Hello there! We are all set to release our brand new Charity layout pack for the Quix page builder. This is our second release of this month. Thanks t...

Hello there! We are all set to release our brand new Charity layout pack for the Quix page builder. This is our second release of this month. Thanks to our developer team for their sheer effort.

Those who are planning to build a charity site and want to collect potential donations and funds for your charity purpose then, the all-new Charity Layout Pack for Quix page builder, is the right choice for you.

The nicely designed layout gives you unlimited opportunities with seven different pages where you can show your charity work, raise funds, and recruit new volunteers in an organized way.

Let's see. 

Features at a Glance for the Charity Layout Pack

  • Highly responsive & browser compatible pages.
  • Focus all of your work on the home page.
  • Build more trust by focusing your work and mission.
  • Detail campaigns page with donation button.
  • Show stats with animated numbers.
  • Highly eye-catching image gallery.
  • Showcase your purpose with details.
  • Showcase your volunteer.
  • Volunteer registration form.
  • Interactive contact us page. 

Charity Layout Pack Pages

  1. Homepage
  2. About Us Page
  3. Campaign Page
  4. Campaign Details Page
  5. Gallery Page
  6. Volunteer Page
  7. Contact Page


The homepage of the Business Layout Bundle is the reflection of your charity work starts with a hero section followed by about us section, service section, campaign section, volunteer form, upcoming campaign section, team member section, and donation section.

Here you can highlight,

  • About you and your charity mission
  • Prospective team member
  • Latest and upcoming campaign
  • Volunteer recruitment form
  • Donation button

About Us Page

The about us page is purposely designed for showcasing the especially you are letting the people know what you do. Followed by a description and heading, you can show essential statistics with animated numbers. This will attract your potential donor for sure.

Here you can highlight,

  • Short description with heading
  • Highlight a banner image
  • Charity initiative with stat
  • Team member
  • Donor testimonial 

Campaign Page

Demonstrate all of your charity campaigns on a single page. With a grid view campaign thumbnail, you can also add a donation button under each of the campaigns. Also, highlight the fundraise regarding the campaign and your selected goal amount.

Here you can highlight,

  • Individual campaign with details
  • Donate now button
  • Fund information
  • Newsletter section

Campaign Details Page

The campaign details page contains all the detailed information about the individual campaign with a specific date and time. Display the donate button and raised amounts of funds for the next campaign also grab attention with the feature image of the campaign.

Here you can highlight,

  • In details campaign information
  • Raised fund amount
  • Feature image with inner image
  • Campaign date and time 

Gallery Page

Display your campaign photo gallery, special moment, their reaction of the affected people that you are taken care of. With a box layout, you can exhibit a large number of images on a single page and easily grab the attention of the donor.

Here you can highlight,

  • Grid view image layout
  • The visual of your happy work
  • Different charity initiative with image
  • Beautiful cover with the headline

Volunteer Page

Charity is all about volunteering for the needed one. With the volunteer page show the respective volunteer of your charity and let the other people know the noble worker. Also, recruit the newly interested volunteer with the nicely designed volunteer registration form.

Here you can highlight,

  • Box layout section
  • Volunteer with image name
  • Volunteer registration form
  • Form submit button

Contact Page

Contact us page contains the contact information about your charity, which ensures smooth communication with the donor and the affected people. Here you can display the physical address, email address, phone number, and a contact form of your charity site.

Here you can highlight,

  • Contact information with email and address
  • Advance contact form
  • Submit button
  • Short description

How to Access the Interior Layout Pack?

You can access, explore, and import this layout bundle by following three simple steps. I'm going to demonstrate these steps below.

Step 01: Go to your Quix page builder and click "Add Template"

Step 02: Click on "Pages"

Step 03: Choose which one you want to use & click "Insert"

You are all set to use this layout bundle. All these layouts are extremely flexible. You can edit each and every corner of these layouts.

What are you waiting for?

Grab the super cool Quix and kick start your business right now.

Final Word

Grab this nicely designed charity layout pack and modify each and every section of it as your wish. It is extremely flexible and eye-catchy. We hope this will increase your website outlook and help to host any kind of event. Let us know your feedback through the comment box below. Your feedback is always appreciated.