An Admin Dashboard is the most crucial part of a website. It combines all the back-end controls including tasks report at one place, hence you can sma...

An Admin Dashboard is the most crucial part of a website. It combines all the back-end controls including tasks report at one place, hence you can smartly monitor them and perform your actions more efficiently. The main aim is to allow you managing your website with possibly less effort.

The Admin Dashboard widely depends on the site's front-end JS. There are plenty of JS frameworks available on the web. VueJS is considered as the second most popular JS frameworks among all. 

This powerful framework is able to give your website Dashboard an ever smoothness that reflects to you while performing any management.

In the previous post, we had discussed a list of AngularJS Admin templates with Bootstrap framework. There is an another handpicked list of best ReactJS Admin Template on our blog. You can check them all.

Today we have come up with a collection of VueJS admin templates, have been remain popular for all time.

Selection Procedure

Support & Update: A good organisation always support their clients as much as they can. As a new user of the product, you might face in troubles, and that's why- support is very much important. New features and fixes always provided with updates.

Features & Design: A product that is more enriched with feature & design will provide better functionalities with an excellent output.

Popularity & Review: You can always trust a product that is used by thousands of peoples. So we selected templates after viewing the review of it. 

Premium Vue Templates

​Vue Material Dashboard

You will get everything ready that you need to create a perfect dashboard using this VueJS Material Dashboard admin template. Vue Material Dashboard PRO contains handpicked and optimized Vuejs plugins. Everything is designed to fit with one another.

This admin template comes with more than 200 elements, 15 customized plugins, and 28 example pages. You will have substantial documentation support so that being a beginner, you won't face any problem to create a well-organized admin dashboard. 

The Vue material dashboard is entirely responsible and customizable. It will seamlessly perform on any platform. So, no more delay. Grab this template and build an admin dashboard in no time.

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard is another masterpiece admin template from Creative Tim. If you're thinking of creating a mind-blowing admin dashboard for your project or your client's project, start it using this template. Nothing can stop you because it comes with a bunch of surprises for you.

First of all, It comes with 6 filter colors for the sidebar, and an option to have a background image. So, you can combine your color choice with a lot of alternatives. 

It will also provide you more than 160 elements, 17 customized plugins, and 25 example pages. So, start using this template and create an admin dashboard in moments. 

Vue Paper Dashboard 2

Vue Paper Dashboard 2 is a beautiful resource built over Bootstrap and Vue. It will help you get started developing dashboards in no time. It combines soft colors with beautiful typography and spacious cards and graphics. It is a powerful tool, but it is light and easy to use. 

This admin template comes with more than 160 handcrafted elements, 17 customized plugins, and 26 example pages. 

It has enough features to allow you to get the job done, but it is not crowded to the point where you can't find the files for a specific plugin. So, you will have everything for creating any admin dashboard using this Vue admin template.

Vue Now UI Dashboard

Vue Now UI Dashboard comes with more than 160 handcrafted elements, 17 customized plugins, and 27 example pages. These numbers are going to increase day by day. You will get everything for creating a unique and modern admin dashboard using this Vue template.

The product represents a big suite of front-end developer tools that can help you jump start your project. It is a perfect combination of Bootstrap 4 and Vuejs. It will help you get started developing dashboards in no time.

Vue Black Dashboard

Vue Black Dashboard PRO is a beautiful Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard that comes in 2 versions: Dark and Light Mode. If you are looking for a tool to manage and visualize data about your business, this dashboard is the thing for you. It combines colors that are easy on the eye, spacious cards, beautiful typography, and graphics.

This admin template comes with more than 200 elements, 17 customized plugins, and 28 example pages. 

It combines multiple components and plugins and features numerous example of how it can be used. Inside the archive, you will also find multiple example pages to get you started or provide inspiration.


Alba is a unique admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap and Vue JS. It comes with multiple user interfaces, free icons, and cross-browser compatibility. Alba will give the perfect shape to your project with much better result.  

VueJS Admin

 If you are searching for an admin template with vueJS, Laravel and Bootstrap, then stop looking. VueJS admin is the template you have been looking for. This template is crafted latest version of Bootstrap, Laravel, and VueJS.

VueJS admin is designed for developing any project from the start, and it can also be integrated with any other projects. Multiple color schemes and 3 beautiful layouts SASS variables is provided with VueJS admin. There, for now, you can customize the whole look of the template in your own way and in one file. 

Vue Paper Dashboard

A fully flexible modern template that is built on Bootstrap and Vue. Vue paper dashboard is 100% device friendly template; it perfectly suits on every device of yours. In this template, you get 15 customized plugins 25 example pages and 160 handcrafted components to build your project.  


Clear is a very clean developer friendly admin template that comes with two different versions light and dark. Clear is very popular for its neat and clean code perfectly blended with all of its features. With this template, you get multiple page layouts, 70+ pages, 4 icon families and lots of custom pages.

With VueJS structure and these customizations, you can make a fantastic project in very less time. When you buy Clear, you will get Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and laravel blade files in it. 


Prime is a complete responsive template that comes with cross-browser support. No matter which browser you use, Prime will automatically adapt with your browser. You can fully customize Prime according to your need and give the shape you are looking for.

Prime works perfectly with any external plugins and other components. Therefore you can add any new features you want. 

Free Vue Templates


CoPilot is an entirely responsive admin template that is based on AdminLTE. The UI of Copilot is highly customizable and built with Bootstrap 3 framework. This template is an open source project which is licensed under MIT.

Copilot supports every browser including IE 11, Firefox, Safari, etc. 


A Bootstrap admin template with a fantastic user interface and based on Bootstrap 4 & Vue JS. CoreUI includes Bootstrap-vue, chart.js and Vue char.js. As this template is MIT licensed open source project, you get it completely free.

You can increase the functionalities of CoreUI by purchasing the pro version of it. 

Vue Paper Dashboard

A free admin dashboard template with a minimalistic design that helps you get starting your developing your dashboard in very less time. Vue paper dashboard is a ported version from its original version. It is a Vue ported version of the original template. With the free version of this template, you get 2 customized plugins, 16 handcrafted components and 4 example pages for your development process.  


Vuestic is an amazing admin dashboard template built with Vue.JS and Bootstrap 4. It offers 36 custom elements like chat, profile card, maps, progress bar, chart, etc. For faster development, there are built-in 18 pages and 18 custom font icons packages included with Vuestic.  


 LeafUI is a premium admin template built with Bootstrap 4 and VueJS. It comes with high-quality clean code and great design; therefore you can develop a great project within short time. The fully responsive layout of LeafUI supports any size of display.


Vue JS is a relatively new platform, though there is significant growth in its usage. The popularity of Vue JS is increasing as people using it. With VueJS and Bootstrap, you will be able to manage every project with ease.

If you need to know anything or have any suggestion, you can directly get in touch to us with the comment section.