Counter Element

The idea of Counter element came from counter. You might have seen one. It’s a small disc used in board games for keeping the score or as a place marker. Counters are basically number records. Now a days it is used in many sites to keep the track of viewers, subscribers etc.

Counter element can be one useful element to your site if your use it properly. To use this element, follow these steps.

  • Select Add New Element from column
  • An elements list modal will appear
  • From there select Counter element

Here you’ll find three tabs - General, Styles ,& Advanced

General Tab

The general tab holds the basic settings of countdown element. You can do the following changes here:

  • Start - The start field will let you to set the starting number. You can set from 0 or any other number.
  • End - The end field will let you to set the ending number. You can set to any number you want.
  • Number Prefix - Number prefix will help you to set any digit before counter digits. If you want you can any fixed number by it.
  • Number Suffix - Number suffix will help you to set any digit after counter digits. It’s optional.
  • Title - You can set a title underneath the counter digits. It will let your viewer know the reason of the provided counter digits.
  • Duration - Duration field will count the digits in milisecond. Provide a large number (like - 3000 or 5000) in this field so that your counter digits can be counted till that time.

Styles Tab

Styles tab will help you to style up the countdown. Here you’ll find three editing fields - Boxes, Content, and Separator. The editing options are are described in details below.

  • Color - A few color picker is provided for different operations. You’ll find color setting options for digit, title and background.
  • Font - Font option will help you to change the font of digit and text. There are thousands of google font provided in a dropdown option. You can go for any of them. You can change the font of label and text field.
  • Size - You can control the size of text and digits of both label and input field. Just scroll the slider and set the size. Or just provide a digit value for it in the value box situated right next to the slider.
  • Line Height - Line height option will help you to set the height of each and every line. This will insert space between the lines.
  • Letter Spacing -Letter spacing option will help you to set space between each and every letter. This will help you to avoid the collision between the letters.
  • Text Shadow - Text shadow effect will help you to add a shadow under the digit or text to give a 3D look. You can even blur the effect to show your text clearly.
  • Padding - Padding of number will set a fix amount of space between prefix, counter digit and suffix. You can provide a fixed amount padding or you can avoid it. And padding of title will set a fixed amount of space between counter digit and title.

Advanced Tab

The advanced tab has the advanced level of settings. You can edit them if you find it necessary or just leave it just the way it is. Here you’ll find six fields : Element styles, Background, Border & Box Shadow, Animation, Custom CSS, and Identifier. These fields are described below in details.

  • Element style - Here you’ll find the margin, padding and z-index option. Margin will help you to add space in accordance with page. Padding will help you to add space in accordance with the column. Z-index will work if you have 2 elements overlapping and you want to display the below element on top. Increment the z-index value and the below element will appear on top.
  • Background - Background field will allow you to set a background in the column. You can set an image, a solid color or gradient effect of multiple colors.
  • Border & Box Shadow - You can give a nice designed border and box shadow to your column. Set a border type, border radius if you want a bit of round shape in the corner. And box shadow effect will give your column a floating effect. You can set color to it, spread the color or add blur it.
  • Animation - Animation field will allow you to add a transition effect to the element. Select the entrance animation from the given effects, set the delay time and enable the repeat option (this is optional).
  • Custom CSS - This field is available only on PRO version If you are a developer then you can add CSS code of your own to the site by using this operation. Just write the code and click the apply button. You’re CSS code will be added to the content and it won't affect the existing css effect..
  • Identifier - This field holds the CSS id of every specific content. This will help you to edit the CSS section if you want to bring any changes in css style.
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