Nowadays, creating a delicate and pleasing landing page is much more comfortable with landing page builder rather than by coding. However, choosing th...

Nowadays, creating a delicate and pleasing landing page is much more comfortable with landing page builder rather than by coding. However, choosing the best landing page plugin for WordPress is quite hard.

Let me make it simpler for you to pick the most competent one.

Themesgrove team has developed WPOnepager to give you the best website creation experience. It is free and one of the best landing page plugin for WordPress that worth of time. It will allow you to create a website within minutes; Therefore, you do not need any coding knowledge at all. 

Want to know more? Stay with me.

Features of WPOnepager

Short Time Page Maker

WPOnepager offers you skimping pages; thus, you can create your landing page almost instantly. There are plenty of templates to choose from the Dashboard. Import any of the templates instantly from the template directory.

After then, you can change the text, font, image, and other relevant options as you like.

You can also add a new page as well as edit any existing page in your editor section. However, it just needs to add a title and then click on "Enable Onepager." These will lead you to the main interface of WPOnepager. To mention, WPOnepager offers you very few options to complete your site faster and trouble free.

Vast Collection of Blocks & Templates

WPOnepager provides you a wide range of block and template collections; It's more than 100+. Each an every template and block stands elegant and utterly different from one another.

You can find every categorical free template and block for blog, magazine, portfolio, corporate, business, creative, eCommerce, education, entertainment, nonprofit, charity, apps, real estate, technology, retail, wedding, miscellaneous and many more.

Easy Customization Facility

WPOnepager is one of the best free WordPress landing page builder for its time saving as well as zero complexity characteristics. To make sure a faster template making experience, WPOnepager gives you a user-friendly interface for customization without any difficulty. These are very basic; thus, it is worth making a perfect landing page with WPOnepager.

However, to add blocks, go to the edit option, and change settings along with the styles of the block. Customization is always so simple with WPOnepager.

Multi-language Translation Ready

WPOnepager supports multi-language translation. It is effortless to switch from one language to another language when the pages are translation ready. With the help of WPML plugin, WPOnepager allows you to translate your desire page, no matter the language you want.

Various Input Type

While customizing any page, you often need to add so many staffs. WPOnepager offers you different input type like input image, link, text, audio, and so many; therefore, you can add whatever you need to add. There are also options for adding background videos in your WPOnepager landing page.

Uses WordPress Best Practice

WPOnepager is aiming to provide every best facility that WordPress offers to the users. You will get security support, high-speed experience, WordPress latest functionalities, and many more with it.

However, to format your source code in a well-guided and straightforward way, WPOnepager also maintains the latest coding standard of WordPress.

Technology Used for WPOnepager

WPOnepager was the first open-source landing page builder built using React Framework by Facebook. Since the very beginning of React, it is considered to be a prevalent framework. Therefore, the developers of WPOnepager used JavaScript and React JS, keeping the future in mind. Now, the result is in front of your eyes.

What Exactly You Can Build with WPOnepager

WIth WPOnepager you can build almost every kind of pages for your business as well as personal use. Some best applications of WPOnepager are mentioned below,

  • Business Landing Page
  • Under Construction Page
  • Maintenance Page
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Services & Consulting Page
  • Nonprofits Landing Page
  • Product Brochure Landing page
  • Seminar & Event Landing Pages
  • Book Launches Landing Page
  • Information Product Landing Page
  • App Landing Page
  • Personal Landing Page
  • Startup Landing Page
  • Case Study Page
  • Photography Landing Page
  • Restaurant Landing Page
  • Wedding Landing Page
  • Portfolio Landing Page
  • Résumé Landing Page
  • More…

What do Customers say about WPOnepager

Almost everyone who used WPOnepager free WordPress landing page builder becomes a fan of it. Therefore, it got 4.5 ratings out of 5 in the WordPress plugin repository. These positive ratings also influenced the users for taking the ultimate experience of the pro version of WPOnepager.

Blocks for Every Category

WPOnepager – WordPress landing page plugin is build with different types of categorized block. These took a long time research as well as great dedication. You will get any of your required block to build your site swiftly. 

Call to Action: Call to actions blocks acting as a guideline that let the users what to do next, such as 'Sign Up' or 'Buy Now.'

Coming Soon: To introduce new features or making any announcement, you can use Coming Soon blocks. Like, "website under construction" message.  

Core: Core blocks are the mandatory blocks for any websites. These can be pricing, testimonial, service, contact, and many more.

Blog: If you have a blog section on your website, then you can easily integrate that with the blog blocks.

Contact: With the contact block, the contact details with the feedback message can be easily generated.

About: Express your company details with about blocks. Thus you can add the business's mission, vision, achievements, specialties, etc.

Clients: Show your respected clients to the visitors with clients blocks. It attracts the prospective new client.

Features: Describe the features as well as functionalities with the services you provide in features block.

Footers: With the footer blocks, you can add any information in the footer section of your website.

Navbars: Navbar blocks can guide your viewers to the different parts of your site. You can provide multiple information in the navbar.

Hero: To attract the users use the exquisite hero areas. It will help to increase your site conversion rate.

Portfolios: Showcase your existing and running work or general information with portfolio blocks.

Pricing: Advertise your product with the selling price in pricing block. You can also describe all the features that price contains at a glance.

Sliders: Use the elegant slider blocks to add slider section. These things catch the attention of newcomers.

Teams: With teams blocks describe your amazing team member with their designation and other information.

Testimonials: Testimonial blocks can get the trust of your viewers. It will increase the sales as well as conversion rate.

WooCommerce: If you want to create a product page for product showcasing, then use WooCommerce blocks for instant page design. Despite this, you need to install WooCommerce plugin.

Videos: The video blocks allows a better view of story visualization than texting. Grab the useful user with video blocks.

What WPOnepager Pro Version Offers

WPOnepager free version provides a lot but the pro version has some added elegant features than the free version. To make sure your template more attractive, the pro version of WPOnepager offers you eye-catching animation effect.

The best thing is that you will get the best visual look with performance; hence, the animation doesn't affect the performance at all. Also, you don't need to worry about typography since every selected typography of every blocks is carefully selected considering user comfort. 

Core features of the WPOnepager Pro version:

  • Fullscreen blocks to make representational layout
  • Huge animation option
  • 900+ Google Fonts
  • 20+ Coming soon page
  • 50+ Premium Blocks 
  • 10+ Premium Templates 
  • Background video option
  • Shortcode Support
  • Custom Header and footer
  • Import/Export Settings for backup or re-use purpose

Pros of WPOnepager

Ease of Use

WPOnepager is a great WP landing page builder to fulfill an average customer requirement. All you need a presentable and performance-based landing page builder that can seduce your audience. WPOnepager is more than enough to execute your work done.

It lets you make a landing page without coding and any designing experience. Thus, having no prior web development skills, WordPress plugins for a landing page enables you to visualize your dream design through WPOnepager.

Lots of Templates and Blocks

The loads of WPOnepager free WordPress landing page builder templates and blocks would be enough to start your landing page. There's enough number of templates available to get you started on the right track. You will get almost every kind of templates here; therefore, there's a template for virtually every situation.

Options range from the landing page, sales page, webinar & event signup pages, lead generation page, and other types of pages. 

Easy Integration

WPOnepager is the best choice for WP landing page builder. It is free as well as quickly adopted WordPress page builder plugin to consider. The builder of WPOnepager specially built it for WordPress CMS.

The developers also make the installation process of WPOnepager much more user-friendly. Install it from WP repository or upload the zip file to the localhost, it's just a one-click process.  

Dedicated Support

WPOnepager – best landing page plugin for WordPress always provides issue free user experience. However, if you face any problem while using it, post it on the forum or open a support ticket regarding the problem. WPOnepager dedicated support team will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Cons of WPOnepager

Limited number of Blocks & Templates

The free version of WPOnepager landing page builder contains a limited amount of templates and blocks than the Pro version. We will recommend you to upgrade your WPOnepager free version to Pro version to get maximum features.

No Premium Support

Premium support is only available with the Pro version. Therefore, you won't get any premium support with the free version of WPOnepager. WPOnepager always gives you options to choose as the team is entirely determined to provide you the best possible support and services. 

Final Word

WPOnepager will be a good option for your next landing page. Before taking any further decision about WP landing page builder, we will strongly recommend you to test the taste of WPOnepager at least once. You will love it!

If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.