed for validation and mobile auto trigger
    • [Quix Editor] Thirdpary component conflict fixed
    • Typo fixed on installation view
    • License validation fixed for lifetime license



    • [Accordion Element] New FAQ Schema markup added
    • [Counter Element] New option for onload countdown starting
    • [File Manager] New Support for Gif,bmp,webp,movie,vob and 3gp
    • [Builder] Force ltr mode for builder
    • [SVG] Color remove option to use raw color
    • [CORE] Schema for editor map with migration script
    • [CORE] blocks & templates style update
    • [QuixAMP] Code updated
    • [QuixRank] SEO checker content block updated
    • [Image Element] Icon color option updated
    • [File Manager] SVG icon preview
    • [CORE] undefined object warning fixed for editor
    • [CORE] Editor context update to avoid with modules
    • [CORE] builder pro layout auth notice and activation url fixed
    • [CORE] New section layout messy loading improve
    • [CORE] id warning fixed for js from text input
    • [CORE] page css loading issue fixed for safari and ie
    • [Smart Tab] html syntex fixed
    • [Form Element] Email CC and BCC option fixed for email2
    • [Form element] after form submit not resetting all inputs value
    • [Form element] Checkbox multiple value bug fixed
    • [Person Element] Description text field display issue
    • [Person Pro Element] element link issue with style overlay fix



    • [CORE] php warning fixed for not object count
    • [QuixAMP] AMP to Page Canonical URL fixed
    • [QuixAMP] Sidebar Routing fixed
    • [QuixAMP] AMP-Video missing script added
    • [QuixEditor] Module builder context conflict fixed



    • [QuixRank] SEO Title not changing to Green
    • [Pricing Table Element] Duration switcher text updated
    • [Advanced Heading Elements] Fix background text margin issue and background text switcher
    • Media Manager modal fix
    • QuixRank Sidebar fix
    • PHP mkdir replace with joomla folder create for warning



    • new Smart Tab Element
    • new Dual Button Element
    • new Pricing Element
    • New Advance Heading Element
    • [Button Element] Border && scroll offset added
    • [Gallery Element] New responsive grid options
    • [Testimonial Carousel] Improved configuration system of media and quote show/hide
    • [Quix Optimize] Original image resize issue fixed to ration
    • [Blurb Element] Fix image width problem
    • [Media Elements] Fixed layout responsive problem for (gallery, image, testimonial carousel, video, video) carousel, video pro
    • [Quix AMP] Head link added instead of meta content



    • Image loading issue fixed for Blurb, Image & icon, Gallery and Testimonial
    • Video Pro height issue
    • Testimonial Carousel default value fixed for quatation.


    • Testimonial Carousel image not showing issue fixed



    • [Gallery Element] Added responsive grid control, Filter button styles, New masonry layout and Overlay title-caption styles
    • [Button Element] Added new border type
    • [Blurb Element] Added background and border for image and icon
    • [Testimonial Carousel] Added grid layout, Image control, Items styles, Image border and Added Quotation
    • [Slider Pro] Added bar navigation + button icon
    • [Accordion Element] Added collapse option for first item
    • [MedicaCarousel Element] Added content and caption styles
    • [Form Element] Captcha validation improved
    • [Person Element] Add border, padding for image
    • [Image Element] Improve media border, caption border, caption background and icon styles
    • [VideoPro Element] Improved its options and control
    • Developer: svg fields style will be removed from core
    • Fixed issue : Builder not loading
    • Admin Dashboard model warning fixed
    • [Video Pro Element] Icon position fixed
    • [MediaCarousel Element] Fixed the title, caption, outside arrow nav,overlay animation and alignment options
    • [Image Element] Fix image width max value



    • AMP Implementation (Pro only)
    • Repeatable Items sorting
    • Page save Validation Layer to prevent page crush.
    • More then 400% Builder performance improved
    • Add New section from section settings
    • Undo-Redo improved.
    • Column resizer improved.
    • [Drag & Drop] Firefox support added.
    • Assets rendaring improved to support joomla system cache
    • [Slider Pro] element navigation for AMP
    • Section modal style and filter improved
    • Large screen sections modal width increased
    • API level browser-cache to improve builder loading time
    • Rendering module reshuffled [same as module settings]
    • Section templates list view improved
    • Renamed: Magical Resizer to Grid Reset
    • SEO assistance style improved.
    • Google font's missing weight fixed
    • Section/Element disable enable visibility fixed
    • [Accordion Element] all items collapsable issue fixed
    • [Shortcode Editor Modal] insert error fixed for all editor
    • Color Picker input height fix
    • Element Duplicate id fixed
    • Section drag extra zoom-off fixed
    • Missing quix.css loaded for builder
    • Section Background script error fixed
    • Multiple API call fixed for google fonts
    • [Image] Fixed force width to 100% to auto
    • [Image Compare Element][Classic] fix for style break
    • [Pie Counter Element][Classic] Trigger pre animation waiting
    • [Joomla Articles] Button bg style fix for hover
    • [Slider Pro] Responsive content width fixed
    • [Slider Pro] Dot nav position fixed to center
    • [Slider Pro] Title twig parsing fix
    • [Media Carousel] Fixed for outside nav
    • [Media Carousel] Caption added for both overlay and no-overlay style
    • [Form] Parsed new line from input
    • [Blurb] Img caption added
    • [Modal] Position fixed to center
    • PHP warning undefined label fixed
    • Date picker auto close issue fixed
    • New Section Template fixed to one section


    • Frontend PHP warning fixed
    • Social icon and Icon-list element styles reset
    • Builder color Alignment fixed
    • Modal expand mode double click fixed
    • Quix as Editor fixed for Article and Module



    • 170+ all new prebuilt sections library
    • [Builder] Editor modal Expand Mode
    • [Builder] New Documentation inlcuded for all element inside builder
    • [Builder] Joomla Image folder path changing support
    • [Builder] Code formating and debug info update
    • [Builder] Media preview improved on editor modal
    • [Builder] Toolber UI Improved
    • [Builder] Fonts loading and font-data storing
    • [Section Collection] Library tag ordering by Alphabet
    • [Section Collection] Filter by single category
    • Dynamic caching improved
    • Element css missing on cache fixed
    • Image path issue fixed
    • Max value 100 set for all % unit for settings field


    • Template CSS Priority conflict with Library CSS isse caused by 2.5.5 release



    • Section copy paste to anywhere [No hardtime to move section ;)]
    • [Performance] Load assets only once for all items in a page
    • Quix Image optimise checking fallback
    • CSS Library updated
    • code clean up for production
    • [Blurb Element]: add link on the icon
    • [Video Carousel Element] Video default height
    • [Video element] viewport height removed for overheiht issue
    • [Builder] All Alignment/Choose field responsive switcher
    • [Builder] Section stretch mode when resized improved
    • [WOW JS] will not load default from now
    • [Classic] bundle.js for classic has new always defer
    • [Accordion Element] Fix the icon color issue from style tab
    • [Video Pro Element]: Video and placeholder image height and modal close issue fix
    • [Gallery Element] filter and default filter select
    • Api undefined index issue fixed
    • Preview page Edit button indexing issue fixed
    • ColorPicker overflow bottom fixed



    • [My Templates] New Option settings like page
    • [My Templates] New QuixRank Option added
    • [Performance] Global option to set css loading preference.
    • [Form Element] Server side form validation added
    • [New Element] Person Pro, Video Carousel
    • Quix page rendering speed improved
    • Quix page size reduced
    • Classic fallback CSS removed from Visual builder
    • Multiple http request reduced
    • CSS Library Improved
    • Admin Interface performance improved
    • Prebuild Templates [sections and pages] tag filter improved
    • Compile CSS has now validation for missing css
    • Element update: accordion, countdown, joomla-article,
    • Element update: media-carousel, slider-pro, video-pro
    • Element update: joomla articles
    • Joomla form update caused bug fixed about form fields
    • [Image Optimization] api update to track small images
    • [Page Settings] Image Optimization value checking fixed
    • Admin Sidebar loading flick issue fixed
    • Override new element fixed
    • Active license missing value on some site issue fixed
    • Media element icon link issue fixed
    • Form Captcha enable disable issue fixed



    • Installation sql warning fixed
    • Content event fix for admin



    • [Core] Joomla Debug profile implement
    • [Form Element] Email subject will accept shortcode
    • [Form Element] Reply to from Users Input
    • [Image optimization] Mini size image as default
    • [Builder] Preview mode added to avoid cache conflict
    • [Builder] Auto reload only after item save
    • [Element Dev] Divider field type : reset and help value
    • [Image optimization] slow server optimizing
    • [image optimization] Image sizes field removed
    • [Gallery Element] Default image height unit set to %
    • [Builder] Return url encode fix
    • [Form Element] email sender improved to filter properly
    • [QuixRrank] preview info update and broken link fixed
    • [Form element] Fixed bcc, cc options
    • [SEO] dummy image for image src removed for seo
    • [Image] Trimmed url to avoid double slash
    • cache cleaner warning fixed
    • [SEO] site attributes meta fix
    • webp srcset php warning fixed



    • [Slider Pro] advanced style customization and effects
    • [Visual Builder] DocType to Quix for Independent work
    • [Slider Pro] Content: Background Color, Margin, Width, Border
    • [Slider Pro] Arrow Navigation: Icon Hover Color, Arrow Nav Space, Arrow Space, Background Color, Border, Padding
    • [Slider Pro] Dot Navigation: Background Color, Border, Padding
    • [Slider Pro] Content Alignment: Text Alignment, Horizontal Alignment, Verticle Alignment
    • [Slider Pro] Overlay: Enable/Disable
    • [Slider Pro] Kenburns Effect
    • [Slider Pro] Content Transitions
    • [Slider Pro] Content Parallax
    • [Slider Pro] Add percentage to the Content padding
    • [Joomla Article] Meta icon updated
    • [JCH Fix] removed and fixed by DocType
    • [Installation Bug] QuixHelper not found fixed
    • [Library Editor] Item not saved warning fixed
    • [Element Modal UI] Fields group arrow icon fix
    • [Form Element] Fixed recaptcha validation issue
    • [Core Lang] Missing lang added



    • Style Copy Paste for same element
    • Context menu [Right click]
    • [Form Element] Invisible Captcha + Match captcha support
    • [Button Element] New hover color for icon
    • [Open Street Map Element] Basic Map
    • [Core] Element overriding for visual builder
    • [Image Element] Image Caption and style
    • [Blurb Element] Title hover color option
    • [Media Carousel] Image caption and title showing option
    • [Gallery Element] Title, Caption & Overlay options added
    • [New] JCH/AdminTools auto fixing control option
    • Module rendering
    • Drag n Drop now smooth and quicker
    • Quix Modal fields group collapse icon
    • [Typography] Default lineheight removed from typography and css
    • [License] Validation process updated using js to avoid server request blocking
    • [Button Element] Options for icon color
    • [Classic][SliderPro] Custom height improved to hide overlapping
    • [Classic] Builder col-wrapper css update
    • [Video Element] Element position fixed
    • Builder mode added qx parent class to match builder preview
    • Redirect to page preview on builder closing
    • Admin quick icon updated
    • Visual Builder style improved
    • Style codebase organized
    • [Optimize Image] Image format uppercase issue fixed
    • [Column Element] Button Options and width fixed
    • Builder style fixed for Firefox
    • PHP warning and notice fixed
    • Fixed placeholder issue for dimension
    • Classname conflict with other extension fixed
    • Image caption padding fields value fixed
    • Filemanager old version warning



    • [Media Carousel Element] New option for link media item
    • [Blurb Element] New option for Image and Title position
    • [Video Element] default video config update
    • Toolbar grid structure for cross device
    • Base64 Logo removed to avoid confusion
    • Chrome for Windows section overlapping for settings fix
    • Responsive value changing on windows fixed



    • [ACL] ACL implenmented on Section, Row, Column, and Elements.
    • [Media Manager] Support for GIF and MOV added.
    • [New Pro Element] Video Pro.
    • [Person Element] Image width control added.
    • [Image] Default image width added for Blurb, Call2Action, and Image element.
    • [Button] Smooth Scroll option added for button element.
    • [IE] Improved styles for Internet Explorer and added options for fix.
    • [Animated Header] Grid, alignment and position style improved for Animated header.
    • [Style] Core css added to improve some output.
    • [Slider Pro] Responsive and custom-height alignment issue fixed.
    • [Gallery] Filter option updated.
    • [My Element] Duplicate ID issue fixed.
    • [Responsive] Fixed slider-fields responsive issue.
    • [SEO] Meta image not showing issue fixed..
    • [Testimonial Carousel] Internet Explorer fixed.
    • DocType checking before adding core scripts.
    • Video bg opacity fixed.
    • Quix Pro update site url fixed for free package.



    • [w3c validator] Removed empty attr from core js/css link
    • [w3c validator] Removed script defer from inline script
    • [w3c validator] Parallax markup to data markup
    • [w3c validator] [Image] Dummy src for image validation
    • [w3c validator] [Image] Lazy Loading tag update
    • [QuixOptimize] Image optimization api miltiple request
    • [Heading Element] * selector removed and tag added
    • [Uikit] Updated to latest 3.0.3
    • Final output filter removed for Core output
    • [Classic][Filemanager] Fixed drag and drop issue
    • [Joomla Articles] Meta icons fix
    • [Slider Pro] Title tag filter
    • [Gantry] fix from github help channels
    • [Quix] Quix Inside quix item render styles fix
    • Background Overly fixed when opacity 0
    • schema script update fixed for custom db prefix
    • Override elements conflict with visual builder.



    • [QuixOptimize] Helper path fix
    • [Classic] Async Loader conflict fixed
    • Admin assets relative path fix



    • QuixOptimize for Image [Responsive Image : compress, resize, srcset, sizes]
    • Image lazyload
    • Webp Image format support
    • New Dashboard introduced
    • [classic] animate.css new version
    • Few improvements on column and section
    • [Slider Pro] Responsive display fix for Slider
    • [Classic] Column element flow fix



    • [Media Carousel] img alignment fix
    • [Media Carousel] Image width-height fixed
    • [Form Element] Date dependent field removed from config
    • [Classic][Joomla Article] Content prepare event updated



    • [Form Element] New field date, time, datetime-local
    • [Common][IE] Column Layout Selection fix for IE/Safari
    • [Slider Element][IE] Object fit image fixed for IE/Edge
    • [Classic] All blocks API url migrated to https
    • [Map Element] Broken output fixed by fixing init zoom value



    • [All] JavaScript Parallax option for background
    • [Common] Auto load preview when saved a page
    • [Button Element] Text alignment option for full-width button
    • [Alert Element] Close option
    • [Form Element] Beautiful email output
    • [Countdown Element] Mobile view grid control
    • [Column] reverse option for Mobile
    • [classic] [Article Element] Introtext Content event
    • [Classic] Rocket loader async
    • [SEO] Open Graph meta data structure updated to latest
    • [Cache] Version added to page stylesheet and script for caching conflict
    • [Articles Element] Category sef url fixed
    • [Countdown Element] Divider hide on mobile
    • [Common] Relative links on Text Editor
    • [Common] Cached clean when config updated
    • [Common] Textarea height controlling enabled
    • [Common] Warning fixed for font-family file isn't exist
    • [Common] Preview page php wanring fixed for css
    • [QuixRank] SEO negative score
    • [classic] [Blurb Element] Media position fixed on hover
    • [Spacer Element] visual refresh on builder
    • [Form Element] Select field missing class added
    • [Filemanager] Icon and unsplash tab showing issue
    • [SEO] Image path fixed
    • [Google Map]Height and Zooming
    • [Astroid framework] Text editor dependency for Bootstrap
    • [CONFLICT] PATH_ROOT variable conflict with JReview
    • [Testimonial Carousel] Name and Position Alignment



    • [new] Typography new unit added : rem
    • Code Organised for builders
    • Google Webfont version updated
    • Webfonts script will not load if not needed
    • Row vertical alignemnt fixed for responsive settings
    • Fonts console warning removed
    • Webfont script error fix for no fonts
    • Social icon element link structure fixed on builder



    • SEO Feature
    • Classic blurb hover media and hover bg
    • RocketLoader fixed
    • New option for article elements : title hover
    • New option for slider pro : custom height
    • Fixed message of loading time
    • Joomla articles element improved and better box stylings
    • Joomla articles SEF url update
    • Optimised toolber view
    • Loading priority moved script at bottom
    • ItemRendering optimised
    • Heading element text wrapped with span and default bg-color for text bg
    • Admin page list page access and language title update
    • Migrate schema button moved to save menu dropdown
    • Old js jquery live dependency updated
    • [classic] Video BG Fixed
    • [classic] Filemanager video selection fix
    • [classic] Fix bar counter width
    • [classic] Fix image is not found issue when select any video from filemanager
    • Builder elements width overflow fixed
    • Testimonial carousel grid fix
    • Divider responsive builder break issue fixed
    • SVG Selection and output with code sign fix



    • New font-display added for Quix fonts for SEO page visibility
    • Default view params and new jaccess checked update
    • New joomla update fix for changing page state https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/pull/22851
    • Form field acceptence text filter for link fixed
    • Google map origin error fixed on builder mode
    • LoadGlobalStyle js warning fixed
    • Error fixed when saving an item in the Template Library


    • Clean cache on installation
    • New button to clean cache all together from Help page
    • Duplicate function name fix
    • Heading element default value fix for enable hover



    • Visual Builder's assets (CSS/JS) cached
    • New filemanager for classic builder
    • Page cache improved for visual-builder
    • person elements designation label update
    • Heading element new option for text background
    • Finder plugin summery and body text limit applied
    • New name tag option for classic builder testimonial
    • BG reset js warning fixed
    • Defer tag fixed for builder script
    • Fixed empty default value coz error on builder
    • String type warning fixed for layout edit



    • New joomla article element
    • Double call removed for system plugin for Assets
    • Slider pro fonts moved to less files to maintain priority from elements settings
    • Counter element countdown update on enter visible area
    • Default global typo value updated
    • Installation pkg php warning fixed
    • LoadGlobalStyles loaded at last to avoid undefined error
    • Video elements width height options fixed
    • [Classic] Article element fix for article not found exception
    • Joomla articles element class name fix
    • Fixed default value and string case to avoid library items issue



    • My Elements implemented for saving customized elements
    • Global Typo configuration for whole page
    • New field type jmodule implemented in module list
    • Loading hints added
    • Page not found error set to Exception for 404
    • GetTemplates api security updated
    • Fixed file manager file path that was missing in subdomain
    • Button element alignment fixed and icon added
    • Builder toolbar/icons UI issue fixed
    • Style tab of Heading element > all items closed issues are fixed
    • Quix help menu are updated with more direct docs link
    • Admin toolbar updated for better UI
    • Element module list has been given new api for realtime module list while each page loads
    • Elements configuration back for v1 and fixed saving bug and cache issue
    • Image elements are set to default unit into px
    • Added person elements help text for alignment control to avoid confusion
    • Pie counter is now working on the Quix 2.1.9 [classic builder]
    • Edit from pagelist path is fixed
    • Empty page list dropdown is fixed
    • Section insert from https not working issue is fixed
    • Page insert https warning fixed
    • Section height control and alignment fixed for Mobile view
    • Custom Width container padding fixed
    • Slider pro placeholder image removed if no image is inserted
    • Slider pro thumb and alignment issue fixed on builder
    • Exception update for Google font list empty array
    • Blurb Element alignment title fixed
    • The bug of Module element select search is fixed
    • PHP warning fixed for undefined index on responsive value
    • Icon-list elements hover color fixed
    • Image elements caption fixed
    • Map elements config breaking issue is fixed



    • Joomla 3.9 filemanager bug fix



    • Help menu update
    • Joomla 3.9 Fix
    • Cache fix for biilder page



    • AdminTools auto exception
    • New section width option
    • Section drag new workflow
    • New Columnd layout 1-5
    • Builder performance Optimised
    • Text element prepare content event
    • New Admin help menu
    • Show element name on move icon
    • Color remove option added
    • New Gallery options: filter all text, default filter
    • System plugin enabled warning for disabled status
    • Caching policy and page caching updated
    • Quix error routing update
    • Webfont loading issue fixed for all weight
    • quix page title and meta set as second priority from menu
    • Reopen preview tab if closed
    • Quix Builder UI Improved
    • Row settings updated
    • Optimized html, script, style on Builder
    • Quix grid fully now % base
    • Optimised duplicate script loading
    • Image element height width unit responsive update
    • Image Element image responsive mode option
    • Section copy pase workflow update
    • Testimonial carousel element image alt text added
    • Slider pro and Video poster image option
    • Drop position style update
    • Tab default active bg title color
    • Save to library modal ui updated
    • Tooltip for options
    • Icon-list element default start icon
    • Filemanager optimised
    • Prevent page reload on click Button/Link
    • Button element icon spacing
    • Slider pro viewport height update
    • Social icon hover and common icon color option
    • Animated Headline optimised
    • Alignment justify added to alert, blurb, c2a, flipbox, heading, articles, person and text
    • Column animation on builder mode implemented
    • [Classic Builder] Video Background script issue
    • Custom code disappeared issue from Page Settings
    • Add and delete column issue for styles
    • Fix preview js error from flement script
    • Video element script loading issue
    • Column resize problem after section drag and drop
    • Fixed section duplicate issue for styles
    • Border unit fixed
    • Counter element fix for last count
    • Section disable class fixed for last section
    • Fixed add new row button overlap issue
    • Fixed animated header
    • Style fix for link and modal
    • Form element updated for custom message and submit issue
    • Gallery element image url fixed
    • Media carousel script fixed for default value
    • Testimonial script fixed for default value
    • Class to Action style and cover options fixed
    • Resizer column select image on resize if i do quick resize
    • Fix style broken issue when duplicate
    • Resizer position fixed for col margin
    • Slider image width fix
    • Accordion element icon fixed
    • Countdown fix for datetime
    • Fixed export page download
    • Section background overlay opacity fix



    • Php warning fixed
    • Social icon duplicate class removed
    • Grid issue fixed
    • Removed modal class from body to fix builder width



    • Pro users can get support from admin
    • New heartbeat api to save your time
    • Icon list element option to add common icon
    • New Title bg option for tab element
    • New easyblog events for list view and featured view
    • Quix module update
    • UI update for fisrt starting
    • Form elements optimised
    • Improved column structure for elements list item
    • Finder plugin event optimized
    • Live api call on every 5 min
    • Language option all added to page settings
    • Section insert fails error warning added
    • Tab elements style reset
    • Section builder interface improved for responsive test
    • Builder ui improved for t3
    • New schema button for old pages only
    • Content plugin unused loading off from core
    • Move elements icon width updated
    • Column common settings fixed
    • View engine fix for library item from visual to classic from module load
    • Fixed column resizing issue after clicking magical resizer
    • Item edit issue fixed from list
    • column settings for elements gap fixed
    • Parsing warning from php library fixed
    • Grid margin/padding overlap issue fixed
    • Image with overlap fixed
    • Fixed warning before page load
    • Fixed editor link edit modal issue
    • Animated header multiple instance fix
    • Animated header font issue fixed
    • Warning removed from admin dashboard



    • Helix Ultimate, Astroid Framework tested and worked fine
    • Articles, Module, Video empty message
    • Video select modal poster removed to avoid warning
    • Builder Style update for column settings
    • Repeater items empty title line height
    • Node/Element ID auto generating issue fixed
    • Image url fixed for full url
    • System plugin warning removed
    • Media carousel grid fix
    • Testimonial Carousel and Media carousel infinite scroll fix



    • Tested on T3 Framework JS compression. Please turn of error reporting for closure
    • JCH ignorelist fixed for builder mode
    • JCH auto configured for quix to avoid conflict on preview page
    • Button element icon option added
    • Form element submit button block style text alignment added
    • Responsive visibility updated for all 30 elements
    • Image path improved for sub-folder setup
    • Typo mistake for distraction mode
    • Form submit url to quix to avoid SUCURI security block
    • Drag n Drop icon path fixed for sub-folder setup
    • Responsive class updated in row, section and column
    • Element disable style updated for builder
    • Flipbox 3d option bug fix
    • Sliderpro animation and option fixed
    • Responsive value migration fixed for blurb
    • Modal tab line-height issue fixed



    • All Elements updated to avoid parsing error
    • Joomla Module element update to avoid script loading conflicts
    • Default builder view changed to destruction free mode
    • Event plugin optimised
    • Cached Quix Builder data for better performance
    • shape divider content cached
    • Video JS removed from core
    • Blurb element warning removed
    • Quix Home page routing fix for editing
    • Quix version check warning removed.
    • Section Video Background fixed.
    • Classic Builder carousel fix
    • Classic builder responsive issue fixed
    • Classic builder bar-counter fixed



    • New alert when builder failed to load with instructions.
    • Builder loading time reduced to more then double.
    • Tested with T3 framework, Gantry framework
    • Slider pro fix
    • Gradiant bug fix
    • Responsive issue fixed for section, row and column



    • Update schema version option on builder and pages
    • FeatureName added.
    • Integration page grid update
    • SVG and Icon style migration
    • Blurb element updated
    • Async option improved for cloud-flare
    • Raw Html element fixed for custom code encoded issue
    • Library Insert issue
    • PageSave issue fixed
    • Quix Free version preview warning fixed
    • Pro authorize message fixed
    • Preview page warning fixed



    • 18 Free element
    • 12 PRO element
    • Unsplash image in media manager
    • Advanced Form Builder
    • All elements improved
    • All bug fixes reported in beta period



    • 18 Total Free Elements
    • 12 Total Pro Elements
    • Unsplash image in media manager
    • UI & UX Improved
    • Default styles for all elements
    • Many issues fixed
    • Many issues improved



    • New Animation
    • Units support vh, rem, em, px, %
    • New smart Color Picker
    • Color preset
    • Box shadow
    • Text shadow
    • Code cleaned up
    • Added custom class support for section and row
    • json_decode filter for twig engine
    • removed old code editor
    • email sending issue and format updated for classic contact form
    • Elements styles optimized
    • Updated icons on Image element
    • Fix merge error - Last release
    • Fix function already exist error for com_downloadmanager
    • Fix ChartJS not loading issue
    • Fix Prepare content twig engine undefined issue



    • Alert element
    • Video element
    • Custom HTML element
    • Custom css for element
    • Prepare content api and methods
    • Library item preview and toggle mode for preview
    • collection preview output fix
    • PHP warning fix for undefined key
    • getJoomlaModule api update to fix error for empty selection
    • getJoomlaModule api update to get scripts output properly from module
    • New section re-open builder loading issue fixed
    • Column element spacing issue fix
    • Gallery element row column issue fix
    • Assets loading for both builder updated
    • Fix major bug to load custom scripts from php file
    • Empty module id for php renderer fix
    • Classic builder column breaks issue fix
    • Dropcap element style fix



    • Classic Builder form element improved with options for admin
    • Google font api now cached for better performance
    • Toolbar improved
    • Removed php warning message
    • Section template edit issue.
    • Page template preview issue.
    • Classic element override fix from template
    • Shortcode ultimate function classing fix
    • Classic builder asset loading issue fixed
    • Contact form language issue fixed
    • Classic Filterable gallery element fix
    • Visual builder module element preview fix
    • jQuery conflict fix for others template like YouJoomla, Beez3 and more…
    • UI css issue adjust for other template framework
    • Fix an issue where Element spacing not applying on preview mode



    • Background overlay for section, row and columns.
    • Element override possible form template
    • Group repeater fields added
    • Massive code clean up to reduce builder js size.
    • Version number added to each assets for better cache refresh
    • Builder loading time improved
    • Shortcode Ultimate Plugin is fully workable
    • Background opacity and transition option added
    • Media picker UI improved
    • Blurb element option improved
    • Person element option improved
    • Testimonial element option improved
    • Media field now taking filter to load image from additional sources
    • Caching system improved
    • Multilingual php error fix.
    • Multilingual website save issue fix.
    • Classic Builder : Counter element fix
    • Misc coding bug fix



    • Element picker modal size and list organization.
    • Bootstrap loading issue for Helix Ultimate.
    • Body extra padding removed for builder mode on Helix Ultimate and Gantry template.
    • Element picker icon alignment problem on Helix Ultimate.
    • Nested col row delete problem.
    • Module classic shortcode not working.



    • Person element
    • Testimonial element.
    • Min version checking applied for clould template.
    • Element duplication style missing.
    • IssueName fixed.
    • Blurb element heading margin fix
    • Placeholder image path fix
    • QUIX_VERSION error coming from system plugin fix.
    • Full width section negative margin removed from row.
    • Misc css fixs.



    • Now you can create page with Classic & Visual Builder
    • Blurb element.
    • Joomla module element.
    • Text editor
    • UX improved for element drag & drop
    • Element drag icon added
    • Element options are now expanded on hover
    • Link options are now triggered on hover
    • Toolbar options are now triggered on hover
    • All assets are not using local version instead CDN
    • transform() php error
    • UI css fix.
    • Gantry template on builder mode



    • PHP transform() function not found issue fixed.
    • Fixs an issue where toolbar was hiding on doropdown open and scroll the page.
    • Text editor warning message removed.



    • Remove the restriction of installing when v1.0 is already installed.
    • Link to menu and page settings dropdown not shwoing.
    • Css editor not loading.



    • Visual Page Builder
    • Drag & Drop Interface
    • Mission Control Toolbar
    • Link Quix Page to Menu From Visual Builder
    • Super Flexible Layout System
    • Template Manager
    • Media Manager
    • Improved & Organized Settings
    • Advanced Page Setting
    • Copy Paste Everything (Section, Row, Column)
    • New Types of Fields
    • Custom CSS For Every Element
    • SVG Icon Picker
    • Portability ( Export / Import )
    • Gradient Effect
    • Shape Divider
    • Customizable Section, Row, Height & Flexbox
    • Destruction Free Mode
    • Much more...



    • many new options
    • Lots of bug fix

Check release blog post for details



    • New builder



    • Carousel Element BugFix
    • Script memory leack issue fixed.



    • Preview frame toggle mode for raw output only
    • FeatureName added.
    • Cleaned cache on update install
    • Options to system config link
    • Font-awosome icon list updated from 675 to 786 = 111 more icons
    • Quix generator meta name changed to application-name meta (edited)
    • Page hits reset option on edit page
    • New option on plugin for gantry offcanvas auto-close



    • Shape Divider for section
    • Video background for section
    • Date picker selector
    • Google map marker image conflict with https
    • Fix an issue where production mode creating 2 version of style files.



    • Slider padding, margin, color option added
    • Gallery elements: box-shadow, background option
    • Pricing table feature box margin adjusted.
    • SSL error for filemanager permission precheck
    • Responsive issue fixed for Joomla Articles, Text Element,
    • Margin, Padding issue fixed for pricing table
    • Z-Index issue for color picker
    • Element breakpoint fix for Smart tab



    • Clean cache system event
    • Device specific asset cache file optimized
    • Broken Builder for getQuix API
    • Clean cache issue



    • Responsive field settings.
    • Responsive toolbar in frontend page/library.
    • Nestend column re-structure.
    • Column reverse for mobile device.
    • New quix module
    • SEO meta tag options
    • Graphical field selector
    • Border option for section, row and columns.
    • Builder performance improvement.
    • Removed padding from slider pro element.
    • Builder visual improvements.
    • Fix Roboto font missing
    • Fix an issue with body margin/padding
    • Fix an issue for overflow when responsive preview on frontend
    • Responsive tabs font size fix
    • Slider pro issue
    • All element issue



    • Filemanager precheck warning
    • Config reset issue
    • Save to lib issue
    • close page issue



    • Save Item error
    • Lib items default order by id DESC
    • onSave php warning for ID



    • TinyMCE LTR/RTL button
    • TinyMCE Paste from MS DOC option
    • Fixs an issue when number counter font size and color not applying.



    • Smart Tabs Element
    • On-boarding system
    • Icon loading system for future icon loader.
    • J2Store support added.
    • Backend overall loading speed.
    • Column settings icon now always visible.
    • Typography control with dynamic google fonts + variants.
    • Slider Pro : Individual Slide Text alignment option, hide title option added.
    • Gallery : Open link in new tab option added.
    • Person : New border and box shadow options added.
    • Testimonial Pro : New margin options added and fields are organized.
    • Button : Replaced p tag with div.
    • Heading Element : Border and background option added.
    • Contact form element language update for hint.
    • Code cleanup.
    • Field style updated.
    • Layout saving to library as section.
    • Layout update saving from library fixed.
    • TinyMCE insert button not working fixed.
    • Quix page and module element ACL issue fixed.
    • Timepicker not found issue fixed.
    • Pre-filled description removed from many element.
    • Gallery + Filterable gallery php warning fixed.
    • Webfont loader now check internet connection before a call.
    • Gallery + Filterable gallery php warning fixed.
    • Pre-filled description removed from many element.
    • Gallery + Filterable gallery php warning fixed.
    • Contact form script loading issue fixed.



    • Integration page save settings fix



    • Slider Pro Parallax animation.
    • Slider Pro flex content styling.
    • Slider Pro Height control.
    • Slider Pro animation control.
    • Slider Pro background overlay option.
    • Slider Pro extensive title style control.
    • Section and row parallax bg image position fix.



    • Parallax script file not loading. Filename mismatch.



    • Parallax background.
    • Parallax control x and y axis
    • Parallax are now responsive.
    • Field reset option
    • Typography control added for Joomla articles element.
    • Parallax causing background disapear.
    • Background overlay wasn't working properly.



    • Parallax issue fixed.
    • Safemode added on global configuration to run Quix on low memory hosting.



    • missing rel=“noopener” added on image element.
    • Section stretch without container BC issue fix.
    • Parallax background image missing.



    • Animation controls.
    • Box shadow controls
    • Hover animation + box shadow controls
    • Confetti
    • Implemented rel="noopener" For Every Outgoing Link
    • Section stretch and container simplified.
    • Parallax background.
    • Option organization.
    • Heading element.
    • Blurb element.
    • Joomla article element.
    • Joomla articles element.
    • File manager applied to all element.
    • All fields type with hover tips.
    • Minified production CSS file.
    • All other element updated with new features.
    • Gallery element.
    • Chart element js loading



    • User Interface
    • All settings
    • Background overlay for parallax image



    • Drop cap alignment issue fix.
    • Remove unused language file.
    • Blurb link feature added.
    • Social element link new tab added.



    • Text-uppercase issue fixed
    • Contact form element ajax format params added



    • Joomla 37 Save to lib issue fixed



    • Contact Form element lang update
    • warning text-case fix
    • style fix for j37
    • j37 fix for admin builder



    • Image and Image compare element changed to new file-manager
    • Element fixes: Tabs, Image, Bar-counter
    • Menu Icon tag changed to span
    • Large file upload issue fixed
    • File-manager update: Increase memory limit, auto size mode
    • Carousel Element responsive options
    • File-manager admin preview changed to full screen on modal.



    • Pricing table feature text change option added.
    • Responsive stretch for device resize.
    • Elements search reset option from Builder
    • Section new option: container-fluid
    • Contact form css optimized
    • Accrdion Element Update
    • Google map https security issue fix.
    • Pricing table update.
    • Article list for admin fixed to avoid finder fix.
    • Button Group style improved
    • Removing group releaters last item prevented.
    • Free version pro elements list on element page
    • Search toolber for elements
    • Contact form email sent
    • chartjs returned to v2.4 instead v2.5 to avoid conflict
    • Safari quix option > dropdown fix
    • Safari toolber width fix
    • Carousel fix for non-numaric Ch.
    • Joomla single article list fix for finder plugin
    • Filemanager fix for ajax
    • Filemanager dummy element removed



    • New Integration Layout
    • New integration zoo, hikashop, j2store
    • New integration support icon
    • Image compare dark version added.
    • Filemanager added to sidebar
    • Integration menu sidebar
    • Image compare element added
    • Contact form multilingual support added.
    • New element : Modal popup, soundcloud, google plus, Flickr icon, Alert, date picker, time picker
    • Added code editor element
    • New field type: filemanager, time, date
    • Video popup update
    • Countdown element update
    • Date picker style fix
    • Timepicker style fix
    • Extra image fix for joomla toolber
    • Pie counter update
    • New method only to rander for shortcode
    • Warning added and duplicate config optimized
    • File optimized
    • Element Icon change
    • Filterable gallery multi language support added
    • Shortcode parese getcollection fix for rander
    • Integration page fix
    • Integration icon view with custom fields ajax save fix
    • Joomla article element fix for admin list error
    • Person element alignment issue fix
    • System plugin name lang fix
    • Missing com_quix language code added
    • Countdown element path fix.
    • Icon Element border issue fix
    • Typo Fix



    • Device targeted asset render
    • Default context for prepare shortcode
    • Device class added to qx-inner wrapper
    • iPad Pro responsive issue fix
    • wowjs default value set to ture.
    • Moved wowjs settings to system plugin.
    • Tablet orientation responsive fix.
    • Global aeets loading default event changed to onbeforecompilehead



    • [Feature] Custom code option for quix page
    • Custom extension shortcode support from config
    • JU Directory support added for shortcode
    • Options to load quix assets globally to avoid conflict css.
    • No cache if quix dev mode on
    • Quix page cache joomla core support
    • Wuixtrap normalizer fix
    • Wowjs initialize turn on/off option from system plugin
    • Dependency composer update
    • Filtarable gallery fix for tab
    • Ajax output improved for plugins and elements
    • Smart search index fix for Joomla Articles element



    • Options to load or turn off font-awosome for site (front end)
    • Font-awosome update to 4.7.0
    • Joomla Article element fix for Finder index



    • Joomla Articles helper update for view
    • Joomla Module element update to show only published module
    • Removed joomla debug html on builder page
    • Joomla Single article element helper moved to class to avoid config conflict
    • Joomla Article noimage issue fixed
    • undefined modified date issue fixed
    • finder plugin fix on save page



    • Joomla Article Element for single article
    • Quix assets random order fixed
    • Multiple Google map support added for single page
    • Assets cleaned up for each rander to avoid shortcode assets
    • Blocks offline files added
    • Admin select field's styles update
    • Assets cache problem with 3rd party plugin fixed
    • Quix Page Meta info not adding fixed
    • Admin clear cache button on click void error: fixed
    • Offline editor fetal error: fixed host not found



    • collection page clear cache button
    • System Plugin for Quix
    • QuixTrap and Quix CSS loaded top of style to avoid template conflict
    • Asset loader for performance
    • quix item loading time improved
    • Asset loader for miltiple rander item
    • test log comment



    • API Protocol options for Quix Data url
    • Editor RTL LTR Support
    • Font family loading issue fix with legacy support
    • Admin notice and font style fix



    • Collection list page hearit api aplied
    • Collection page archive and duplicate option
    • Builder loading preloader set after page load
    • Admin style improved
    • Admin Library and Element icon changed
    • Local Library list scroll fix
    • Joomla Article element class not found issue
    • Global content event turned off to aviad conflict!
    • Asset loader for collection fix for loading from shortcode
    • Quix Server looking time for API time set to avoid error
    • Collection shortcode warning: undefined $modified



    • Blocks.
    • SEO Enhancement Plugin.
    • Assets delivery optimized.
    • Collection renamed to Library.
    • Text element update.
    • Performance improved.
    • ACL fix for Pages and Collection.
    • Clear cache improved.
    • Cloud flare async fix.
    • Library page improved with search.
    • Toolber menu optimized on page.
    • Admin style improved.
    • Joomla Admin style font fix
    • Popupover warning fix
    • Unpublished item view fix
    • Router fix
    • Builder page font warning fix



    • Joomla Article element layout update



    • Pricing button custom padding option added.
    • Pricing button icon added.
    • text element font missing and interface button margin added
    • PHP Warning fix
    • text element styles fix



    • Quix Page now indexable by Joomla search
    • RTL support Slider Pro, Carousel and Testimonial Pro element
    • 15 New Google Fonts
    • Virtuemart component support
    • PHP version detection and display error message
    • Element Icons updated
    • Backend Interface update
    • Divider added for long element settins
    • Router improved
    • Fontawesome duplicate font removed
    • Single column on Tablet screen full width fix
    • Element Typo fix
    • Button Font picker default fix
    • Text element font-size fix


    • Admin builder UI improved
    • Javascript error fix on builder
    • Last release ( 1.1.7 ) bug fix



    • Ajax Contact Form element
    • Joomla content hook for text & custom html element
    • Admin UI
    • Fontawesome updated to latest version
    • Element search
    • Component ajax support
    • Collection shortcode showing on list page
    • Update system
    • Collection PHP error fix
    • TinyMCE clik to edit fix
    • PHP Fatal error when collection and quix page load together
    • Accordion body list style fix


    • Pricing element default style added
    • Typo fixs
    • Pricing element style fix
    • Map element default image path fix
    • Filtarable gallery space after comma issue fix
    • Page and collection permission fix



    • Pricing table element
    • Map loading api fix
    • CustomHTML element error



    • Map element
    • Pricing table element
    • Gallery element
    • Custom HTML element
    • Call to action element
    • Changelog added to update notification bar
    • Joomla article element text alignment added
    • Bar counter animation added
    • Video element animation added
    • Pie counter animation added
    • Number counter animation added
    • Tab element margin padding added
    • Image style added for person element
    • Pie counter % color not changing
    • Accordion element animation



    • Link option for carousel element
    • Responsive Settings and width/height control for image element.
    • Border style lable update and fixed for few element
    • Repeat All missing from background repeat field.
    • Module loading issue fix
    • Sticky Toolbar button spacing issue


    • Element list in modal margin fix



    • Icon search for icon field
    • Alert message style improvements
    • DigiCom support for collection
    • Section, Row, Element ID reset
    • EasyBlog collection loading
    • Shortcode inside TinyMce not loading the builder
    • Id removed from collection render to avoide duplicate Id's



    • Codebase cleanup
    • Removed unnecessary fiels
    • Asset loading problem fixed for collection



    • Asset loading problem
    • Column visibility icon



    • Section stretch mode
    • Element Manager
    • 10 New page presets
    • Asset loader
    • Joomla Article element
    • Open graph settings
    • Multilingual
    • Access Control
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Component support for collection
    • Column visibility
    • Heartbeat API for session
    • Overall UI improvement
    • Admin menu link
    • Page and collection preview from list page
    • TinyMCE editor enhanced
    • Blurb element update
    • Toolbar color update
    • Bar counter element
    • Slider and Slider pro element
    • Testimonial pro font control
    • Testimonial pro nav color
    • Accordion element margin and padding
    • Responsive disable for image element
    • Css/JS asset ordering
    • Image protocall checking in helper css
    • Multiselect option for list field
    • Docblock added in code
    • Extend config option
    • Update problem
    • Page modal filter problem
    • Collection hit counter removed
    • Duplicate id in collection
    • Joomla multiple module loading
    • Input repeater bug



    • Link option for carousel element
    • Responsive Settings and width/height control for image element.
    • Border style lable update and fixed for few element
    • Repeat All missing from background repeat field.
    • Module loading issue fix
    • Sticky Toolbar button spacing issue



    • Title input on image element
    • Justify alignment added on text element
    • Carousel element resposnvie fix



    • J2Store menu fix



    • Button Element border hover color added
    • Blurb background hover, border and hover color option added
    • Carousel dot not on center
    • Preview icon change
    • Equal column responsive fix
    • Collection not loading inside other component