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Set A Keyphrase

The focus keyphrase is the field by which you want your post or page to be found for. This can be one single word, but it usually consists of a few words, that’s why it is called a keyphrase. Using SEO section of Quix, you’re bound to fill out your focus keyphrase section for rank up in any searching engine.

If your page is all about fitness and you want your page to rank for it, you should optimize your page related to that term. A focus keyphrase should be longer. For example, you can write the page about fitness tips or fitness guidance specifically for moms or body builders. But these pages need to be optimized by such keyphrases like - ‘Fitness guide for moms’ or ‘fitness workout for body muscles’. These longer focus keyphrases are called long tail keyphrases.

Importance of keyphrase length for SEO

There are different approaches to choosing a keyphrase for your posts or pages. You can choose to optimize your article for a short, generic keyword. These are the more common keyphrases that get a lot of search traffic, but also have a great deal of competition. A keyphrase like ‘fashion’ could be an example of such a keyphrase. A lot of people will search for this word, but there will also be many companies optimizing for this one.

The tail keyphrases get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion value, as they focus more on a specific product or topic. A keyphrase like ‘fashion of the week’ is a good example of a long tail keyphrase. There will be fewer people searching for this longer keyphrase than for the short term ‘fashion’, but there’s also a higher chance that people will find what they are looking for when searching for a more specific term like this.

However, we don’t say you should make your keyphrase a whole sentence. We recommend a maximum of four relevant content words for your focus keyphrase. Longer keyphrase more than 4 words make it harder to optimize your post. Simply because you need to repeatedly use a large number of words close to each other, while still trying to create a readable copy.

Improve your focus keyphrase

The SEO section provides you with the feedback on the length of your focus keyphrase. If you get a red bullet then it indicates, may be you haven’t added the keyphrase in SEO Title and SEO Focus Keyword. And if you get an orange bullet for focus keyphrase, your keyphrase might be too long. It might even be missing. To make sure, your page ranks higher in the search engine, we’ll guide you by a few basic tips on how to improve your focus keyphrase.

  • Set a focus keyphrase: To calculate the SEO score, you need to set a focus keyphrase. By the score, you’ll get to know if your post or page is well-optimized for the specific keyphrase you want to rank for or you should make a change and set a different focus keyphrase.

  • Decide ranking position: Choosing the rank position is hard as everyone wants to be on top of the frontpage. That’s where keyword research comes in. In your keyword strategy you should define what you want to rank for and how you want to achieve those rankings. Search on what words people use to describe the product or service you’re offering. Decide if you want your page to rank for a short, generic keyword or a longer, more specific keyphrase. Know the right keywords and keyphrases to rank higher in search engines.

  • Don’t make it too long: To rank higher in search engine, you should go for a longer tail keyphrase, but you should make sure it’s not too long. We recommend a maximum of four content words for your focus keyphrase. If your keyphrase is longer than that, it’ll be very hard for search engine to optimize your post or page, because you have to use a larger number of words close to each other repeatedly throughout your text.
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