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This is the most simple module for using images on a web page. You can have vast customization capability over image sizing, responsiveness, border, positioning, padding, margin, animation, and many more. It has the ability to full-fill all your needs.


General Settings


  • Image Url : Put the online link of the image you are going to use or upload manually with the UPLOAD IMAGE button.
  • Alt Text : Write an alternative text for the image.
  • Title Text : Give a title for the image.
  • Responsive : Define whether you want the image responsiveness or not.
  • Image Alignment : Select the image position from the drop-down menu.
  • Link : Enter the URL where you want to redirect the users when s/he'll click on the image.
  • Open new window : Define that you want a new window will open to redirect to the URL when the user will click on the image.
  • Image Width : Set the width of the image in pixel.
  • Image Height : Set the height of the image in pixel.

Styles Settings


  • Open In Lightbox : To enable this feature, new window won't open when you'll click on
  • Animation : Use an animation effect for the module.
  • Margin : You can define the amount of margin in pixel for Top, Right, Bottom and Left as well for the image.
  • Use Border : Use a border for the image.