Most of our users are the Business owner and Developers often asked us for extension suggestion. While Joomla offers tons of features and flexibi...

Most of our users are the Business owner and Developers often asked us for extension suggestion. While Joomla offers tons of features and flexibility, there is still much functionality missing from the core software. Best way to fill those missing functionally, of course, is to get yourself the right extension.

Joomla component, plugins, modules offer all kind of functionality and customization to the site admin. However, selecting the right extensions out of 7000+ options is not the easy work.

So, we have done it for you. Here's the collection of free and premium must-haves, Joomla extensions that can help take your site from good to great.

Disclaimer: We do not have any kind of affiliation with any of these company or developer, neither we used any affiliate link here. Each and every extension is tested by our Joomla expert, and we use them on our Joomla projects. 

Selection Process

  • Company or Developer behind the extension. How long they are in the business: This is very important to know who is behind the extensions and how long they are in the business. We have seen a lot of Joomla companies goes out of business in 7-8 years.
  • How frequent they update their extensions: This is a very crucial point for any extensions. No update means good chance to get hacked. A good developer company updates their product frequently with new features and functionality. 
  • User Review on JED: This is not very mandatory, but we also looked at the official Joomla Extension Directory to find out how the extension is performing on others website.

Website Building & Management


Quix is the most powerful revolutionary page builder by themexpert. Anyone can build websites with its powerful drag and drop feature that requires no coding. You can design your site for every screen size very easily.

As it is user friendly there is no experience needed for using quix. There are more than 50+ elements in quix that allow you to be the designer of your website.

Let's see the key features of Quix

  • Drag & Drop layout building with limitless possibilities.
  • 100% responsive designs in minutes.
  • Speedup page load speed by 300%
  • Compatible with any framework or template.
  • Customize everything with intuitive content options.
  • Built-in animation and Parallax effect.
  • Load any module
  • 50+ quix element
  • Joomla search indexed pages.
  • Duplicate anything with one click.

That is not all; there are more features available, you can check those from here. The idea behind Quix is simple, 'If you can think it, you can build it.'

Quix is a standalone product and has its own licensing system. If you want you can buy quix separately, or you can try any templates from themexpert. All Premium Joomla templates of themexpert comes with Quix pro. 

Content Authoring


JCE is one of that element that we install on every Joomla site. It is one of those extensions that gives you the power to create any type of content you want, without any restrictions, and without needing to know, XHTML, HTML, CSS or any other language. You do not need to get tensed with image management or formatting, JCE provides you Office-like formatting functions and excellent image management.

JCE provides:

  • All familiar formatting and functions like Office.
  • User-friendly and familiar interface for rename, delete, upload, cut/copy/paste images in your writings.
  • Integrated browser based spell checker.
  • Generate links to categories, writings, contacts, and web links to your website by an authentic link browser.
  • Source code editing with integrated support for Markdown.
  • Create articles with embed links
  • Make stylish captions on images.
  • Manage video, audio and easily embed Vimeo and youtube videos.

That is not all, JCE developers keep updating the extensions in every month so that you get all the latest features. 

Easy Articles

Now experience a whole new level of authoring experience with EasyArticles. It comes with simple user interface that allows you to create an article, the way you want. It is built with a front-end writing management system that provides you all the pleasures that you desire while writing something.

Key features of EasyArticle:

  • Effortless composing experience with Sidebar options, publishing options, media manager, locations and custom fields.
  • Automatic post sharing on social media.
  • View every content in the same way on every device.
  • Front-end moderation for approving, rejecting and moderating submitted articles.
  • Content importer for importing articles from several RSS feeds.
  • Works out with most of the template providers in the market.
  • Subscriptions button gives one-click subscription for readers.

EasyArticle also provides auto saving, preview, content versioning, google analytics integration, editor friendly, SEO publishing options and post scheduling options. 


Komento is one of the best comment systems that fully optimize your post reactions. Then comment management becomes very much easy with the help of several functions such as category specific comments, migration tools, access control.

Features of komento includes:

  • Manage every comment in your site by approving, deleting, liking and pinning it.
  • Migration tool for moving your old comment from other comment extensions.
  • File attachment for better illustrating your comments.
  • Schema tags for better SEO performance.
  • Geolocation support for tagging location with a comment.
  • Use CSS styling with layout customizations.
  • Automatic word replacement with word filtering.
  • Several styles for viewing comments.
  • 4 themes bundled with pro version.

Komento comes with the integration of Joomla Articles, VirtueMart, EasyBlog, K2, redSHOP, ZOO, Flexicontent, Aceshop, Ohanah, Sobi Pro and Mosets Tree. 

Quick Index

 It is very easy to add an index to your content with Quick Index quickly. According to your headings of the content, an index will be generated.

Features of Quick Index:

  • Create indexes according to your content.
  • Custom styling allows you to set custom class names and full freedom to style the index.
  • Installation on any domain you want.
  • Open source with no code encryption.
  • Set the min/ max heading depth in the index.
  • Automatic heading numbering.
  • Individual list styles.

Security Joomla Extensions

Akeeba Backup

Backup always rescue your business from serious losses and saves your time. As technology is advancing, risks are also increasing. Any accidental incident can cause you huge data loss. So backup comes as first priority.

Akeeba Backup is very much popular and the most award-winning Joomla extension since 2006. Your site is backed up automatically, and you can restore the backup anytime you want.

Here are some primary key features of Akeeba Backup:

  • Single click backup.
  • Single click restoration from backup.
  • Manage several types of backup at offline and cloud.
  • Customizable Backup Profiles.
  • Strong AES 128 bit encryption.
  • Transfer your site from direct server to server.
  • Native command line in PHP scripts and much more.

You can periodically set automatic backup, so there is no need to backup manually. As Akeeba Backup is Ajax Powered, it runs very smooth and fast. 

Admin Tools

Admin tools is a top-rated product of Akeeba Ltd, and also known as true swiss army knife.

It is essential to be updated, as Joomla releases come with new security patches. Admin tools notify you about this new releases, fix your file permissions, directories and also updates automatically.

With one mouse click, you can perform database maintenance, change database prefix, set admin ID and password. The advanced web application firewall of Admin tools protects you from some of the common attacks.

The key features of Admin tools are:

  • Advanced web application Firewall.
  • Redirects URL directly with parameters.
  • Emergency off-line switch.
  • Maintenance made easy with just a simple click.
  • PHP file change scanner monitor for any PHP file changes, and lets you know.
  • Change your file permissions without using SSH or FTP.
  • Protects your site against a vast majority of popular attacks.
  • Secure .htaccess file with an easy GUI.

Admin tools is General Public licensed; you can use it on many sites as you want just by buying one subscription. 

SEO & Performance Joomla Extensions

JCH Optimize

If you want to minimize HTTP request and size of the webpage, than JCH Optimize is the perfect extension for you. It is a very simple plugin that optimizes the site by minifying and aggregating javascript, and CSS files count in the head portion of the webpage.

Features of JCH Optimize includes:

  • Combines CSS/Javascript files into one.
  • Minimize HTTP request with minimal occurrences of conflicts.
  • Reduces page size by compressing and minifying HTML pages.
  • Six automatic Settings configuration to combine CSS and javascript.
  • Combines background pictures into a sprite.
  • Lazy load images for exclude images based on class.
  • Support for CDN/cookieless domains.
  • Optimize and resize images with lossless compression.

You can check the result from Google pagespeed Tool and GTmetrix. Just collect the result before and after installation of JCH Optimize, then judge yourself. 


JSitemap is a best-rated sitemap generator that helps you to achieve top-level SEO performance for your website. It boosts your site indexing and increases your site visibility up to 400%. Based on your content change, a sitemap is generated in real-time, so that when you modify your site contents, it will be automatically updated at sitemap.

JSitemap offer features:

  • No plugins needed.
  • XML site mapping for mobile devices, images, geolocation, videos, google news, google AMP, Hreflang multi-language.
  • Easy SEO control panel for managing everything from one place.
  • SEO Spider identifies and fixes SEO issues.
  • One click wizard for data sources.
  • Images sitemap is generated for your website under google image search.
  • Split Up large sitemaps easily.
  • Stats & charts, Htaccess editor, Robots.txt editor, custom 404 page, link analyzer, sitemap modules, google indexing tester, and more cool features are available.

This top-rated extension will cost you only €49. Don't check the price, check the features and facilities. You get 1-year support after purchasing JSitemap. 


 Managing metadata of each page can be time-consuming and very tedious. MetaMan is a simple tool for managing all metadata. Stackideas Metaman allows your admin to load up any respective forms from the front end without any trouble.

Let's check the key features of the Metaman:

  • Edit normal page, Twitter cards, and facebook open graphs without any effort.
  • Works with any extensions and articles on your website with full preview mode.
  • Immediate notification for the metadata that needs immediate attention.
  • Like any other plugins, it does not replace any content on the page.

Metaman saves much time and may help your whole website SEO with a great collection of editing tools. You can get Metaman from here with 30 days money back guarantee. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics extension is the perfect tool that allows you to install google analytics code quickly. With google analytics, you can place google analytics code at the correct position, with correct verification and formatting.

This is a simple free plugin that comes with asynchronous, universal integration with webmaster tools verification via meta tagging. However, pro version comes with more.

Let's check some pro features of google analytics

  • User ID feature allows you to track logged in users in your site.
  • Anonymous IP tracking.
  • Multiple subdomains and top-level domain tracking.
  • Enhanced In-page analytics to track user interactions in several pages.
  • E-commerce tracking.
  • Site speed sample rate.
  • Force SSL connection.

There are several packages for pro-access, so you can choose the one, which fits you best. Besides, pro-access of Google Analytics comes with Support with different time periods. 

​Marketing Joomla Extensions

Engage Box

Engage box is the best popup and leads generation extension that helps you to boost your conversion rates. Its popup boxes will help you to convert visitors into customers and subscribers. You can create any types of popups like sticky notification bars, lightbox popup, sticky, floating bars, custom popups with Engage box.

Key features of Engage Box includes:

  • Create several boxes per page with multiple types of boxes.
  • 7 types of boxes with 60+ transition effects.
  • 9 User behavior tracking events with 7 trigger positions.
  • 100% responsive and mobile optimized.
  • Google analytics integrated to show the performance of boxes.
  • Fully customizable look with delay animation in milliseconds.
  • Auto-close timer.
  • RTL support and custom CSS styling.

Engage box smart device level targeting only shows targeted box on specific mobiles or pages. You can also customize it to target specified group. 


We always want the attention of our visitors and jBar allows you to do that very easily. You can easily promote your websites important content with jBar. You can customize the appearance of this web toolbar in your way with various colors, fonts, and styles.

The functions of jBar includes

  • Collapsable bar.
  • Link can be shown as normal link or button.
  • Show/hide border and changeable fonts.
  • Timer for showing or hiding the bar.
  • Visual style editor.

jBar is a popular free extension that comes from themexpert. You can get it from here. 

File Downloader & Digital Products Selling Extensions


Digicom is a very popular e-commerce based extension with which you can easily sell any digital products on your site. Digital handles all reporting, download and subscription management by itself.

Key Features:

  • Integration with the most popular payment processor like Paypal, 2Checkout.
  • Manage daily order with just 1 click.
  • Customizable access control for protecting your confidential data.
  • Seamless checkout.
  • Run discount and offers without any hassle.
  • Drag and Drop file uploader.
  • Learn more about your customers from the order history.

You get Digicom 100% free from themexpert. Besides if you like you can also check for add-ons also. 

​Interactive Content

Smart Slider

Smart Slider is an intuitive Joomla extension that lets you create fully responsive sliders. You can create any type of pictorial or Vimeo & youtube slides very easily with it. To customize the slider in your own way, you can edit different layers with its layer editors.

Let's check the key features of Smart Slider:

  • User-friendly Editor so that anyone can build a slider.
  • Drag & Drop builder with live preview.
  • Make fully dynamic content.
  • 100% responsive that supports any of your devices.
  • 5 types of locks and sliders.
  • Build unique designs with different layers.
  • Change all details in typography and style with Font and Style manager system.
  • Powerful layer animation system.
  • In-built lightbox and image editor.

You can view more features of Smart Slider from here. Besides if you want, you can customize more by using pro features. 


The Gallery is an essential plugin for Joomla that allows you to create multiple galleries with a number of picture and description for all. You can display images in several ways, from easy to complicated, from solo to entire galleries. Only your imagination defines the limit of possibility.

Features of Gallery includes:

  • Create unlimited amounts of galleries.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Display videos and images with a load more or pagination button.
  • Custom URL to each Photo.
  • 6 Lucrative design views.
  • 100+ design options.
  • Create gallery using Youtube or Vimeo posts.
  • Lightbox Popup tool with several options.
  • Order pictures using drag & drop.

You can get Gallery extension from huge-it. You can either download free or try paid version. 

Live Chat Support & Contact Management


Drift is an essential tool that allows you to connect user on your website directly. There is no need of forms or followups to start a conversation. It connects your business in real time just like a virtual assistant for your site.

Features of Drift includes:

  • Instant messaging.
  • Send messages at an exact time.
  • Smartly deal any customer with Driftbot.
  • User-friendly interface and easy Customization
  • Several integrated tools to connect with.

From four packages, you can choose your one that suits you best.

A free messaging application that lets you chat and monitor your visitors on your site. There are no hidden costs and install on your website instantly. With, you can answer chats from anyplace with your mobile phone.

Key features of

  • Monitor visitors in real time with automated triggers.
  • Native mobile applications.
  • Customizable layers and widgets to perfectly suit your brand.
  • Built-in ticketing system.
  • 1880+ emojis to use.
  • 100+ integrations to connect with.

You are getting all the premium features of a chat app with for absolutely no price. For more information, you can visit here.