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Meteor Template Integrated With EasyBlog

Shamima Nasrin

9 mins

If you are web developer then you must know how a template helps you to design a website easily that too in no time. With the help of a template, you can easily style up your site and don't have to work on the whole design. You can just edit the contents and still make a beautiful website.

And templates combined with an extension is even better. An extension helps you to work smoothly adding external functionalities. It makes the template work in better way and even can change the look of the template.

Today, we are here with some good news that is related to both template and extension. Now Meteor Magazine Template is integrated with the most famous extension EasyBlog. Yes, that's true. Now you can append your easyblog articles in Meteor template with just a click.

Quix Joomla Page Builder

Quix is one of the best Joomla page builder that helps you to create a page from scratch. If you don't wanna work hard and crack your backbone then template is a smart choice and Quix is compatible with any Joomla template and with Quix you can edit the template just the way you want.

Quix classic page builder is still available for our precious users who are comfortable working with it. It has 50+ elements and works great with every Joomla template. Quix classic builder is the trusted choice from starting to our clients and still doing great.

The updated version of Quix classic builder is Quix 2, brought to you by ThemeXpert is the visual page builder that works much faster, smoother, better than the classic builder as it allows the user to see the changes in real time. It works in frontend and you can decorate your site by just visualizing it.

Meteor Magazine Template

Now a days, people love to read e-magazines and blogs. It gives them complete information on the latest updates and trendy news in different fields. But it is tough for the developers to design that kind of site and make everything perfect. And making a big site with high functionalities is not an easy task.

So to save your time, money and effort, we developed Meteor template which is a magazine based and works great for different informative sites. It is an excellent choice for newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. Meteor comes with a mobile-first-design, AMP Support, 4 article layouts, 8 Article Element layouts, 8+ Header variations, EasySocial ready, and much more.

Key Features

  • Easy drag and drop pixel perfect designs
  • Has T3 framework which gives you to total control over template layout, module positions, css/js optimization etc.
  • Responsive and retina ready
  • Easy to install and modify
  • Flexible with other extensions and frameworks.

EasyBlog Extension

EasyBlog is the best Joomla blog extension which empowers more than 80,000 Joomla web sites and blogs. Easy Blog can be used to manage your personal blog, company blog, category blogs or even team blogs.

Advantages of EasyBlog

  • All-in-One blog component having tons of features.
  • Smooth and seamless blog layout
  • Great for managing workflows, team blog and group blog with extensive ACL flexibility.
  • Top quality products backed by a team of experienced web developers.
  • Google AMP pages and Facebook Instant Articles support out of the box
  • Most popular Joomla Blog component that professional and novice users love.

Meteor Article Element

Meteor template is an element based template. Our development team has created some specific element specially for Meteor template. This makes the template more attractive.

Since it is a magazine based template, one of its significant element is Meteor Articles. Now, a few question might evolve in your head like - what is it is and how does it work? Why did we insert it?

Allow me to explain.

Meteor template is mainly used for blog site or news site. To insert blogs in site, you have to write Joomla articles, then integrated with the template layouts and set everything in position. After inserting, you can edit them, modify them, add animation to them and go for publish. Now all these process are not easy and comfortable for everyone.

Not everyone knows the process for Joomla article integration and novice has to learn them in the first place and only after that they can use it. This takes time and and effort.

To rescue them from all these troubles we implemented Meteor Articles element. This element will help you to insert Joomla blogs in one click and allow you to bring the modifications in no time. With this element, you can insert any of your Joomla articles and show them in different styles. You can make them grid base, list base, carousel type etc with styles and animations.

And now, this exclusive template just got integrated with EasyBlog. Which means, now you can add your EasyBlog blogs just like Joomla articles. You don't have to go through any other setting and mess-up everything. All you need to do is just choose EasyBlog as content source and select what type of blog you wanna show.

Key Features

It has so many countless features in it. Some of them are given below.

  • Insert Joomla or EasyBlog articles in one click
  • Show both Joomla and EasyBlog blog posts in one page
  • Change styles and layouts from one single settings
  • Selective layout styles
  • Control the number of blogs for display
  • Control article ordering
  • Font and color selection option available
  • Available animation option
  • Advanced settings option and much more

Stylish Layouts

With the help of decorative layouts, now you can give different looks to different pages and make your site more appealing. Our smart and creative layouts work just like a helping hand. All you need to do is select the layout and save it. These layouts are described in details so that you can get a clear idea on using them depending on your need.


List layout will show your blogs in a listed manner. Every content will be organised with the bold title and hovering cover image. This gives the viewers a slight information about the whole content and attracts reader to check each and every content. You can use this layout to stick your viewers with the content and make them want more. 

Stack List

This is one of the best layouts I gotta say. Featuring latest news on top with a huge area makes the page look awesome. And the rest blogs are listed below following the latest one. You can control which post to display along with time and date configuration.

Stack List Column 

This one is my favorite. It's almost like stack list but shows in more than one column. You don't have to set the column size or take the trouble of margin and padding (i.e, spacing inside section). It will adjust by default. All you need to do is just select the layout option, and you're done. Just that simple.

Column List 

Column list layout will allow you to show the blogs in 2 separate columns. In one side the latest news and the older ones in other side. This layout also looks cool in site and gives the viewers the idea of the latest news and helps them to decide which content to read first.

List Carousel

List Carousel is the blog designing layout where every content lies one under another saving the space and slides on click or autoplay. This is a different look for blogs but a cool one. You can set your blogs to autoplay if you want or just use the classic one click slide.


Grid layout is where your blogs will be scattered in the page but in a proper aligned way. This layout has the default setting of displaying blogs in small size of cover images and option to set how many columns you want to show one row. This layout is also a nice one.

Stack Grid

Once you select this layout, you'll notice all the blogs have turned into big size cover images and the contents are lying beneath the images. This layout helps your visitor to see the images much better. This is a good choice if you want your visitors to get attached to the images and then select the contents for reading.

Slide Banner

I must say, this is the most different layout you've ever seen. This layout will display the selected blog in the background and all the other blogs will be displayed in the slide show manner. Your visitors can select the content to read but yet they'll see other blogs too. This is good cause it'll make them want more. They'll go for other blogs too. You can choose this layout if you wanna keep your visitors busy with your content.

Meteor Integrates EasyBlog

Since Meteor is a magazine template, it was only functional with Joomla articles. You could only publish Joomla articles importing from source file. But not everyone was happy with it as not all of us use Joomla articles for blogs. Some use easyBlog extension for easy and flexible functions.

But EasyBlog articles couldn't be imported in Meteor and it would be tough for them to redesign the contents and make everything adjustable. So, we solved that issue for them. Now we have EasyBlog extension integrated with Meteor template which will allow you to import your EasyBlog blog posts and easily publish them in your Joomla site.

This will save your precious money, time and effort of redesigning. You don't have to enable or disable anything. All you need to do is, after installing your template, you can select the source file from EasyBlog and insert it. Just that simple.

Write Better Articles

Now you can write better blogs and articles and don't have to worry about showing them in your site. All you need to do is just write the filename and select the source file from EasyBlog. Your selected blog will get imported to that section.

This functionality reduces most of your tasks and makes your site flawless. And you can add images, videos, charts, animations in addition to your blog that will make your content more attractive.


With the change of time, we are changing many things. Currently, we have integrated Meteor template with EasyBlog extension. And in future, we'll expand this field to a new length and make it more adjustable and comfortable for our clients.

You can use the comment section for suggestions and advices. And also get connected to our facebook page for updated news.

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