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Visit our website, go to DigiCom’s Addons Page, head over to your desired addon and use the download button to download your preferred one.


Installing pkg_digicom_ajaxloadmore.zip plugin is pretty simple. To do so,

  • Go to Extension> Manage> Install and under Install from Folder tab, select your downloaded pkg_digicom_ajaxloadmore.zip file and click Check and Install button. It will show you a successful installation message as soon as it installed successfully. Else, you can drop your downloaded file under the Upload Package File tab, and it will automatically upload your addon.

Ajax Load More


To enable it you need to-

  • Go to Extensions> Plugins

Ajax Load More

  • Find the plugin from the list. You can use the search box to find it quickly. Just write laod on the Ajax search box, and you’ll find it on the top of the module. After you find it, enable it just by clicking on the pointed area shown in the screenshot below.

Ajax Load More

  • Click on the plugin name, and you’ll find another configuration module to define the button text and the animation color.

  • On the Load More Title empty text box, put the text that you want to show on the button. On Loading Color empty text box, put your preferred color code with a hash (#) before it to set it as the loading animation color.

Ajax Load More

  • Now, Click on it and make sure that Enabled is selected on the Status menu drop-down.

Ajax Load More

The front-end appearance:

Ajax Load More

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