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Quix Feature Update! Introducing Shape Divider and Video Background


Today we are very much excited to release Quix 1.9. Quix got more powerful with new features and bug fixes.

We the themexpert team always try to give you our best. So we come with new features & fixes with every update.

In this version of Quix we have brought Shape Divider and Video Background. Two fully fresh design features, which will fully transform the look of your pages and you will be able to make more professional looking websites.

Video background & shape divider enhances the possibilities of designs.This features enables you to make more possible designs, which were not possible till now.

Besides we have added some fixes with Quix 1.9. There is a surprise for you at the bottom of the page, do not forget to check.

Let's explore these changes. 

Shape Divider

Add amazing shape dividers to any section and increase the beauty of your site. Change color, width, height, position the way you like and design your site the way you like with shape divider.

In Quix 1.9 you will get 22 new shapes and 4 formats to use video background. You can customize these shapes the way you like. 

Tilt Opacity

Waves Shake

Triangle Wave

Triangle Double Wave




Curve Asymmetrical




Fan Opacity

Tilt Opacity




Triangle Asymmetrical


Waves Brush

Waves Pattern



Adding Shape Dividers

 Quix allows you to add shape divider very easily. Open your section setting and move the cursor to Styles tab. As soon as you click on the Enable Shape button, your shape will be added to the page with default shape and settings.

From here you can customize yourself and find the creative person inside you with the power of Quix. 

Positioning Shapes

You can add shape dividers at the top and bottom section of your site. If you wish you can add shape divider at the top and bottom of a section, on the same time. It totally depends on you as you customize the site.

For each position, you can select your own pattern of the shape, color, height, and weight. To checkout and experience these shapes live, follow this link.

Video Background

From now on you can add videos on the background of your site. Just enable video background on the section and paste the link of your video. Quix 1.9 allows you to use .MP4, .WEBM and .OGG files as the video background.

You might be thinking about the loading speed. To give you the smooth functionality we have used these formats. If you plan to use properly optimized video files, the background video of the section will be instantly loaded.

Check the live demo of video background from here.

Quix v2

You will be very happy to know; we are planning to release Quix 2.0 with brand new front-end live editing and many cool features. A new blog post explaining feature of Quix and roadmap is on your way. We are so much excited about Quix v2 and it'll change the way you build website in frontend.

Stay ture for our next blog post :)


Comments (12)

  1. DOUSSAINT Kevin

You really are awesome !

Thanks a lot for your great work ! I thank you every days

  1. Parvez Akther    DOUSSAINT Kevin

You welcome

  1. moghees

When is the new major update for Quix? I think it's long over-due. I'd like to see ready-made templates pages within Quix a bit like what you have in Global now but more advanced. You can have them for different categories i.e Business, Restaurant, Creative, Finance, Travel etc. A bit like https://www.joomshaper.com/page-builder/page-templates

  1. Parvez Akther    moghees

Quix 2 which is the next major version also the most advanced page builder is almost ready to be release. We'll publish a new blog today outlining the future of Quix and roadmap.

Keep your eyes open on our blog and keep forwarding cool ideas

  1. Econiweb

Fantástico y mejor, ya casi Quix V2 Muchas gracias

  1. Uzzal Raz Bongshi    Econiweb


  1. jenine

hi my currently using Quix 1.9.0 version, how can I upgrade to higher version? Thank you

After login to ThemeXpert, just go to Downloads section and download the latest version.

My version is 1.9.0 pro but I accidently install 1.9.2 free version... Can I remove the free version and update to pro?

You can directly install pro version and then clean the cache. Or you can uninstall free version and then install the new version. Choice is yours.

Thank you I upgraded to 1.9.2 pro but this version seem to be different then what is shown on your website.

in the document section of your website the element blurb has an option of ''Enable or Disable opening the URL in a new window'' for the link function. Where as version 1.9.2 doesn't offer this option. . Is it possible to upgrade to 2.X version?

Currently version 2 is under construction and only RC2 version is available. We demotivate you to install RC2 version on your live site. Please wait for few more days for stable release.

If you are having any kind of issues regarding blurb or any other element, please create a post on our forum. We would love to help you from there.

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