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Want a Chirping WordPress Blog? Learn How To Integrate Facebook Comments Without an Extra Plugin

Want a Chirping WordPress Blog? Learn How To Integrate Facebook Comments Without an Extra Plugin

When you convert your ideas and technical excellence into an online write-up, you intuitively stick your eyes on your blog seeking people engagement, right ?

But it is true that one of the biggest obstacle bloggers face is the silent blog syndrome. You might have read tons of blogs and analyzed a couple of researches. When you evolve countless hours of work into a blog post and you find them silent. I mean when you find no one argues, no one appreciates, even no one comments on your article. I feel the frustration, you undergo frequently.

Now the question is how to incline people to comment on your blog? what is the tips, tricks and technique of persuasion that allure people to comment on your blog. I found an effective tactics is to enable Facebook comment system. So, let’s dive into the Facebook comment system integration on your WordPress website.

For your convenience I have divided the process into two steps. First we create Facebook App and later we’ll integrate in the WordPress website. Have a look below.


Step 1

When you hear the word App, you might thinking you have to code, right? No you don’t. To enble facebook comment, visit the link make sure you have logged in your facebook account. Once you there, select My Apps > Add a New App (or Add a New App, if you have an previous App there) from the top navigation. It will open up a popup window asking for a selection, choose “website” from the options. Have a look in the image below

Just after the previous process, you will be prompted to type the name for your App. Once you entered your App name along the line, click on Create New Facebook App ID for your subsequent process.  

Step 2

After that you will be asked to select category for your Facebook App, select any of your desired category from a category dropdown. Afterward facebook will provide you JavaScript snippet to enable Facebook SDK. If your only goal is to enable Facebook comment system on your blog, skip this section . Fill next following form with your web address and click Next.

Now Facebook ask you to test its components embedding on your website body tag. Again, it’s not essential, scroll a bit down to “Next Steps” section and chose the “social plugins” option.  

The previous click will open you a page in the next tab with couple of options. Now choose “comments” other from the sidebar or from the content scroll a little bit to Comments section.

Step 4

In this step, you have to configure Facebook comment box how it looks on your website. Now enter your website url where you want use the Facebook comment on, declare its width (in pixels), set the number of comments that will available on your website by default, and set the color scheme. When you've done with settings, click on Get Code button

Step 05

Now we have snippet of code. Let’s get into WordPress admin panel and we embed the first code block in header.php file. To embed the first snippet of code, click on Editor tab from the Appearance tab one the left sidebar, Open header.php file form right sidebar, and paste the first snippet just after thetag. Have a look on the beneath image.

Step 06

Now in the process of the entire setup, we will put the second snippet in single.php. Open the single.php from WordPress template root and paste the second snippet of code just where I place in the image below.

If you you others separate way to add comment in a WordPress website, let me know I will write on them to teach others.