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We Are Back From Our Annual Retreat 2020!

We Are Back From Our Annual Retreat 2020!

Finally, we are back from our annual retreat!

Guess what; this was the best retreat we ever had in our history. We had fun, adventure, and many more in Bandarban, the beautiful district of Bangladesh, surrounded by the mountain!

The annual retreat is a high fun activity for team building and company culture. We even made it harder by selecting the most adventurous location in our beautiful country, Bandarban.

We believe that hard work is the key to producing the best products and services for our customers. Every day we push ourselves to go beyond our limits. This is why we are a team performer and recognized as the brand ThemeXpart to you.

But we also believe, giving a chance to our team heads spending joyful moments will add extra value to our every product and service. There is a proverb, "Go where you feel most alive"; Bandarban is such a place. Team ThemeXpart more alive than ever before.

Our destinations were initially Bandarban and its extremely eye-catching places: Nilgiri, Remacree, Nafakhum, Amiakhum Falls. To enhance our own narrative, we traveled approximately 857 km, where 45+ km on foot.

We discover the natural beauty and experience the enchanting trekking through the Bandarban hill environment. It was a lifetime experience and worth remembering for a lifetime.