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Introducing New Media Manager, 20+ Elements and More With Quix 1.4 Release

Introducing New Media Manager, 20+ Elements and More With Quix 1.4 Release
Parvez Akther

7 mins

User satisfactions have always been in our first matter of concern. As we promised to bring the next generation revolutionary Drag and Drop Page Builder Quix with more improvised features as well as all its previous bugs get fixed, after a month of analyzing and testing, we are proudly announcing; Quix 1.4. In this version, troublesome bugs are no more exist to annoy you, nor you'll find it harder to use. Its newly crafted bunch of updated features would definitely make your work much easier than before.

Quix 1.4 comes with massive updates along with resolved all the previous bugs we experienced so far and we promise, it'll give you a great working experience this time. The following features you'll find now in Quix v1.4. Let's have a look.

Powerful File Manager

Its been a pleasure to state that a very powerful Filemanager has been integrated into this released version of Quix. Using this, you can now store your important files with ease. It will highly reduce your working time for sure. You can rename file, filter them in file types and besides it has sort of beneficial features listed below.

Drag & Drop File Update

File Manager supports Drag and Drops file uploading capability. With no trouble being faced, you can upload all your necessary files ever faster, can create custom folders to organized them, and the integrated search box will help you to further find them easily according to the keywords you provide.

Image Editing with Adobe CC Engine

New meida manger comes with a lots of filters presets those can be applied to your preferred image, and you can instantly see the preview at the same window. Besides, you can perform the following tasks as well.

  • Enhance Image,
  • Apply Effects from a huge collection,
  • Add different stylish Frames,
  • Watermark overlays instantly,
  • Add Stickers,
  • Orient Image in various ways,
  • Crop in preferred size,
  • Resize according needs,
  • Lighting as much as you want,
  • Add colors to the image,
  • Reduce or increase sharpness,
  • Focus on a particular portion,
  • Whiten with ease,
  • Adding Texts and much more.

20+ New Elements

In the meanwhile, Quix has been populated with 22 brand new elements to eliminate all previous limitations to fulfill the user's all requirements at the same time. No matter what type of site you are building, Quix v1.4 is able to make your all wants fulfill. It is no more bounded in its specific number of elements, and its a pleasure to mention that still we'are enriching its elements as per completely meet users further demands. Lets have a look to our exclusive brand new elements.

  • Alert : With this element, you can make Alert Messages with ease. It comes with simple customization module that need not any coding knowledge. Its tiny but helpful element for one who got a website.

  • Audio : It is the most simple module to insert audio in web pages. Extremely mild, easy to configure and need not a single line of coding knowledge at all, all you need is just a few clicks.

  • Block Number : This element is to simply create a block number at the beginning of a paragraph to highlight the point to create user's special attention. You can have the control over changing its colors, styles, background and much more. Its the most simple and time-saving way you make your work done.

  • Blockquote : It allows you to create a quote in a minute, absolutely without doing any coding. All you need to do is just put the quote text in the content area and use the easy customization module to get your work done in the way you wanted to be.

  • Countdown : This element helps you to create Special Offers with a countdown timer for a e-commerce website, can be configured within a few seconds and allows you to represent any offer in a very stylish way that clients can't just ignore it.

  • Dropcape : If you want to highlight the first letter of the paragraph and further stylize a bit including changing color, font weight, background and much more, this is what you need. It allows you to point a paragraph in your way.

  • Facebook Like : Its a light Facebook like element with sort of inbuilt layout preset styles. Good fit for any time of web pages to integrate within a moment by just a few clicks.

  • Facebook Likebox : This element comes with rich customization features to display page's timelines dynamically including control over various settings. It is to show Facebook page in your site in a rectangle box without any coding at all.

  • Flickr : The easiest way to integrate your Flickr profile and display your Flickr images in your website including control over defining the number of images to show. Its highly time-saving procedure.

  • Google Plus Button : A tiny element to integrate google plus button, just to a few clicks and that's all. Its beyond simple.

  • Heading : This element is useful when you need to add a Heading text including a paragraph describing a particular topic and you don't know coding or not interested using Custom HTML.

  • Image Compare : It is to compare two images in a pleasant way. Simple customization with fewer steps to get the desired output.

  • Module Popup : You can make popup showing a module pretty simply, just need fewer clicks to configure and can be used in any web pages.

  • Social Icon : Integrating social icons in your site is now simpler than ever before. This element is used to integrate social icons with linked inside it in a very simple way.

  • Soundcloud : The way of integrating Soundcloud profile in web pages. This element does not have a messy customization module to configure, its absolutely hassle-free and even easier than you ever thing.

  • Video PopUp : For making a video popup module, don't ever think that you have to write a huge code. You can now effortlessly do so using this element, just need absolutely a few clicks and nothing else.


Since begining, Quix works with a handful amount of 3pd extensions. But UX was not right and we often get question about the integrations. From this version, you can see a integration tab on left sidebar where all available integrations are listed with icon and simple toggle button.

Integrating with other extension has never been easier before.

What Improved?

This version of Quix crafted with intensive essential features including a vast scale of improvisations in its previous features as well. We've kept its front-end almost unchanged as we gave more interests on its features and functionalities so that it can erase all its abridgment as well as to make itself praiseworthy.

What troublesome things been fixed?

We're gladly declaring that we've successfully resolved and fixed all its bugs/ errors which we got from the time of its previous version released date till today. So, it can be mention as the stable version and still you are highly welcome to use it and feel free to contact us as per any issues.


  • Pricing Table Feature Text Change Option (added)
  • Responsive Stretch for Device Resize (added)
  • Elements Search Reset Option from Builder (added)
  • Section new Option Container-Fluid (added)
  • Contact Form CSS (optimized)
  • Accrdion Element (updated)
  • Pricing Table (updated)
  • Button Group Style (improved)
  • Removing Group Releaters Last Item (prevented)
  • Article List for Admin to Avoid finder (fix)
  • Google Map https Security issue (fix)
  • Search Toolber for Elements (fix)
  • Contact Form Email Sent (fix)
  • chartjs Returned to v2.4 instead v2.5 to avoid conflict
  • Dropdown Option in Safari (fix)
  • Safari Toolber Width (fix)
  • Carousel for Non-Numaric Ch (fix)
  • Joomla Single Article List for Finder Plugin (fix)
  • Filemanager for Ajax (fix)
  • Filemanager Dummy Element Removed (fix)

Literally, we've developed much more than we released in this version of Quix. We'll release the next version of it soon with many more spanking features to absolutely make Quix Legacy. Now, its the time to pick the advantages of your favorite page builder Quix, as fast as you can.

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