Two hundred and eighty-eight: That's how many extensions a simple search for "Joomla Gallery" returns at the Joomla extension repository. It makes sen...

Two hundred and eighty-eight: That's how many extensions a simple search for "Joomla Gallery" returns at the Joomla extension repository. It makes sense – isn't it? Almost every Joomla based website uses Joomla image gallery and make it easy to display the images attractively.

However, from so many options to choose, it is always so hard to dig through everything and find the perfect Joomla gallery module that offers just the right combination of features, aesthetics, and ease of use.

To help you find that best-suited one, I've collected 5 of the best Joomla gallery extension, dissected their feature lists, and grabbed a perfect short description for you.

You already know what galleries are, so let's get right into the extensions directly!


Quix Gallery

Quix - a truly visual drag and drop Joomla Page Builder by Themexpert that can create visually stunning, modern-looking websites without needing any design or coding skills. Quix Joomla Gallery element is one of the most dynamic and handful elements ever offers by Quix Joomla Page Builder.

If you provide only the image gallery and invite people to visit the location that would be enough to boost up your business. However, It does not only display photographs and images but also grabs the attraction of the viewers.

Quix gallery element is a booster. If you add it to any of your sites, then it would not only increase the amount of your traffic but also boost up your business. Simply follow these steps to add this element to any column,

  • Select Add New Element from column to open elements list modal.
  • Select the Gallery element.

A popup will appear showing three tabs - General, Styles, & Advanced. With these tabs further modification options, you can easily alter the gallery in your own way.


  • Image Gallery inside page builder
  • 100% Responsive
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Column Feature
  • Use image from Local, Unsplash and from any URL
  • Filter navigation feature
  • Lightbox feature
  • Overlay feature
  • Animation Feature
  • SEO Friendly
  • Image optimization feature


6gallery Joomla photo gallery is a powerful Joomla gallery extension by Balbooa. You can easily create a beautiful Joomla gallery with its stunning grid layouts. Balbooa Joomla gallery module is elementary for beginners and highly influential for the professional users.

Balbooa Joomla Gallery include built-in performance tools which help to improve your Joomla websites user experience by making page loading faster; therefore you will get no lazy load images issues with stunning grid layouts.

Balbooa Joomla photo gallery is the ideal solution for creating portfolios or showcases. If you would like to create a modern-looking photo gallery, Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery is what you need.


  • Intuitive User Experience
  • 6 Modern Grid Layouts
  • Fronted Management
  • Albums and Subcategories
  • Fully Responsive
  • Touch Swipe Support
  • Discus  Comments
  • Social Sharing
  • Modern Caption Hover Effects
  • Detailed Documentation


Droppics is the easiest and one of the best Joomla simple image gallery modules by the JoomUnited team. Droppics gives you a complete solution to manage the gallery AND single image on your website.

It also works both frontend and backend in the same way and a perfect Joomla photo gallery to work quickly and easily for both beginners to manage single pictures and picture galleries and professionals.

You just need to create a pictures gallery which is a 1 click work, drag and drop pictures from the article editor another 1 click of work, and finally, insert an image or a gallery.


  • Image gallery in module
  • Image Smart Resizing and Custom Sizes
  • Image and Video Multilevel Galleries
  • Joomla Image Protection with Watermark
  • Image Information Bulk Editor (for SEO)
  • Lightbox in one click
  • Custom slideshow theme

Art Sexy Lightbox

Art Sexy Lightbox a flexible and highly functional Joomla gallery module by the Artetics team. It offers you several creative ways to display and showcase the Joomla image gallery also Joomla video gallery on your website that works best for you.

Art Sexy Lightbox is a Joomla gallery module for photos, galleries, articles, Imgur albums, Instagram tags, Picasa albums, Google Photos, Instagram albums. You can also add Flickr photos, Photobucket albums, YouTube, and many more in a beautiful and customizable lightbox.

Art Sexy Lightbox Lite contains the basic functionality where Art Sexy Lightbox Joomla gallery full version extension is paid, and you have to expense $20 for it.


  • Can display: photos, photo groups; pages, articles, Google Photos, Photobucket images, YouTube, modules; Imgur, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Vimeo video; Amazon S3 images; inline content with a fancy lightbox effect
  • 6 different themes: black, white, new black, new white, Spanish black, Spanish white
  • Comes with the user-friendly module and highly-customizable plugin
  • Mobile responsive functionality
  • Control how many grid columns appear on small, medium, and large screens
  • Can be modal or not
  • Can be used in Virtue Mart fly page
  • Can list articles from a specific category or K2 category
  • Cloud Carousel - auto rotation of images, image reflection
  • Great way to display articles
  • Define a responsive grid for gallery image display
  • Several customizable properties.
  • Ability to display a single thumbnail and show full gallery in a popup after clicking this thumbnail
  • Can show gallery from remote images (requires the additional file to placed on that server)
  • Slideshow support
  • Carousel/Image slider option
  • Comes with editor button for easy use
  • This is an evolving extension.
  • Fast and reliable support

Ignite Gallery

Ignite Gallery is a commercial purpose usable full-featured Joomla gallery module by Matt Thomson. There are so many flexible options available so that you can create the gallery layout as you want, also can choose the demo link to see the Gallery's features in action.

Ignite Gallery owns plenty of great features like Jcomments Integration, Multi-language support, Slideshow, Front-end uploads, Multiple image up loader in the back end and front end, Joomfish or Lanternfish Support, and many more.

Ignite Gallery is $25 in cost. This includes 1 year of access to all updates and new versions, with 1 year of support. The 1-year limit is a limit on how long you can log in to the site and download updates with new versions.


  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Mobile friendly with swipe and responsive layouts
  • Metro grid, Masonry grid, Justified grid layouts
  • Front end gallery creation
  • Multiple image up loader with resize before upload
  • Image tagging and search
  • Watermarking of images
  • Embed video from YouTube or vimeo
  • Image zoom button with commenting and voting
  • Slideshow
  • Top/ bottom/ left or right position for thumbs
  • Top/ bottom/ left/ right /overlay position for image descriptions
  • Lazy Loading of images
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Download image button
  • Ken Burns Effect
  • Optional plugin and module to place galleries into articles and module positions
  • Random/ Latest/ Most Viewed/ Highest rated galleries
  • Disable right click and save
  • Search engine friendly urls

Final Word

This is the list guys. Am I missing any of your preferable Joomla gallery extension? Please let me know in the comment section below also don't forget to share your valuable opinion regarding this list.