​ Today we are delighted to introduce Valley our brand new best Joomla travel agency template . Its modern design and smooth animation style...

Today we are delighted to introduce Valley our brand new best Joomla travel agency template. Its modern design and smooth animation style will give you another level of experience to use it. Each section of this template is exceptionally and dedicatedly designed to meet the demands who want to build a Joomla website for their travel agency. 

Valley is a full-fledged and robust Joomla travel agency template . It is the perfect Joomla template for any travel agency, tour operator, resort rental, transports & car booking, and all sorts of relevant reservation businesses. It is a responsive and highly element focusing Joomla travel agency template that will give your business a fresh look with special attention in details.

Valley is our first ever template that is built with the Helix ultimate framework and we used Quix page builder like every time. It requires Joomla 3.5.x support and it is compatible with Joomla 4. 

Now it's time to unfold the reasons why you should buy this template and what we are offering inside Valley. 

Why Use Valley?

  1. Best for Travel Agency: Undoubtedly, this is the best Joomla travel agency template we have had so far around us. It is built with the helix framework, Joomla page builder - Quix, and with lots of plan and care. As a result, it will give you a better user experience, gather more traffics that leads you better revenue.
  2. 02 Homepage Variation: Showcase your each and every feature of the travel agency and grab your visitors' attention with two completely different unique homepage variations.
  3. Blur Header: Blur header is absolutely a great player to draw your visitors' attention, and that's why we have added a blur header on our brand new Joomla template.
  4. Awesome Slider: An awesome slider has been added on the homepage of the Valley template. You can show here images with a smoothly animated style.
  5. Destination Slider: A slider is added under the destination section. You can showcase your destination images in a box layout style with this slider.
  6. Tour Package: You can add tour packages with description, image, and pricing so that your visitor easily find out about the place and price at a time.
  7. Beautiful Video Section: Sometimes only description and image is not enough to convince the audience, and that's why we have added a video section so that you can convince your visitor to buy your package by showing high-resolution videos as you know dynamic snaps are better than static snap to blow a person's mind.
  8. Cool Testimonial: You need to earn your visitors' credibility to sell a package. How can you do it? Definitely, by showing them what your previous customers said about you and your company. The testimonial section will do it for you.
  9. Beautiful Call to Action for Contact: A call to action is added so that your visitors can easily call you if they feel you can meet their demands, which means you are a call away from them. Give them the opportunity to call you by this smart looking and eye-catching call to action section.
  10. Tour Gallery: Tour gallery is all about the snaps that tell traveling stories as you know the image can explain better than writings. A good representation of snaps is liable to gather more traffics. 

What's Inside Valley? 

2 Home Variations

Present every service of your travel agency and grab your user attention with 2 completely different designed homepage variations. Each inch of two different homepages is designed with proper planning so that you can showcase your services with distinct content visualization. Let's find out what we are offering in 2 homepages. 

  1. Travel Agency: Travel agency homepage starts with a hero section containing smoothly animated slider followed by popular destination, our package, video section, testimonial, featured blog, and other important sections.
  2. Summer Holiday: Summer holiday homepage has a totally different layout than the travel agency homepage. Besides, popular destination, gallery, and adventure package, it also contains special offer and discount section. It will allow you to show your user whether or not you have any special offer and discount. 

Destination Page

Destination inner page will let you show your visitor about your destination package and plan. You can feature some of your best destination plans here. Your featured package should contain image, title, and package price. Every plan has a details page. Moreover, It has a testimonial section under the discount banner. Destination page has 2 subpages like the Homepage. They are the;

  1. Single Destination: Single Destination page acts as a details page of your every featured package that posted on Destination inner page. On the details page, you can describe about the destination, highlight some bullet points, convince them why they should choose that place with a price section. It will also allow you to add a Google map so that you can point where the place exactly is.
  2. Adventures: On the Adventures subpage, you will get an opportunity to convince your visitor to buy your package by showing some high-resolution video of the tourist's spots. There is also a testimonial section; you can add there what your previous traveler said about your company and their experiences.
​Destination Page​

Region Page

Let your visitors know about the tourist spots on the Region page. Convince them by showing every detail of those places with high-resolution images. It will also enable you to add a discount banner so that you can offer your user if you intend to provide a discount for the travelers. It consists of 3 subpages.

  1. Canada: Show them what you are going to offer your visitors if they choose this package like transportation, air ticket, tour guide, and other things that you want to include within this package. Let them have an option to book this package with pricing details.
  2. Norway: This page contains a grid view box layout so that you can showcase your tour packages, followed by a discount banner, testimonial, and photo gallery. You can add as many images as you want in that gallery. A dedicated slider is set up here to represent the images.
  3. Portugal: This page is like the other two subpages of the Region page. What's more here? You can add a traveling video here so that your customers get an idea about the place. It will help you to convert your visitors into potential customers. 
Region Page

Types Page

Traveling is not only to visit the place but also enjoy a lot there by having a different kind of activities like driving, rafting, skiing, and much more. The types page is responsible for showcasing what kind of activities you are offering if they choose your package. Like the Region page, it also has three subpages.

  1. Driving: It will enable you to show your visitors about the package plans. You can also add a numerous number of images here. It also contains a discount banner.
  2. Rafting: Convince your visitors why they should choose you by adding some of the best features you have under the "Why Choose The Package" section. You can also add testimonials here.
  3. Rock Climbing: This page is consists of an image gallery, package plan, testimonial, and reasons to choose you. 
Types Page

Blog Page

You can publish relevant legal articles, news, announcements, or any other legal stuff on the blog page. The blog helps you to target & reach potential clients with diverse content. The use of peerless typography and unique style of content presentation will give your user a precious test of reading.

  1. Reach your potential clients with an endless number of blog content with the list view layout style.
  2. Give your readers a search button so that they can easily find out which content they are searching for.
  3. Add a list of recent blogs right after the list view layout of the blog section so that your visitors can get the list of the recent post without clicking on the next page button. 
Blog Page

Contact Us Page

Valley gives you a platform for online interaction with your clients where you can provide a nicely designed contact form with some additional information. The contact page allows your user to place their queries. It has a contact us section that will allow your user to inform you if they have any business idea or feedback. It allows you to set a Google map so that your user can easily find you.

  • Nicely designed contact us form using Quix form builder.
  • Navigate your clients with the clean designed Google map frame.
  • Provide additional information in the address bar for your potential client.
Contact Us Page

Valley Key Features

  • 2 Homepage
  • 4 Dedicated Inner-page with Multiple Sub-pages
  • Destination Management
  • Region Management
  • Adventure Type Management
  • Full-Featured Blog
  • Typography Control
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Easy Customizable
  • Drag and Drop Development
  • Dedicated Support
  • Helix Framework
  • Speed Optimized
  • Quick-start Package included
  • Joomla Page Builder - Quix
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • SEO Optimized
  • Social Icon
  • Google Font Support
  • Constant Update

Your Feedback

Valley is undoubtedly a wonderful Joomla travel booking template. Anyone who wants to build a complete travel booking solution, they must try our brand new Valley Joomla template. Let us know your thoughts on our new Joomla template. Our comment box is open for you.