A statistic shows that there are 1.5 billion English-language learners worldwide, and these numbers are increasing rapidly. Apart from English, there ...

A statistic shows that there are 1.5 billion English-language learners worldwide, and these numbers are increasing rapidly. Apart from English, there are also a significant number of people who want to learn German, Mandarin, or any other language as their second language.

You can easily understand the urge of the learning second language for migration and globalization from this stat. So, it is badly needed to have an online language teaching institute to teach these massive numbers of people. 

To meet that urge, today, we are going to release a brand new Language School Joomla template for creating any type of language institutions website. 

Our brand new Language School template is built with the Helix ultimate framework, and we used Quix page builder like every time. It requires Joomla 3.5.x support, and it is compatible with Joomla 4.

Let's check out all the features of this template. 

Why You Will Use Language School?

  1. Mega menu: A mega menu allows visitors to reach even the deepest sections of a website through the main menu. This brand new Language School template has a mega menu that is a drop-down menu with multi-level expansions that lets you pack your website's entire navigation into a single menu. 
  2. Multilingual: Expand your reach by creating a multilingual website using this template. A multilingual website is a sign of being customer-centric, which means you value all customers. It also reflects that you understand every cultural peculiarity.
  3. Display Language Programs Professionally: You can display as many languages as you want in a place. Each language has a dedicated page to showcase the description and plan for that particular language. So, grab your visitors' attention by displaying language programs professionally.
  4. Showcase Courses for Specific Language: You can showcase all the courses in a place like a language page. It will allow you to Keep a featured course at the top to draw attention. Each course has a dedicated course page so that you can show the course outline for your visitors and students.
  5. Display Teacher Info with Style: Without teacher information, a teaching-related website can't be perfect. Moreover, teacher information is always sought by guardians. So, meet this demand using our teacher page.
  6. Support Joomla Default Pages: Build a language learning site with all required Joomla default pages that already given inside this Language School template pack. There are built-in pages like Login, Registration, User Profile, Edit User Profile, Search, Smart Search, and more.
  7. Dedicated Blog: Language School has a well-organized blog page to engage visitors with different articles that attract them. Reach potential learners who look for the courses the site offers. You can announce all the new courses, offers, and promotions here so that your user can quickly get you.
  8. Built with Quix and Helix Ultimate: The Language School Joomla template is built with Quix page builder and Helix Ultimate. So, build any language learning site using drag & drop and other advanced functionalities in no time. 

What's Inside Language School?


The homepage is modernly designed, and everything is organized in a way that everyone will find the required information very quickly. Every inch of this page has been designed professionally. 

It is a default homepage. It starts with a hero section followed by several content areas such as "Why choose us", "Find your course", testimonial, "Meet our teachers", and a few more blocks. 

Language Page

The language page has two options. All language and single language. 

  • All Languages: This page will allow you to show as many languages as you want to offer. This is a grid view style. Each language has a dedicated page. You can set a description of the course there. 
  • Single Language: This page contains the details about a single language course. There is a testimonial section and a subscription form so that the visitors can subscribe himself if he likes that language course. 

Course Page

The course page is consists of two inner pages. One is All courses, and another one is Single course. 

  • All Courses: It will enable you to set several courses that you want to offer for your students. You can organize this course with an image, title, and short description. Each course has a detailed page about that course. 
  • Single Course: You can showcase the detailed information here. What you are gonna offer, course structure, course outline, who is gonna teach this course, everything you should describe here so that your visitors easily find their desired course. 

Teacher page

The teacher page is like the course and language page. It will offer you All teachers and Single teacher page.

  • All Teachers: It will allow you to show your teachers list with their photograph, name, and designation. There is a counter so that you can show off how many teachers you have in your team. 
  • Single Teacher: Here, you can demonstrate the necessary information about the teacher like what course he is gonna take, his qualifications, experience, and important related things. 

About Page

The About page talks about the business's mission, vision, achievements, team, specialties, etc. Also, there is a subscription form so that your visitors can subscribe themselves if they like the course plan. 

This page will allow you to set testimonial here. The modern design of this section is too adorable to catch users' attention in no time.

Contact Page

The contact page will allow you to set a map here so that your visitors can easily find your physical existence. Show your contact information like email, phone number, location address using this contact page.

There is a smart-looking FAQ section to set the answer to the most asked question. Also, there is a "Send message" section for getting messages from users. 

Dedicated Blog 

The blog is important for any website, especially for a language school website. In a school or institute, there is a lot of news and promotions to announce to the students. A dedicated blog can manage these announcements smartly. 

You can make endless blog posts here. There is a "Latest articles" section to catch the most recent posts. Also, there is a search option for searching the blog which anyone to read. 

Key Features of Language School 

  • 1 Homepage and 9 Inner pages
  • Multilingual 
  • Mega Menu
  • Helix Framework
  • Joomla Page Builder - Quix
  • Mega Menu
  • Speed Optimized
  • SEO Optimized
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Expert Campus Support
  • Easy Customizable
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Drag and Drop Development
  • Dedicated Support
  • Constant Update
  • Quick-start Package included
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • Social Icon
  • Google Font Support
  • Typography Control
  • Mobile Responsive


We provide fast and expert support for all of our products and in Language School's case, there would be no exception. We update all our products regularly. So, you will also get all the updates and supports for this template in the coming days. 

Stay tuned, and let us know your feedback & suggestions through the comment box below.