The Easiest Way to Make a Filterable Portfolio with Quix

The Easiest Way to Make a Filterable Portfolio with Quix

Do you know, your work will speak for you?

Showing off your work in a stylish portfolio can be more effective than any other marketing strategy to get more assignments.

If you’re serious about attracting new clients and claiming to be a professional and creative person, then you need a professional-looking, creative portfolio, right?

The good news is Quix has a stunning element of the portfolio that allows you to build a beautiful showcase for your work. This element is beginner-friendly and comes with enough customization options to make your portfolio your own.

Today, I am going to show you the easiest way to create a filterable Portfolio with Quix.

Let's do it!

How to make a Filterable Portfolio with Quix?

Step 1: Add a new "Section", a new "Row" in the section and then add a "Column" into the row.


Step 2: Add a "Filterable Gallery" element from the Quix elements list.


Step 3: Configure "General Settings". You will see the following options under general settings panel.


  • Add New: Use this button to add a new item to your portfolio list.
  • Columns: Fixed the column number in this field that implies how many items you want to show in a single row.
  • Animation: Quix Filterable Gallery element comes with total six animations. These are: Fade In, Zoom In, Left to Right, Right to Left, Bottom to Top & Top to Bottom. Choice one among them to fetch an animated style in your portfolio objects.
  • Show Title: If you want to show the title with portfolio turn this setting to "Yes".
  • Show Description: Same as the title, If you want to demonstrate the story with portfolio turn this setting to "Yes".

Step 4: Moving on to the next point. Settings of the new item. Click on an item; the settings will come in front of you from the accordion.

Here you will see the following configuration.

  • Title: Keep the portfolio title here.
  • Image: Insert the image of the portfolio from your directory.
  • Description: The story behind the portfolio item goes in this field. You may fetch some styles in the text using the TinyMCE editor.
  • Link: If you want to assign your visitors to an external link just keep that link in this field.
  • Tags: Keep the focused keyword here that implies the specialty of your task. This tags will generate a category automatically at the topmost.

Step 5: Configure "Style Settings". You will see the following options under style settings panel.


  • Enable Lightbox: Keep this setting "Yes" if you want to enable lightbox. The lightbox will display the images with a front view look means when user will click on an image it will come forward with a larger size.
  • Content Position: You can display your contents in two ways. Bottom of Image & Overlay.
    1. Bottom of Image: Choose this setting if you want to show the contents in the lower part of the portfolio.
    2. Overlay: Choose this setting if you want to show the contents at the middle and over the portfolio only when the mouse hovers over it.

Step 6: Configure "Advanced Settings". You will see the following options under advanced settings panel: Label, ID & Class.


You don't need to configure first two fields; these fields will generate automatically. But you can configure or fetch your own style using the Class field.

How to add a CSS class in Quix advanced settings?

Step 1: Just go to the following directory: YOUR_ROOT_DIRECTORY/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/css/template.css

Step 2: Open the template.css file using any editor.

Step 3: Add your code at bottommost of the CSS file

.quix-new-class{ /* Your CSS code goes here */ }

Just add the CSS attributes that you want to fetch in your style.

Step 4: After that, just add the class "quix-new-class" on the CSS field of advanced settings panel.

Now, I would like to show you an example that indicates how much beautiful portfolio gallery you can build using Quix without any stress.

Look at the image below. I have collected it from one of our Best Joomla Template - Biznes, where we have used Quix page builder to build template pages.


Live Demo

Last Lines:

The method you will use to display your work will say almost everything about you as the work itself. So, show it off with confident, pride and in a smart and professional way.

Let us know about your query if any through the comment section in below. We will love to hear from you.

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