Keyphrase Length

The keyphrase length checks whether the focus keyphrase is present and whether it is too long or not. You can try to target a rather short keyphrase in a cornerstone article (e.g., “page builder”) or a long one in a more specific piece of content (e.g., “best free page builder”). But if you haven’t set a focus keyphrase, SEO cannot calculate the score of your page.

Importance of keyphrase length for SEO

Using longer focus keyphrases, you are automatically optimizing your page for the long tail. The longer your keyphrase is, the fewer competitors you’ll have. But, you should not make the length of the keyphrase in size of a whole sentence. Our recommendation would be, maximum four relevant keywords for your focus keyphrase. Longer keyphrases make it harder to optimize the page or post. Simply use a large number of words close to each other creating a readable copy.

In other words: a single, high-level focus keyword makes it easier to optimize the page or post, but it will be harder to rank for that specific term as maximum competitors will use the same term too. Whether your keyphrase is long or short depends on where in the internal structure of your website the new content will be positioned.

How keyphrase length works

To determine whether your post will rank or not, you need to find the length of the keyphrase. For that, you need to know how many words you have used and how much it should contain. There are three indications in the SEO section that will help you know the number of words and if you need to extend or reduce the number of focus keywords or not.

  • Red: If the keyword contains in the whole page more than one times but you have not set it in SEO Title and SEO Focus Keyword, then a red alert will show guiding you, what you have to do to increase the SEO of the page or post.
  • Orange: If your keyword is more than 4 words, then an orange alert will show suggesting you to reduce the number of focus keywords. Remember, you should use same keyword for SEO Title and SEO Focus Keyword.
  • Green: If you follow all the guidance, a green alert will show and it will let you know that the length of the keyword is perfect and you are good to go.
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