​ Hurray!! Your new Joomla website is completed, and it's looking extra beautiful. You've got all set, About Us page, your logo, a customized blog, yo...

Hurray!! Your new Joomla website is completed, and it's looking extra beautiful. You've got all set, About Us page, your logo, a customized blog, your site's menu, and even an e-commerce store. Everything is looking perfect and works well, and you're excited to get started right? Calm down, don't you think you're forgetting something vital to a website? That's right!! The contact form.

The Joomla contact form is a vital part of the website, some developers ensure to add it at the initial stage of development to ensure it's not forgotten because of being carried away with other tasks for the website. Truth be told, it's a shame not to find a contact form on an already finished website; how would you explain that to your customers? Most times people don't really fancy the idea of calling your support lines or sitting idle in your live chat module just to tell you an issue; also most people love to have email thread of their conversations which all points the importance of a contact form for your website.

Its importance can't be underestimated, and that's the reason for the existence of Joomla contact form plugins. These plugins are crucial because aside from aiding customers send you an email without wasting time, your website which you've integrated the Joomla contact form plugin can field your messages in a timely fashion. Also, these contact forms fight spams for you ensuring you expand your interactions efficiently with your customers. An example of this is the conditional logic that updates your website contact form in regards to a user's reply.


Features of Excellent Joomla Contact Form Plugins

Every Joomla contact form module must have on its basics some fields and minimal design attributes. These features are set up to ensure your customers stay in contact with you. However, excellently advanced Joomla contact forms support design tools, conditional logic, and file submission feature. We've put together an incomplete list, but the features mentioned below are vital features to look out for:

Custom Forms: This includes branding tools, options, and multiple fields.

Visual Builders: Though not entirely needed, drag and drop editors are fantastic.

Conditional Logic: This features the ability to hide or show some elements like fields, buttons or form sections based on what the customer chooses on the form. This feature is fantastic, it sends the customers to different departments in your organization according to their selection on the form.

Communications: this is a notification system that tells the right individuals that there is an unread new message.

File Submission (Frontend): this feature lets your clients submit ideas in file format. This has been proven to be useful especially when a customer needs to share a screenshot of their issues.

Responsiveness: The form would ensure it's responsive to different device layouts, whether small or big.

Spam Protection: A contact form Joomla without spam protection is useless. There are forms just like the Joomla contact plugin which offers extra protection for spam.

The Best Contact Forms Plugins Available for Joomla 2019

​We've listed below by user demand the best Joomla Plugins for contact forms. If you've got limited time, you can just scan through the brief list mentioned below for these plugins. However, we've also ensured that we elaborated why these are in popular demand.

  • Quix Form Builder
  • Form Maker 
  • Convert Forms
  • Balbooa Joomla Forms
  • Creative Contact Forms
  • Smart Forms
  • Dj-Easy Contact
  • JD Simple Contact Form
  • Joomla Contact Lite

Quix Form Builder

  • Initial Release: 25th October 2018
  • Last Updated: 10th April 2019

​Does having a form builder inside a page builder interest you? The simplicity of using a pro form builder with top-notch design options readily available without installing an extension.

Recently, Quix Form Builder has been integrated with a form attributes that ensure you create cute, attractive and astonishing forms using just Quix, and most importantly; without installing any extension.

What we are saying is that; this is the first time a form builder can be found in a page builder, excellent isn't it? 

This brilliant idea was spawned by the guys at ThemeXpert, and they developed it into a handy tool. This Joomla contact us form element is unique, even though there abound many page builders available. However, none possesses this feature in it. The ThemeXpert developers ensured this element was crafted to be extensively flexible, you can edit its design using its settings.

Quix Form Builder Features

Just like we mentioned above, the Quix form has been fashionably integrated with every critical element. You'll discover different options to create whichever form you need to create, below we mention some of its functions;

  • Behaves just like a Form Builder
  • Its number field addition is restricted to a specific number. You can add as much as you desire.
  • Intelligent Grid control 
  • Supports 11 field types
  • Easy message customizable option
  • After submitting hook
  • Extensive form styling control options 
  • Field type multi-select support
  • Customizable email response support

From Maker

  • Initial Release: Nov 19 2014
  • Last Update: Sep 26, 2018
Form maker boasts as a user-friendly form builder. It features a drag and drop interface that ensures easy movement of form fields for easy management. This ensures that the form fields are arranged in sections or aligned properly according to your desire.
This form creator utilizes in-built validation for specific form fields like Phone, Email and Number fields. It ensures you decide the data type a user would need to fill.​
It should interest you to know that this form maker Joomla extension is developed for both Joomla! 2.5 and the latest Joomla version, Joomla 3.x. Its functionality and features are awesomely stabilized for use on both platforms.

Another exciting feature about the form maker aside from having a captcha for Joomla contact form is that it features Google maps integration. This means that a map can be added to your form via a simple, user-friendly interface. Your desired address can be added in a few seconds using the searching interface for address. Alternatively, you can fill your geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude).


Features of Form Maker

  • Extensive browser support
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • PayPal payment integration with dual checkout modes; PayPal Sandbox (Test mode) and Production, also five different form field types (Select, Checkbox, Amount, Shipping and Radio).
  • It has 14 form fields
  • Custom text amongst its form fields and Custom HTML for image display.
  • Select box
  • File upload
  • Page break
  • Section break
  • Map
  • Text Input
  • Multiple choices
  • Single choice
  • Survey tools
  • Time and Date
  • Paypal payment fields
  • Easy Captcha and Google ReCaptcha
  • Submit, Reset and Custom buttons
  • Integrated with standard Joomla! Editor
  • Custom JavaScript support
  • Conditional formatting for form fields

Convert Forms

  • Initial Release: Dec 27 2016
  • Last Update: Apr 22 2019

​Convert Forms is a Joomla 3 contact form builder extension on the Joomla platform that was built for growth and it is mighty and easy to utilize. There isn't any better, or an effortless way to create leads channels for marketing campaigns on a Joomla platform than the convert forms. The scintillating converting Ajax form for Joomla websites which integrates with top third-party campaign companies such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, SendInBlue, Zoo, AcyMailing, ConvertKit, and Salesforce.

Features of Convert Form

  • Form fields
  • Form Builder
  • Pre-created Forms Templates
  • Allows for Email Services integration
  • Actions on Form Submission
  • Email Notifications 
  • The smartness of Ajax form submission
  • Spam protection
  • Management of Form Leads
  • Export and Import Forms
  • Extensively Customizable Form
  • Effortless to embed
  • Mobile-friendly and Responsive form

Balbooa Joomla Forms

  • Initial Release: Apr 15 2015
  • Last Update: Sep 22 2018

If we are talking about advanced Joomla form builders, the Balbooa Joomla form builder must pop up. This Joomla form builder can be used to create, feedback forms, contact forms, online surveys or any other type of form you desire.

This easy to use Joomla custom contact form builder equally features a drag and drop ability that ensures develop quickly modern and cute Joomla form without coding-exciting right? This form builder is a champion when it comes to creating modernized forms which are beautiful.

This Joomla form builder is built with a clean drag and drop interface as mentioned above, and its contact forms which are very powerful can be created with just an almost effortless drag and drop of the form fields. You can easily create your forms in mins easily without coding.

The Balbooa Joomla add contact form comes with design tools which ensure you have a unique and beautifully styled Joomla contact form. You'll have complete control over your fields and your form design.

Features of the Balbooa Joomla Form

  • No coding required
  • Effortless to use
  • Drag and drop Editor 
  • Ability to add your forms anywhere 
  • Unlimited colors available 
  • Effective spam protection with Google reCaptcha
  • Extremely responsive form design 
  • Multiple columns Form layout
  • Email autoresponder
  • Email notifications for admin
  • Conditional Logic forms
  • About 17 form elements. 
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • Save and Continue Later
  • Telegram and MailChimp Integration
  • CSV and XML Export
  • Print Submissions
  • Form Fields Calculation
  • Payment Gateways
  • Forms in Lightbox
  • Personalization of Email Body and Subject

Creative Contact Form

  • Initial Release: Nov 19 2014
  • Last Updated: Jan 06 2019

Almost all Joomla contact forms have a unique feature but a primary job, and in the case of the creative contact form, it is mighty with stunning visual effects. This contact form is loaded with lots of possible features which will surely amaze you. 

It comes with 27 awesome templates! And not only that, these templates can be customized to meet your Joomla websites desired look, or more interestingly, you can create your own template. Your designs, template customization, all will be installed at the time of installation if you're using the full version.

16 form types are readily available to use as made possible by this form and they cover almost all popular Joomla form types. All still would be installed during installation if you've got the full version. Complex forms can be attained fully working within minutes with the creative contact form.

Features of the Creative Contact Form

  • Integrate forms any place in your content
  • Fully customizable texts
  • It's field types are flexible-email, phone, name, URL, number, address, checkbox, multi-select, text area, radio.
  • New checkbox and radio selection effect have been implemented for this extension.
  • Load 239 country list
  • Extremely user-friendly interface for inputting select options.
  • Set selected options for radio, checkbox selection types.
  • Send to many recipients, custom reply, BCC from email.
  • Auto filling of username and password if already logged in
  • Ensures page redirect to designated URL after sending mail.
  • Ability to select all fields as required or not required.
  • Built with Ajax (no page reload)
  • Effective spam protection
  • Shake effect if email subject field is not valid (custom)
  • Effortless configuration and installation

Smart Forms

  • Initial Release: Feb 02 2018
  • Last Updated: Mar 27 2019
Smart Form is a modern Joomla form creator that allows you to build simple Joomla contact forms and advanced inquiry forms. Also, this form possesses a calculator, though it will require arithmetic operations or show fields in which a set condition is attained.

Features of Smart Forms

  • Lots of fields
  • Responsive form
  • Much needed calculations support 
  • Ability to edit entries 
  • API query available
  • Premium emailing support


  • Initial Release: Feb 18 2015
  • Last Updated: Mar 04 2019
DJ-EasyContact is another straightforward, but free Joomla email contact form extension available today. Some individuals need just a simple Joomla form builder for a simple site. However, in some situations a simple email form gets the job done-a nicely designed and responsive contact form with a pop-up function.
It happens that you don't need a complex Joomla contact form maker. It's quite advisable in such cases to send the message from the website straight to the email address.

Features of DJ-EasyContact

  • Users can show the email field in the extension: set subject and recipient email.
  • Message field is being displayed as text input or text area.
  • Ability to choose if you need ReCaptcha
  • The contact form is compatible with Bootstrap 3.
  • Multilanguage ready.

JD Simple Contact Form

  • Initial Release: Oct 24 2018
  • Last Updated: Mar 01 2019
JD Simple Contact Form allow you to create and publish entirely lightweight Joomla contact form in just minutes. As the name suggests, it is pure, no bullshit. Simply select the fields, configure your options and easily publish on your desired position.

JD Simple Contact Form Features

  • Fully Responsive
  • Page redirect
  • AJAX Support
  • Google Recaptcha Support 
  • No Copyright
  • Multiple message recipients
  • Unlimited Form Fields
  • Custom and Premade Email Template
  • Configure Thank You Message
  • Email Notifications
  • Easy to use
  • Bootstrap 4 compatibility

JU Contact-Lite

  • Initial Release: Jan 14 2016
  • Last Updated: Sep 09 2017
JU contact is another unique Joomla contact form creator that ensures you get your desired contact form in just mins. The ease of using JU contact form cannot be underestimated.

JU Contact Form Features

  • Supports bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 2 and it is very responsive
  • Compatible with PHP7 and Joomla 3.5
  • Easy form creation with drag and drop field. 
  • Server data validation
  • Multiple validations available— alpha, required fields, numeric, alphanumeric, email address, credit card, regex, phone number, custom function, IP address, URL, ZIP code.
  • Ability to set a custom redirect page after form submission.
  • Multi-page contains form.


​The contact form is not only just any forms, it shows that you are legitimate in business and lets you stay in touch with your customers. You are openly communicating with persons, and that might help you to make a sale or a new reader. If you have any other thoughts regarding contact form plugins, let us know through comment box below.