Video marketing is a proven way to get customers' attention. It is targeted, cost-efficient, and rewarding, a reason why top eCommerce businesses prefer video ads to promote their products.

Video marketing is a proven way to get customers' attention. It is targeted, cost-efficient, and rewarding, a reason why top eCommerce businesses prefer video ads to promote their products.

A study by Wyzowl found that 86% of businesses prefer video as a marketing tool. A HubSpot report observes that 87% of marketers using video marketing are happy with the ROI. In another survey by Wyzowl, 83% of video marketers admitted that video has increased the average time visitors spend on their website.

Video ads can help your brand reach the pinnacle of success. Cisco predicts that 82% of the world's internet traffic will arrive from videos and downloads by 2022. Hence, it is high time for you to create a functional video content marketing plan by including video ads in your marketing strategy and boosting your eCommerce business.

Creating video ads becomes super easy when you know some best video editing tools. Some are pricey, while others are free, but all of these tools allow you to trim, edit, merge, add effects, transitions, and music to create perfect video ads for your eCommerce website. 

This article takes you through the top-4 best video editing tools you can use to create video ads and bring organic traffic to your eCommerce website. You will discover each tool's pros, cons, and pricing while choosing the best video editing tool for your needs. 

Best Video Editing Tools: Comparison at a Glance



Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid


Download royalty-free images directly from Getty Images and use them,

Create professional videos  

Simple interface and easy layout, 

Multiple pricing options, starting from US$8 per month

Limited font options

Dependent on high-speed internet


5,000+ templates

3M+ standard and premium media

Simple interface

Multi-language support

The paid version starts from US$154 a month

Depends on a stable internet connection

The exporting process is time-consuming


Lifetime free, Basic trimming, cutting, and filtering

Seamless video editing

Supports multiple video formats

The monthly plan starts from Us$19.99

The timeline feature is missing

Does not support batch transcoding


Free trial, Supports 4k video 

The timeline feature simplifies video editing 

4K videos may slow down the system 


The 4 Best Online Video Editing Tools for Creating Video Ads

Here are the four best online video editing tools you may consider for creating best-in-class video ads for your eCommerce website:


Free video maker Create your own video easily Animoto

Animoto video editing platform is quite popular among eCommerce companies because of its simple interface and incredible features. Top videographers use this website to create professional slideshows and video ads.  

Animoto lets you access millions of images and videos directly from Getty Images and use them to create fabulous videos. You can also upload self-captured images and log in from a PC or Mac. The cloud-based video editor allows you to edit videos from anywhere around the world and store them conveniently.  

Animoto offers various innovative features like logo watermark, three aspect ratios, font upload, and lifetime access.

Pros of Animoto

  • Suitable for amateur and professional videographers
  • High-quality videos you can use for commercial purposes
  • Simple interface and easy layout make video editing extremely easy
  • Multiple pricing options to select the best one
  • Wide repository of music, images, and templates 

Cons of Animoto

  • Limited font options
  • Over-reliance on high-speed internet delays the editing process at times
  • Limited templates in free version

Pricing of Animoto

Animoto offers four plans to customers. The free plan offers 720p video, 50 music tracks, 3 standard fonts, 30 color swatches, The US$8 per month Basic plan offers unlimited social sharing and no-watermark videos, besides the features available in the free plan. Two more pricing plans are Professional (US15 per month) and Professional Plus (US$39 per month).


Online Video Editor Video Creator InVideo

InVideo is a free professional video editing tool for creating fabulous videos you can share online. The feature-rich video editing platform lets you access over 5,000 handcrafted templates, 3 million standard media, 60 video exports every month, and multi-language video creation, among other features that will help you to create video ads very easily.

What’s more! No credit card information is required to create an account. However, they do charge a minimal amount for providing platform access to small businesses, entrepreneurs, teachers, social media influencers, and big agencies. 

Using this website, you can create social media and website-friendly videos within five minutes. You can create brand promo, long-form ads, product video ads, bite-sized ads, intro, outros, and whatnot. You can also trim, merge, or add music to videos and work with fonts, text overlay, stickers, shapes, visual enhancement, etc. The easy-to-use interface makes video editing as easy as pie. 

Pros of InVideo

  • Free access to a large repository of templates and media
  • Direct access to Story block and Shutterstock images
  • Easy-to-understand interface for amateur and professional videographers.
  • Multi-language support for easy video creation
  • 24x7 professional support
  • The facility to upload your media on social media websites

Cons of InVideo

  • Inability to switch between multiple templates
  • The exporting process takes considerable time
  • Work best on a steady internet connection

Pricing of InVideo

InVideo offers three plans to customers. The lifetime-free plan gives you access to 5000+ video templates, 3 million+ standard media libraries, and 15 minutes video duration per video. If you are on Business or Unlimited plans, you can get up to 120 iStock media per month, 1 million+ premium media, and 60 to unlimited video exports per month. While the Business plan costs US$15 a month, the Unlimited plan costs US$30 a month. 


Avidemux Main Page

Avidemux is a basic video editing tool for trimming, filtering, and encoding videos. The video editor supports file types like MPEG, AVI, MP4, and ASF. You can access Avidemux with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, or BSD. 

Avidemux is a no-frills online video editor that offers three major functions - trimming, encoding, and filtering. The trimming/ cutting feature lets you delete or pull out specific parts of a video and is particularly useful for eCommerce companies willing to create excellent video ads. The encoding feature is vital for converting the video from one format to another to enable smooth playback. It allows you to make the video suitable for internet upload. 

The online video editor also enables filtering, meaning you can add subtitles, change color profiles, resize, sharpen the image, and interlace. You can also increase or decrease the volume.  

Besides the features mentioned above, Avidemux also offers task automation, enhancing the smoothness of video editing. You can use the ‘Joblist’ feature to arrange the projects systematically. 

Pros of Avidemux

  • The seamless video editing process, making it suitable for both amateurs and professionals
  • Supports all major video formats
  • Offers all standard video editing functionalities
  • Lifetime free access to all video editing tools

Cons of Avidemux

  • The timeline feature is not available
  • The audio quality may decrease while importing files
  • Does not support batch transcoding or editing multiple videos at a time

Pricing of Avidemux

Avidemux is a free online video editor providing basic video editing features and is suitable for trimming, encoding, and filtering videos. 

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Easy to Use Video Editing Software

Wondershare Filmora boasts of a loyal customer base of 77 million customers worldwide. The video editor is available for Windows and Mac and offers advanced features like keyframing, motion tracking, audio ducking, color matching, video effects, green screen, split screen, speed control, color grading, and many more. 

Ecommerce companies prefer using this video editing platform for creating handy titles and adding effects and filters to make their video ads creative and intuitive. The platform gives you access to a vast library of music and images. 

Another excellent feature of this platform is AI algorithms that scan your footage to pick highlights and create the video seamlessly. Also, the software lets you automatically remove noise from the video. 

Pros of Wondershare Filmora

  • An easy-to-use video editing platform for all videographers
  • A free plan is available
  • The timeline feature simplifies video editing

Cons of Wondershare Filmora

  • 4K videos take a considerable time and might slow down the system
  • Watermark on the free version

Pricing of Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora offers three plans for paid individual, business, and educational clients - monthly plan, annual plan, and perpetual plan. The monthly plan for individual access costs US$19.99, while the annual plan costs US$61.99, and the perpetual plan costs US$ 89.99. 


The top-4 video editing tools mentioned in this article can simplify video content marketing and are preferred by eCommerce companies. Since all of these video editing tools provide a free trial, you can try each of them to pick the best.