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10 Awesome Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress to Smooth Your Developing Life

10 Awesome Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress to Smooth Your Developing Life

We all want to save time and enhance our website developing experience. Besides we also want to complete our task in easiest way. In web development there is no other way to complete development easily except using Page builder.

In WordPress, page builder is an optional plugin, which enables you to edit pages with enhanced drag and drop editor. With the help of it you can easily create your desired section without any coding knowledge and within shortest time. Where regular procedure would take 2x-4x longer time with more complexity.

All the WordPress page builders available in the market are either free or premium. Free page builder offers all the functionalities required to easily develop your website. You can complete your website with free page builder but after a certain point you might feel the necessity of premium page builder.

Premium page builder offers more functionality and features than a free page builder. Besides you get premium support with it, so if you ever stuck anywhere you can ask expert to sort it out. There is some unique features which allows you do more and explore your creativity. Without premium version you can't even think about it.

Now you might be thinking which page builder to choose. Am I right? It doesn’t matter free or premium, if your desired page can be created with free version than why to choose premium? When you feel the need of premium version, only that time you should buy it.

But what to consider? Well before purchasing a pagebuilder you should check for some specific criterias and these are:

  • Customizability
  • Features & Functionality
  • Support
  • User friendliness
  • Accessibility
  • Number of Elements.

Well, we do not want to waste our time discovering products, so I am giving you a short list of some best page builders.


OnePager is the first one ‪‎page website builder for ‪‎WordPress boxed with all the modern and powerful technology to take your site developing experience to the next level.

Where you can quickly create and edit your website on the fly without having prior programming and designing experience, forget about the site designing on Photoshop and transforming them into fussy codes. Sounds fancy, right?

OnePager is packed with tons of design blocks ready with numerous variations which can be fit with any section of modern websites, no business niches matters. The things really matters that is your ultimate taste of exquisite block selection and place them with coherent sequence.

Don't believe in your latent excellence? Have a look on OnePager powered WordPress themes which are being continuously developed by one page lovers.

If you are really care about the community appreciation to add this might drag and drop website builder plugin in the daily list of WordPress toolset, OnePager is produced featured on ProductHunt and continuously download in handsome pace from the WordPress plugins directory.


If you are thinking to build website for your own, than Elementor is the best choice for you. It is the the most minimalistic, simple yet very powerful page builder for WordPress. There is a lot of page builders in the marketplace, so you might be thinking why to choose Elementor?

Elementor comes with fantastic elements that lets you create stunning and unique layouts. You do not need any coding experience to use Elementor, you just drag & drop to build your desired website. All the changes you make to your site are shown in real time, you do not have to wait after applying your changes.

The customization panel of elementor is very easy to use and it is compatible with any theme any page. If you feel the need of saving your layout and reuse it later, you can do it with Elementor.

Elementor allows you to control every pixel and design the same way you had on your mind. Create your content with 400+ awesome icons,, 800+ google fonts, lucrative color pallets and much more. There is a lot of ready elements available with elementor, all you have to do is drag & drop then customize it on your own terms.

There is all other functions and features that all other pagebuilder offers, are also available with Elementor. But the best part of Elementor is, Its Free & Open Sourced. So did you got the points to choose Elementor over other page builders? Try Elementor now and experience the best WordPress development experience.

The Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is an elegant and Free page builder by ElegantThemes. The builder has been programmed with module-based system with a draggable canvas playground.

When you drag any module into the Canvas, it allows you to resize or rearrange them visually with an enriched drag and drop functionality. The modules of this plugin include slider, tab, buttons, toggle, boxes and more. The WordPress builder is minimal with features, If you can gain proficiency in using the plugins you can create any complex layout within couple of minutes.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is a revolutionary WordPress Page builder. The builder is available absolutely free of cost that allow to make a responsive grid-base page that can tailored with any screen no devices matters.

Page builder by SiteOrigin can be categorized backend page builder plugins. Making pages with this builder is extremely easy, you can add your own galleries, images, self-hosted video, button, post, call to action, prices boxes, lists and a lot more.

The amazing features of this Free WordPress page builder is light in weight. Every line and chunk of code has meaning, no exaggerated code has been included in.


The WordPress front-end drag-and-drop page builder, Velocity comes with impressive opportunity sets, that doesn’t require programming knowledge.

The builder has been crafted with the inline editing concept for WordPress with a great team headed by WordPress core developer, Mark Jaquith. The name of developers behind velocity haven’t pushed to the hype but it's outstanding and time saving features.

Suppose you are writing a blog post, At the end you are having glance on the newly created post clicking on preview button. And it’s natural you may a find paragraph break, distorted image alignment or the formatting that you didn’t expect.

What do you do in this circumstance? I bet you get back to admin panel to correct the errors, right? But but now you don’t need to do this. Velocity is here to save your time to commute between frontend and backend. You can correct or perform such task right from the front-end. Don’t believe me. Click on demo button below.

WE PageBuilder

WP Page builder is an clean and easy to use drag-and-drop page builder. This builder is straightforward a tool, that enable you to instant WordPress page development within couple of click direct from the backend.

Even maximum functional operation in WP Page Builder can be visualized because drag-and-drop functionality.

The backend WordPress builder plugins are functional not only in post but pages with full control of its entire page elements. Built-in shortcodes, widget support and unlimited styling version to make your developing life a more easier.

Aqua Page Builder

Aqua page Builder is another powerful Free page builder for WordPress. The drag-and-drop WordPress pages builder is notable amongst the developer because of its unlimited number of template variation for professional usage in WordPress themes.

The amazing feature on this page builder plugin is user interface used by the Menus and Widget admin pages.

So, If you are looking for a Website builder with WordPress support without spending money, Aqua page builder will give you the best.

Live Composer

Live Composer is drag-and-drop frontend WordPress page builder, popular among the developers to create unique pages for you website directly from the frontend.

With a nifty front editor, that generally loads in the each bottom of pages you can add style in you site pages, enable pre-built modules, and add entire content in your website. The Page Builder helps you to save your precious time, you can create a website that looks shining in every available devices within couple of hours.

The distinguishing features of this WordPress page builder plugin comes with more than 30+ independent module including according post, galleries, tabs, slider, comment and lot more.

Themify Builder

Themify Builder is the most user friendly WordPress builder in available WordPress builders. The page builder is easy to use and work on, allows you to create any kind of layout that can imagine.

The WordPress builder is perfectly suited for developer comes with facility with multiple site creation in couple of hours. The Themify Builder plugin is design to make a website with drag-and-drop module brick.

This page builder include images, accordion, divider, gallery, map, tab, slider, video and lot more. The builder is lightweight doesn’t superfluous scripts and component in the backend. Do you know why? It's every features are enabled with extendable extensions.

If the existing module doesn’t satisfy your imagination, Themify provides a customs style functionality that allow to enable video background, parallax scrolling, Google fonts and more.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another time-saving drag-and-drop page builder, comes with vast range of opportunity. The WordPress builder is bottled with numerous pre-built layouts and its variation.

The Beaver Builder Page builder is standalone WordPress plugins, doesn’t need any theme dependency or other third party software.

So, If you have a WordPress website running, need to make some awesome pages without touching single line of coding, that great. Beaver Builder give you an opportunity to add and edit page element with an frantic pace. Oh! I missed about its outstanding sidebar.

It acts like Customizer of WordPress theme, that allow you to search for news and add them in the page like galleries, buttons, forms and more.

We've created a well-curated list of Drag and Drop website Builder for WordPress. If you've further more experience of using other best WordPress builder plugins. Inform in the comment below.

If you like you can check our list of Premium WordPress Templates, among these Edumodo, Academia and Switch Pro is most popular.

We are looking forward for your comments.