A page builder is always the right choice to make a huge astonishing website in minutes. But choosing the wrong one might do the opposite. Therefore, ...

A page builder is always the right choice to make a huge astonishing website in minutes. But choosing the wrong one might do the opposite. Therefore, we made Quix page so that you can save your time, money and effort. Within minutes, you can make marvelous pages.

Recently we have released Quix 2 and now we are polishing it with new features and updates. We are putting our relentless labor in it so that you can develop comfortably without any worries. This time we have arrived with some new features, improvements, and bugfixes.

Let's check out.

New Features

Small improvements can bring drastic changes in minutes. And that's what we did with Quix. In the new Quix 2.2.2, we brought some major changes by implementing new tools and methods.

Visual Builder's Assets (CSS/JS) Cached

Now Quix will work much faster, better and smoother than before, cause the assets (CSS/JS) will be cached. Your pages will load almost instantly as CSS/JS styles will be recalled from the cache. This reduces the loading of Quix pages and forces the page to appear in seconds.

New File Manager for Classic Builder

A new file manager has been added in Quix classic builder This was demanded by many of our clients as they were pleased with the latest file manager of Quix visual builder. They claimed to insert the same for the classic builder and thus we did it.


Quix 2.2.2 comes with a lot more improvements. Most of them are based on testing, user feedback, and client suggestions.


With Quix v2.2.2, performance has been boosted. Now a well-designed page opens in less than a second! You don't have to wait for a long time to load the page, your page will be loaded instantly to your viewer's screen.

Text Background in Heading Element 

The heading element has a new option for text background. You can not only change the color of the heading text but also apply image in it with additional editing options.

Finder Plugin

Now a user can control a server's maximum database entry limit to avoid the system from going down. To describe in details - earlier Quix plugin had no limit, it used to send crawler the full page that caused some server's maximum database entry limit. We have added the limit options configuration that comes from Joomla option settings and we have applied it to Quix finder. A user can control it and avoid that limit which would cause the system down.

Page Cache

To increase the performance of Visual builder, page caching has been improved. This makes the page loading faster and you'll be able to work without waiting for a long term.

Person Element 

Person elements designation label has been updated. There were some similar words which might have created confusions in Person element. Thus we have solved it by changing the labels.

Testimonial Element 

A new name tag option has been added in testimonial element of the classic builder. This option will help you to set the tag value i.e, h1 to h6 of the text. Without any trouble, you can set the text size from the provided drop-down option.

Clean Cache on Installation 

Now your browser cache will be cleaned on installation. Because not everyone remembers to clean the cache after installation process of Quix. To relieve you from this trouble, we've done the work for you. Your browser cache will be automatically cleaned after the successful installation of Quix so that your Quix page builder runs faster, smoother and error free.

 Cache Clean Button

A new button has been introduced to clear cache from Quix Help page. To clear the browser cache, all you have to do click on 'clean page cache' button and your browser cache will be cleaned in a second.


Our plan is to make Quix unstoppable. Every day we're working on it and implementing new methods, features, elements only to make it more and ease the work for you.

Try the best Quix latest version 2.2.2 and let us know how you feel about it. We'd love to hear suggestions and advice from you.