Today we are incredibly thrilled to introduce our brand new business portfolio template called Startup. Its multi-layered parallax effects will g...

Today we are incredibly thrilled to introduce our brand new business portfolio template called Startup. Its multi-layered parallax effects will give your website a modern and dynamic look. It will fit perfectly for your business, agency, and portfolio website with its clean minimal style and animation effect.

Our monthly release Startup template is specifically designed to ensure the speed of your website. It won't compromise with the speed in any situation. Moreover, it is exceptionally handled to load fast with a slow internet connection. This is the best fully responsive Joomla business portfolio template we've ever created.

Startup requires the next-generation Joomla page builder - Quix 2.5.x, the latest version of Joomla 3.x support, and the Gantry 5 framework available on your computer. 

Let's unfold our new Startup template's unique features, elements, and compatibility.


Why Use Startup Template?

Startup is a creative, modern, and professional business portfolio website template. If you are a team of experts, who are looking to expand their reach, you should create a striking online presence with our Startup template, and make a difference.

Here's the feature list that our startup template exceptionally designed to accomplish your crave.

  1. Speed Optimized - You hardly find anyone who doesn't want to own a fast loading website. Aiming to meet the requirement Startup comes with best speed optimization without any technicality. It will easily catch the visitors attention with the fastest browsing experience that will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.
  2.  Exceptionally Designed for Less Skilled Person ​- If you are starting with our new Startup template, or lack the experience to create high-end designs, this template will undoubtedly come in handy. Even if you are not the template-using type, you can still use Startup template as a source of inspiration for your own website.
  3. Built For Portfolio​ - ​A portfolio is a crucial part of designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and other creatives to reach their success. Showcase your remarkable works and creations and attain your career goals sooner rather than later by using our brand new Startup template.
  4. Build an Entire Website ​​- ​Use this template to build an entire website where all the elements and pages fit perfectly together. It will organize all of your projects with details in a trendy way. It will help you to save time and money to build an entire website.
  5. Built-in Blog Section​​ - ​Blogging is an unavoidable option to let your user know about all the updates, news, stories, and other events that should be informed to your user. An adequately maintained blog section can convert your visitor to potential clients.
  6. Dedicated Career Page​​ - ​A dedicated Career page is included in the Startup template. Use photos to show the office environment, publish job circulars, enlist open positions, and present testimonials to employees on the Career page.
  7. Sliding Menu​ - ​Sliding menus are all the rage in today's UIs. These menus are essentially off-screen elements that appear when you click or tap on something that looks like an arrow, an icon, or something else that shows a menu. A smart sliding menu is added to the startup template to increase your website's attractiveness.
  8. Cross-Browser Compatibility​ ​- ​No matter which browser you use, your website will look absolutely perfect on any browser. It won't be stuck or broken in any browser. Startup comes with built-in cross-browser compatibility, so stop worrying about loading your site on different browsers.

What's Inside Startup?

Startup is a clean, and elegant Joomla Portfolio template entirely belongs to startup, businesses, and organizations. A wide range of new features with next-generation Gantry 5 framework, will impress your site visitors at a Glance. It will allow you to apply your preferred style with the exceptional drag and drop Joomla page builder Quix.

Our new Startup template consists of one homepage and five inner pages. Let's explore them;


The default homepage layout is dedicated to assisting all those people who have a startup plan and are desperately looking for a platform to implement their idea. The homepage starts with an animated heading followed by several content areas such as featured project, project display, our services, blogs, and a few more blocks.


The work page allows you to display all your projects in an eye-catching, decorated way. You can show as many projects as you can on this page. Furthermore, each project has a details page that means you can add every point of your project with images on that details page.


The story page begins with a counter element. It informs your visitor about your number of employees and works of experience. You can add your success story, customer feedback, and other stories here. It also enables you to introduce your team here.


The service page starts with a featured service name, short description, and image. Afterward, it contains a service list with service name and description. You can showcase your all services here in a synchronized way. It's committed to advertising your service to your visitors with a stunning view.


Career page is exceptionally designed to announce circular news of your startup. You need to collect suitable people for your organization as you want to form a team. We care about your thinking, and we design the career page from that responsibility.


The contact page allows your user to place their queries. It has a contact us section that will allow your user to inform you if they have any business idea or feedback. It allows you to set a Google map so that your user can easily find you.

Startup Key Features

  • 1 Homepage with 5 Inner Pages
  • Typography Control
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Easy Customizable
  • Drag and Drop Development
  • Smooth Animation
  • Constant Update
  • Dedicated Support
  • Gantry 5 Framework
  • Speed Optimized
  • Quick-start Package included
  • Full-Featured Blog
  • Smooth Accordion
  • Quix Joomla Page Builder
  • Quix Particles
  • Built-in Pages
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • SEO Optimized

Technical Requirements

  • Gantry 5 Framework
  • Joomla 3.x Support
  • Quix 2.5.x Support

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Edge

Quix 2.5.5 Is Here with Some Improved Feature & Bug Fixes

Hey there! Last time we released Quix 2.5.4 with our hype creator Agencio - the best agency template 2019. This time, we followed the same strategy. We are very proud to announce that, we have released Joomla page builder - Quix 2.5.5 with our brand new Startup template. We are expecting the same appreciation from you guys.

Quix 2.5.5 is released with some improved feature that was asked to improve from our beloved users. Our developer team really worked hard this time to make you smile in using updated Quix.  

We know there is still some sector where Quix should be more improved. Let us know where Quix should be further improved to meet your demand. We will make sure your satisfaction in our next updates.

So stay tuned to get the update and now let me show you the improvements that we have brought for you with Joomla page builder - Quix 2.5.5.

Major Improved Feature

Section Copy-Paste to Anywhere

There was an option to copy and paste any section in our previous version of Quix. However, the problem was, you couldn't paste that wherever you want rather than it was pasted in the last section automatically.

This problem has now disappeared. Our updated Quix will allow you to copy any section you want and paste that section wherever you need it. You don't have to worry about this issue of copy-paste.  

After finishing your design, if your user does not like it, you will be able to redecorate the design. You don't need to restart the design, but to reorganize the design. That means that our updated Quix will save your time while at the same time cutting off your redundant work.

Some More Improvements

Apart from the issue of copy-paste, we have improved some more features according to your demands. This time we've solved the issue with Quix performance and Quix image optimization.

We've also fixed the issue with Blurb Element, Video Carousel, Accordion Element, Video Element, and so on. These all the changes are dedicated to enhancing your user experience. Let's check the Changelog for more information.


Final Words

The startup template is all about a business portfolio template to help startup people. Let us know how much of your desire it fulfills. We would also like to know your expectation from us. So, drop your thoughts below the comment box.