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Ajax Load More

**Ajax Load More** is an add-on for the revolutionary open source eCommerce management toolkit **DigiCom**, which used to generate a Load More Button in possibly the easiest way. At the same time, parallelly it ensures the website performance remain as same as it was before its installation. Usually, eCommerce sites have more than thousands of products including their details. It's not a wise idea to show them all at a time one by one on the products page. Load More Item Button is mostly needed in that case to hide numbers of items/ products and allows to show them by performing a simple mouse click over it. Besides, it creates an extra elegance, and creative look on showcasing project works for the personal portfolio and photographic websites as well. Let’s go through its superior properties that would point you that why you should choose it. ## One Click Installation ![One Click Installation](/images/plugins/digicom-addons/ajax-loadmore/image1.png) One click installation lets you install the addon just by a simple mouse click. It takes less than a second to make itself installed completely and ready for the tasks it's assigned to do. Alternately, installation can be done by drag the file and drop on the Drag and Drop installation area, even it takes the same time. ## Absolutely No Coding Configuration ![Absolutely No Coding Configuration](/images/plugins/digicom-addons/ajax-loadmore/image2.png) If you are the guy who has the empty coding knowledge and like to avoid the works if you find it's tedious, even then I’m letting you know; **NO WORRY**. It requires no coding skills to configure, and you will find it absolutely easy. After the installation process is done, you just need to define the text that you want to show on the load more button. Another thing you have to define and that is the color for the animation. You can find those two options on the configuration modal window. ## Extremely Fast Loading Capability It's built using ajax in its backend, and therefore it has such a fast loading capability that loads the items tremendously fast. Meanwhile, it shows a smart and elegant animation on the button that forcefully keeps your user’s concentration. So, configure it and go to have a nap. Oh.Wait for a sec.! You no need to come back to it for any issue and for your kind information; it highly ensures that your site has the same fast loading capability like it had before it's configured. ## Animation Color Control is in Your Grab ![Animation Color Control is in Your Grab](/images/plugins/digicom-addons/ajax-loadmore/image4.png) Don’t think that your user will always find the same pre-defined color on the ajax load animation. You have the control on that too. You are allowed to pick any color and put it or the corresponding empty box with a hash (#) before the code. ## Smart UI Interface ![Smart UI Interface](/images/plugins/digicom-addons/ajax-loadmore/image5.png) The appearance of **Load More** button is simple and seems appropriate. On a mouse click over the button, it shows a smart animation that makes it looks lovely. Besides, it reduces the insipidity of your users and able to keep their concentration. After the button is clicked once, it takes less than a second to return the output at the most. Let’s see the core features at a glance. ## Core Features * One Click Installation * Easy Configuration * No Coding Required * Changeable Animation Color * Changeable Button Text * Smart UI
Jun 29, 2017