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Quix Free Elements

Quix Free Elements
Parvez Akther

4 mins

While several page builder exists in the market, those have some gap also, and then Quix comes with a remarkable evolution in the Joomla page building category. With a little span of time, Quix became the [most powerful drag and drops page builder](https://www.themexpert.com/quix-pagebuilder) available in the market, with its lots of features. It is a complete solution for your upcoming Joomla site which is compatible with all frameworks and any templates. You can customize the outlook and the flow of website according to the client's demands. Quix has _27 powerful elements_ which will remove your dependency from third party extensions. That means Quix is your one man army. If you are using the free version of [Quix page builder](https://www.themexpert.com/quix-pagebuilder), you will also get 13 powerful elements with it. Today I am going to brief on those free Quix elements. So, let's start! ## Quix Free Elements


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements1.png) The accordions introduced in web designing with the same concept of sliders or tabs. That means, it takes a tremendous amount of information and encapsulates it in a smaller area. The information is stored in a block and organized in a vertical or horizontal manner. When a tab is clicked, then the content block slides upon the other one.


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements2.png) Blurbs are the _short pieces of linked text_ that you put on an index page or a home page to drive traffic to the original content within your site. Quix blurb lets you add an icon or an image with the short text to give hints of the blurb in a nutshell.


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements3.png) Quix button element gives you the opportunity to create a gorgeous, fantastic and stylish button according to your claim. You can define every notch of the button using the general setting, style setting, and advanced setting.


Using this element you can set a space between two section. The parameters of this element let you the opportunity to stylish it.


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements4.png) Need to use an icon? Look no further! We will give you a plenty of icons collection with the Quix page builder icon element. And with the setting options, you'll stylize an icon on the fly.


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements5.png) _A single image can reflect thousands of words._ We know your demands, that's why Quix is here! You can insert an image including some latest styling features such as lightbox, animation, responsiveness and more with image element of Quix.


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements6.png) A team plays a significant role in organizations as well as our personal lives. It also enhances the confidentiality of an organization to the outer world. You may want to introduce your friendly team members, and Quix will help you to go this way.


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements7.png) Sliders are the most common and widely used element on website homepages. You can place all your important content in an interactive and visually appealing slideshow at the top of the page before the main content. Use Quix slider element to create a stunning and eye-catching slider for your Joomla site.


Tabs are considered to be an excellent user interface element that improves the usability of web contents. Use Quix tab element to organize your web contents in a structured and elegant way.


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements8.png) Testimonials are the formal written or recorded form of statements that determine the trust of products or services of any business. It supports the credibility and level of expertise as well as help to get more assignments. You will get a testimonial element with Quix - the Most Popular Joomla Page Builder, that help you to bring extended functionalities on your site.


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements9.png) Quix Text element simply lets you the opportunity to add some important message in any section and styling or highlighting those text in some different ways to attract the visitors.


![quix-free-elements](https://www.themexpert.com/images/blog/105270/b2ap3_thumbnail_quix-free-elements10.png) Nowadays videos became one of the most useful tools to communicate with the audience. While text-based contents work as a one-dimensional medium, videos act as the triple. Just upload your video to any storage site like Youtube or Vimeo and then insert the link of that.

Joomla Module

Quix page builder lets you insert a Joomla module inside Quix element. Not only you just insert it but also define the alignment, animation, margin, padding and more. ## Last Words That's mainly it! We have a plan to fetch some more Quix elements with its free version in near future. Have any questions? Let us know through the comment section in below.

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