​ Virtually every company that is present on the internet wants to increase the number of hits on his website or blog, right? In this context, it is c...

Virtually every company that is present on the internet wants to increase the number of hits on his website or blog, right? In this context, it is critical to use SEO strategies and tools that help you achieve good search positions.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the optimization for search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube itself. This type of work consists of leveraging the best techniques and solutions to make your pages stand out in search, getting more impressions, clicks, interactions, and leads. We published complete guide to Joomla SEO that cover everything you need to know about SEO optimization on Joomla website.

As a marketer, you are indeed interested in seeing your content among the most sought after in your segment, right? So, how about you start tapping into all the existing free white label seo tools?

There are currently hundreds of SEO tools on the market. Most focus on solving a specific demand, helping in a part of the process, but there are also "all-in-one," super complete platforms.

To help you choose the best allies in your search engine optimization work, we've sorted out the top free options. See below!

The Importance of SEO

The SEO of a website or page is responsible for increasing the chances of having your content displayed when the internet user searches for systems like Google, Bing, and YouTube.

A good optimization strategy is capable of generating hundreds or even thousands of organic leads, that is, without investing in ads-the dream of 9 out of 10 companies when doing digital marketing.

But don't think that the sole purpose of SEO is to appear among the first results of the search!

An optimized website also becomes more user-friendly, delivering quality and objectivity. After all, Google and other search engines are already smart enough to know when the page has rich content.

So, are you already convinced of the need to invest in optimization? Now, all we need to know is the tools that help put this work into practice.

Free SEO Tools For Keyword Research

​We start with keywords research tools which are the first place to start in this journey.

Google Adwords

The Keyword Planner is a free tool offered by Google itself. It can be accessed after registering on their ad platform. Not only it's good for regular SEO, but also it's perfect as local SEO tools.

Features of Adwords:

  • Check the search volume of any keyword
  • Check for suggestions on new keywords
  • Check the level of competitiveness of the term.

Just be aware of one thing: Google AdWords Manager was created for the use of ads purchase, so a lot of information will be targeted at those who want to invest-not necessarily working with organic searches.

Anyway, Keyword Planner is one of the most used best SEO tools, serving as a starting point for your strategy.


I do not know if you are willing to invest in keyword research or not; it depends on your current online income level and your professional activity. It is not the same to be a blogger as to be an SEO or webmaster. But if you're tight on funds, I strongly recommend using this tool.

In my experience, a bad (or non-existent) keyword research is one of the three most typical errors of websites that don't manage to attract traffic, and that's what the keywordTool solves.

Features of Keywordtool.io

It allows you to geolocate the searches, and it's also programmed to make reports of information much higher than other free SEO analysis tools.

It makes all the sense in the world if you think about it: Keyword Planner was a tool for advertisers, and KeywordTool.io is a tool for SEO (as defined by the creators themselves).

Another fantastic feature that I love about the tool is its "Questions" function.

It is located in the tab next to the main keyword report, and if we click on this option, the tool will show us keywords in the form of a question that includes the keyword that we have entered and that users search in Google.

Also, now asking questions in your content (and answering them) is more important than ever. Google for a specific number of SERPS has begun to show excerpts from some posts of the first Google results that respond to the user's query quickly and concisely.


​Do you know when you're typing a search on Google and automatically come up with some search suggestions? No, Google is not yet psychic! These phrases or terms are based on favorite expressions that have already been typed by other users.

This is precisely how Ubersuggest works. This free keyword finder lists all possible search intentions, from A to Z, based on the purposes of previous searches.

Features of Ubersuggest

  • Get insights for new keywords
  • Map the main competitors
  • Identify the difficulty to rank with SEO and with ads.

​In the old days, many SEO strategists used these automatic Google hints to get new keyword ideas. The advantage is that now you do not have to do this anymore! Just use Ubersuggest, and the tool will do the "dirty work" for you.


​Soovle makes up the best keyword research story for your SEO strategy. When you tumble up with large no of channels, and you wish to have different sets of keywords for each, then Soovle is the right Keyword research tool choice for you.

Features of Soovle

The beauty of the tool is that it results out with the bulk of the keyword search even if you enter a single alphabet. Like if you enter an idea, Soovle will flood you with its auto-generated huge keyword idea options from various search engines on a single screen.

Hence this free keyword research tool is also called as a customizable search engine as it welds the keyword search results from majorly loved search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, Answers.com, YouTube and Wikipedia. The beautiful part about this best keyword research tool is that it is available for free boosting support and inspiration for content creation and SEO.

Some of the Beautiful Facts

  • The first thing you can observe about this keyword research tool is that once you are diverted to Soovle, you will see a search box surrounded by the famous search engines.
  • After the search is executed the first link that is being reverted is the Soovled link.
  • The currently active search engine appears inside the curly brackets.
  • One can move the search engines around by clicking the icon below the search box of the preferred search engine.

​The best thing about this keyword research tool is that it is straightforward to use and understand and it's fun to play with it.

Answer The Public

​Answer the Public is an excellent SEO tool which aims at not only providing you with plenty of topics for a searched keyword but still it works to get you the most relevant topic which will fulfill your desire.

Features of Answer the Public

  • Selecting a Related Topic: At first, it will choose appropriate topics from the sea of topics found from your inputted keyword. Here you will find out the relevancy of this topic and where you're going to pitch your article if you don't plan on posting on your platform.
  • Competition: After the first step above, this tool will now check the amount of competition present already for the relevant topic of your choice.
  • Niche Uncovering: This functionality aims at finding specific niche topics which have a considerable search volume, with this new set of topics you can write on it.

Insta Keywords

Features of Insta Keywords

Insta Keywords is an excellent alternative SEO tool because it enables a broad search of keywords, as well as providing excellent long tail word tips.

You can use this tool entirely for free; you can also create free campaigns and save the rescued keywords for later use.


​You never imagined Reddit would be too useful to have a specific tool for it in this aspect? Well, it is, and as a matter of fact, its tool Keyworddit is free to use.

Features of Keyworddit

​Keyworddit extracts keywords from the list of subreddit. Just enter any subreddit (for example, /r/baby), and it will output a list of a few hundred keywords plus monthly search volumes. This is very useful for understanding the topics that most interest your audience.


​In the meantime, it is no longer possible for the Google Keyword Planner to display the "exact" search volumes for a keyword query. Similar search terms are put together in the search volume query with related keywords together in a category. Instead of exact numbers, search volume ranges are set for a keyword. An approximate estimation of the frequency of a search query is thus still possible, but actually, we desire to know more, and that is why this tool was born.

Features of Searchvolume.io

​This is where the free online tool SearchVolume.io comes in to help by bringing out the hidden search volumes. With a query, SearchVolume.io can display the monthly frequency for a maximum of 800 keyword searches.

Data export to Excel is possible, and further individual processing of the data is made effortless.

Free SEO Tools For Niche Idea

​Most times we find it hard to uncover a niche idea lying next to us. However, the tool below comes freely to our aid.

Semantic Link

​The semantic link is a simple free tool which helps its user find semantically related words which indeed useful for a serious SEO master.

Features of Semantic Link

​The semantic link works by analyzing texts situated at Wikipedia to discoverer those which are semantically related. According to its website, this tool utilizes a statistical scheme called mutual information. The higher the mutual information of a given pair of words, the more chance they're related.

This tool displays about top 100 semantic words for every query, though this is limited to words which feature at least 1,000 manifestations in Wikipedia.

Backlink Analysis

​Backlinks are the veins of every top website, having a lousy backlink or not being able to find a good backlink is a real pain; the website ranking tools below solves this issue.

SEO Power Suite (Free Version)

​Today SEO Powersuite is one of the best-known SEO tools on the SEO market. It is efficient, easy to use and very complete. It offers greater optimization in the search engines for websites.

Features of SEO Powersuite

​The SEO Powersuite software consists of four SEO products whose goal is to improve and bring more speed in the work of the optimizer at all stages of promoting your website.

Also, the implementation of these features, this tool ensures you understand, analyze and possibly modify the content of your website or its structure. This should enable you to better position your site in the search engines.

Mondovo (Keyword Research + Backlink Analysis)

​Mondovo is a multipurpose SEO tool which features about 15 SEO premium tools. Are you surprised it came for free? Well, it isn't completely free, but you can use its trial version without pay.

Features of Mondovo

​This multipurpose analytical tool is not only meant for SEO purpose but caters for all digital marketing tools which are needed for every company or business. Its 15+ functionalities are best suited to provide top-quality analytical reports to help improve your business.

Free SEO Plugins For Wordpress

Wordpress is a viral CMS platform which many businesses are being established on. This CMS platform also features incredible tools which help in SEO. Here are the top wordpress seo tools you need to check.

Yoast SEO

​The WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast is one of the most comprehensive plugins to control essential aspects of on-page optimization directly from the WordPress backend. The plugin has been downloaded over 7 million times and is also used on larger sites such as Mashable.

Features of Yoast

​With Yoast SEO, you can analyze your current post for an entered Focus keyword. You will also receive suggestions for improving your text to make the selected Focus keyword even more relevant within this page.

However, the keyword is not automatically set as Meta in the head of your website-this requires further action.

Rank Math

Rank Math is a brand new free plugin from MyThemeShop that promises to be a significant competitor in the fight of the Wordpress SEO plugin, a contest dominated by Yoast for years.

Rank math is much more detailed when it comes to the SEO score, giving an accurate rating of 0 to 100.

Again, Rank Math has the extra mile and has gone into detail.

In the Advanced Settings tab, we can see additional options for Robot Meta Tag, which aren't available in Yoast.

Another useful feature that we find in RankMath and missing in Yoast SEO is the built-in redirect tool.

Features of RankMath

​To start, it is striking that we can choose the modules that we activate: 404 Monitor, AMP, Link Counter, Local SEO, Redirections, Rich Snippets, Role Manager, Search Console, SEO Analysis, Sitemap, and WooCommerce.

  • The essentials are Link Counter, Rich Snippets and Sitemap.
  • Recommended: 404 Monitor, Redirections, Search Console and SEO Analysis.
  • According to the situation: AMP, Local SEO, Role Manager, and WooCommerce.

All-In-One SEO Pack

​All in One SEO Pack is, without a doubt, one of the most known SEO plugins for WordPress and that gives better results when it comes to improving the SEO of your blog significantly.

Features of All-In-One SEO Pack

  • Complete management of the sitemap.xml of the website, although it is not a very functional tool, it is quite useful.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • It allows configuring titles, meta keywords and meta description of all post types, pages, and custom posts.
  • Ping to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines notifying changes in the website.
  • It has an API so that other plugins can be integrated with All in One SEO Pack.
  • It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and even with most e-commerce plugins.
  • In the latest versions, All in One SEO Pack includes a utility to improve the security of WordPress installation.
  • It automatically generates metatags and automatically takes meta descriptions.
  • It has some options that allow us to avoid duplicate content on our website based on the parameters "noindex" and "nofollow."

Squirrly SEO

​Maybe the Squirrly SEO doesn't talk much, and you don't know of its existence. But if online marketing monsters like Neil Patel (the co-founder of Kissmetrics) recommend it, you know it's time to give it a try.

The first thing that is surprising is that this plugin is in constant update: a day is typical to find a couple of updates. That speaks very well of the commitment of its developers to the users/customers.

Features of Squirrly SEO

The SEO SQUIRRLY is freemium, and even in the free version, it allows you to work the SEO on your page.

It works with functions quite similar to Yoast: green lights are activated according to the optimizations that you apply to the text of your page or article.

We also like that you can work with the Squirrly without deactivating the Yoast SEO; they don't generate conflicts. And if you do not mind having several active plugins in your WordPress installation, it's a winning pair.

Its constant updates stand out. Its vast menu and the promise of content optimization for humans and search engines.

Free SEO Extensions For Joomla

​Joomla is another top rank CMS which pulls weight in the online world, below are the free SEO tools present on this platform.


​QuixRank is the best SEO tool for Joomla users, and this wasn't bestowed on it by chance. The QuixRank SEO tool features all top functionalities to ensure you don't need an SEO expert for your website.

Features of QuixRank

​With the QuixRank Joomla SEO tool, you can see in real-time how your focus keyword is performing; it also gives you the ability to customize in real-time how you will appear in search results discarding the guessing work. Other key features of this tool are the ability to check keyword length, meta tags, lots of assessment checks, etc. it is a wonder why this tool is free with Quix Pro, but what can we say other than enjoy it while it lasts.

Joomla is another top rank CMS which pulls weight in the online world, below are the free SEO tools present on this platform

Free SEO Tools For Crawling

​Crawling is another big factor to be considered in SEO because robots from search engines are continually crawling our website; the tool below ensures that we are ready for it.

Netpeak Spider (Free Version)

Netpeak Spider is one of the most powerful software programs for SEO audit, analysis, and more.

Features of Netpeak Spider

The crawler is equipped with various tools that can facilitate and automate the work of experts from different fields, including SEO, content marketing, link building, PPC, and sales.

Here's what you can do with this tool:

  • collect and check all the pages of the website for more than 50 SEO parameters;
  • set your own crawling rules;
  • identify all SEO issues and find out what needs to be fixed first and how;
  • export all the reports in PDF format;
  • test various robots.txt configurations;
  • get the complete site structure;
  • check sitemap for issues;
  • analyze hreflang issues on the multilingual website;
  • calculate internal PageRank.


​Beamusup is one of the complete SEO technical tools for an SEO audit. Quickly analyze, audit and review a website from an SEO perspective. This tool is especially useful for analyzing large sites, difficult to verify manually.

Features of Beamusup

Beamusup crawls your website, gives you a result of the different URLs accompanied with various data, with relevant information such as titles, meta descriptions, redirections, and even inconveniences that may be affecting your performance.

It is one of the SEO technical tools that analyze the performance of a web page using data from Google page; it also offers precious recommendations to solve the problems that affect your website.

The crawl carried by this tool is obtained in a few seconds;

  • Reports redirects and broken links
  • Highlights the metadata
  • Review the robots.txt
  • Shows duplicate pages
  • Saves the results in Google drive excel sheet, or to local excel sheet

Free Google Chrome Extension For SEO

​There are chrome extensions which are handy tools for SEO, and they're free to utilize.


​Linkminer is a chrome plugin that allows us to detect broken links and obtain information on each link, both internal and external. This tool scans the page and counts the existing links, separating them into two groups: correct and broken. It allows us to locate broken links in other people's sites and ours.

Features of Linkminer

  • This free tool has top-notch features for ensuring a successful SEO auditing of our website.
  • Saves URLs: It can save links for later utilization.
  • Different types of links are categorized: These checked links are then grouped into their respective classes.

Keywords Everywhere

​Keyword Everywhere is a free SEO extension that allows you to analyze keywords in terms of volume and price.

Features of Keywords Everywhere

​This tool automatically integrates with Google, trends and answer the public and other site and tells you the volume of views of a keyword or expression every time you type it on an analysis site. For example, if you type your keyword on Google; you will know how much it generates views per month, etc. it is a handy tool to see the popularity of a keyword, so that you could choose your keywords just Google.

Free SEO Tools For SERP Checker

​How many times have you repeated the process of seeing the position your website occupies in Google for a keyword? In my case, a few times. I present a free tool that I have been using for months.


​SERPRobot is a free online tool where you can see day by day in what position your website is for the search of a keyword. You will be able to visualize how it varies of position in the time using a graph of evolution between the position/time.

Features of SERPRobot

We can divide the Dashboard of a project into two parts, and the first part represents the data of the keywords selected for the project and the second part a graph of the evolution of the positions in time.

It has the following features:
  • Keyword: Keyword to monitor.
  • Change: The variation in positions that have occurred regarding the previous day.
  • Latest: Last position found.
  • Best: The best position of the keyword.
  • First: The first position the bot found when the keyword was introduced in SERPLAB.
  • Search Volume: The search volume that the keyword has for the selected search engine.
  • Updated: Day and time of the last crawl.
  • The last URL Found: URL by which you are positioning the URL of the project for the keyword.
  • Actions: Actions that can be performed on the keyword how to delete, search on Google or add to the chart that we see below.
In the second part of the project Dashboard, we can see a summary of the project with the movements in the SERPs of the keywords monitored over time.

Free SEO Tools For Page Speed Checker

​A fast loading page is loved and welcomed with open arms at Google, and that's why there are tools with which you can perform a website optimization test.

Google Page Insights

​Googles own page insight tool is the best free tool for checking the speed of your respective pages. All SEO masters love this tool.

Features of Google Page Insights

​Google page insights have one main functionality built into it, and that's the ability to check your sites speed. It also gives you additional ideas on your page's bounce rates.

Pingdom Website Test

​Pingdom is another excellent page speed test tool which can be used for free. Looking at this tool at first you'll think that there isn't much it has to offer, but when you register for a free account, you'll see its significant features.

Features of the Pingdom Website Test

​The primary function of this tool is its page speed checker functionality. It also features the ability to check for content and requests breakdown, code response, and the lovely waterfall analyzed result style.


​GTMetrix is the same as PageSpeed Insights but strengthened!!! The best thing is that by being able to register a free account, we can see the progression of our site over time. It tells us recommendations to improve our website.

Features of GTMetrix

​Managing the loading speed of pages on your site can have a significant impact on SEO, as well as on the UX. GTMetrix allows you to review the loading speed of a page and diagnose improvement opportunities to see how you can refine your site. Many other tools exist to measure the page loading speed. However, GTMetrix is one of our favorites with its YSlow, and targeted location speed tests feature. Complete and very easy to use, you will not be disappointed.

Free SEO Tools For Robots.txt Generate

​Robot.txt generators ensure that you tell search engine robots what to crawl and where not to. It is a suitable means of optimizing your website.

Ryte Robots.txt Generator

​This simple to use robot.txt generator ensures that you create a simple robot.txt file for your website. Most generators have advances blocking codes, and this is a real danger to your site. Using a simple well understood robot.txt generator ensures that you know what search engines should or shouldn't crawl.


​These are the best free SEO tools; for Keywords, full On Page and Off Page SEO analysis and web positioning reports. Today I've given you a compilation that I've wanted to share with you for some time; these mentioned tools are the free online resources that we have when we do web positioning on Google.