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Quix Domain/License Policy

The terms and conditions for using Quix Page Builder, a well-known website construction tool, are outlined in its own domain and licensing policy. This policy sets forth the parameters for utilizing Quix Page Builder, including domain usage, required licenses, and permissible activities. To maintain compliance and make the most of this potent website creation tool, it is crucial that you be familiar with the domain and license policies.

  • At Quix, we offer a per-site license for our product. Each domain or website where Quix is used must have a valid license. If you plan to use Quix on multiple sites, you will need to purchase a separate license for each site or agency license.
  • However, we do allow the use of a single license for sub-domains. If you use Quix on a sub-domain, you can use the same license for development purposes. But before you go live and use Quix on the production site, you must have a valid domain license.
  • We understand that sometimes our users may need to change their domain when moving from a sub-domain to a production site. In that case, you can change your domain without purchasing an additional license.
  • We take our licensing policy seriously and want to ensure that our users have a fair and reasonable experience when using Quix. If you have any further questions regarding our licensing policy or any other aspect of our product, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing Quix as your go-to product, and we look forward to helping you build amazing websites!



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