Undoubtedly, those who perform marketing feel the constant pressure to stay current on new consumer trends, markets, and more effective ways to achiev...

Undoubtedly, those who perform marketing feel the constant pressure to stay current on new consumer trends, markets, and more effective ways to achieve results with their communication strategies.

However, this task of continually seeking new and valuable information can be a rather frightening exercise for those who continuously navigate the network by monitoring the latest trends that allow us to be ahead in digital marketing issues.

Fortunately, amid the information universe circulating in the net, there is an ideal content form to collect valuable information in a short time and with a surprising clarity of explanation: blogs.

That's right, and surely at some point, you found in some of the answers when looking for accurate information on various topics such as cooking, crafts, how to find the best hotels, etc. The content you are reading right now is also from a blog.

The topics are numerous, but the important thing is that now you have at your disposal a list of regular blogs specialized in digital marketing. It ensures that you receive new, relevant information, very well written and entertaining content daily, so you never have to get lost in the intricate paths of all the information that abounds on the internet.

What is Digital Marketing?

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In recent decades, digital marketing has exploded. The reason: it has offered many benefits to businesses while providing simple responses to consumer behavior.

But questions have always crossed our minds: what is digital marketing? What disciplines does it cover? What are the essential points to remember for the companies that practice it?

Digital Marketing and Web Marketing

We often tend to confuse digital marketing and web marketing, because indeed, digital marketing is based on the web. But in reality, the latter is a set of practices aimed at promoting business, generating leads and customer loyalty through digital media such as the website, social media, SEO, inbound marketing, data, local marketing, and various emailing campaigns.

All the digital levers are therefore implemented in digital marketing. All fields of activity integrate it from now on in their strategy thanks to the real advantages that it provides. Not only does it create a relationship of proximity and trust between the supplier and the customer, but it also allows to probe the requirements of consumers, to better meet their needs and solve their problems.

Accessible in terms of budget and with costs properly controlled, digital marketing gives companies the opportunity to carry out more interesting, but profitable actions. Opening on a vast market, the digital will, therefore, address a wide range of customers, and this at any time. All brands will be able to display, extend their image and increase their visibility on social media and search engines. And for all the respectful advertisers, understanding the digital wheel is vital.

In short, digital marketing brings together internet-based communication practices that adapt to all screens as well as to all platforms integrating digital communication. It is, therefore, necessary to digitize all information media while simultaneously considering business communication.

Why Do We Need Digital Marketing Today?

Very quickly becoming a strategic issue for all companies, digital marketing includes some advantages. Already, to go beyond the physical boundaries: if you want to apprehend the international market or develop your activities, you can implement the digital tools to achieve your ends.

Digital marketing is boosting your brand awareness. A conversion-oriented website will always give you more visibility. And blog posts that are interested in the issues of Internet users will still win favor from the audience. The more you see on the web, the more you will be more visible, and your SEO will not suffer!

Digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, wants to acquire potential prospects. The goal is to have them come voluntarily just because you're interested. So you have to attract, convert, lead to engagement, but also retain them. The goal of digital marketing is to attract quality prospects and not to gain traffic on its website.

Are you ready? Without further ado, here's the list of the top marketing blogs minus us you shouldn't miss:

Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs blog helps you stay current on new digital marketing trends to implement on your businesses. This blog is hosted on a platform that is in charge of promoting tools to monitor or research about competitors in your niche.

The blog specializes in topics of digital marketing through the treatment of content in digital marketing with an easy-to-read format and a first-rate content searcher where you can access information from the use of categories.

The platform utilizes in-depth tutorial pattern which incorporates the use of elaborated images, emoji, and even GIFs to ensure you understand the message guaranteeing that you know it and can expand your library specialized in the digital market.

Backlinko Blog

SEO Training and Link Building Strategies Backlinko

In terms of digital marketing, the new platforms that can be used as transmitters of information and content are many and increasingly sophisticated. In this universe, a good digital marketing strategy is to be up to date on content creation, to have a broad knowledge of the public, and by guarantee, to know how to implement parameters to give good management in platforms and information devices through marketing automation processes digital.

This blog has a wide variety of content specialized in digital marketing where the factor that differentiates it among the other blogs in this list is the quality of its methodologies.

Effectively, implementing an excellent strategy of digital marketing involves the use of methodologies that allow monitoring of the processes and the level of compliance of the actions to be developed.

Neil Patel Blog

A site that has only been growing and bringing a lot of incredible tips is that of Neil Patel. The guy is one of the most influential in our current market, he even acts strongly in every country, and this is only because the big players in the market indicate its blog as a reference.

On Neil Patel's website, you will be able to see when you read their contents that are all complete and in-depth topics about Digital Marketing.

Something exciting in the contents of Neil Patel is that he always brings his cases so that he can practice his personal experience in the subject approached.

If you want to learn how to position your articles and content better Neil Patel's website has a lot of exciting stuff on the subject.

Quick Sprout Blog

Quick Sprout is a blog with extensive and extremely relevant guides on various subjects of the digital marketing market. It is one of the blogs of the tools of Neil Patel, provided with its seal of quality.

With a fun interface and a character that will guide you in exploring the world of digital marketing, this blog will help you have quick tips on how to implement digital marketing strategies on different topics, focusing mainly on work that develops from the use effective use of digital marketing tools and content creation.

Search Engine Journal

The name of this site already says everything right. This is a website focused on results and shows this in a lovely way in its contents. By accessing and tracking the contents of the search engine journal you will stay up-to-date on what's new about content marketing, SEO and more.

This site could not be left out of our list, because it has a clean design, high-quality content and if you always want your content on the first page of Google this a blog to read. It is a very relevant site for search engines, and this comes because of its quality and differentiated marketing strategies.

If you want to stay informed about content marketing and digital marketing visit this site.

SEO Round Table

One of the most complex aspects of marketing has to do with measuring marketing activities and setting parameters to monitor the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Luckily, some blogs specialize in providing the best tips and tools on digital marketing analysis. In this context, SEO Round Table is one of the best in the blog to be consulted.

It is helping to maximize the potential of digital networks. This platform is designed to generate data, analysis of SEO and reports on the performance of marketing strategies that are implemented in digital media. So the blog is focused on offering content regarding digital marketing statistics and how to get the most out of them.


This blog specializes in creating insights about marketing insights and consumer perceptions. Following this blog is ideal for those who want to complement their vision in digital marketing regarding content creation, and especially, interested in knowing new trends on consumer behavior.

This digital marketing blog will help address a new perspective on consumer research with specific content on creating consumer experiences. That is, the tendency to approach the consumer as someone who seeks experiences is in full swing in the world of marketing.

The exciting thing about this blog about marketing is that, it has digital marketing topics addressed to certain specific sectors, such as health, insurance, and banks. So if you do your business in a particular industry of the economy and work with digital marketing, this blog may be what you were looking for.

Moz Blog

I believe that 90% of the people who come into this business know the Moz Company, they are SEO specialists, and they have one of the best websites with articles on the subject.

In addition to having a much-consumed tool worldwide of site metrics and others to help our niche, in Moz's website, it is possible to find produced content that is elaborated by the best professionals in the field of SEO, each topic covered have valuable tips and data on the subject.

This blog specializes in providing information on digital marketing tools with the aim of increasing the level of skill in SEO positioning and effective means of using the parameters of social mediation. It is the compass that will help you with new strategies guiding your actions to understand how to improve and achieve excellent levels in your business.

Semrush Blog

This is a well-known tool in our market, SEMrush has one of the best SEM (Search Engine Marketing) devices in the world, but that's not all. The company also has an incredible blog, with updated content and very well written.

They bring in your blog very distinct subjects about digital marketing, SEO, branding, copywriting, content marketing, design and a myriad of issues.

If I were you would already start looking for some articles on the topics that you have a preference on the SEMrush website; you will not regret it, because it is among the blogs to follow.

Cognitive SEO

This blog is complete, and among the best marketing blogs. It is not aimed at a single branch of digital marketing, so it answers many doubts that may assail us. I have it as one of the reference blogs, and I always try to take time to read your articles. For all those who are discovering digital marketing is one of those that you must add to your list of favorites.

Chosen on several occasions and in different blogs, as one of the best network marketers blogs, Cognitive SEO deserves to be included in this list. I would give you an example; if you search for any topic of digital marketing in Google, it is rare that Cognitive SEO does not come out in the first position or at least in the first page of Google.

Niche Pursuits

Surely if you are or just started with niche SEO, you have to know at least this blog, or it's content. The truth is that this blog often goes to various topics related to niche SEO and digital marketing. Another monster of digital marketing and SEO of course, for anyone who wants to learn about organic positioning, you should have it saved in browser favorites of your computer or smartphone.

The Niche Pursuits, apart from being included in practically all the listings of the best digital marketing blogs, has the advantage that it has excellent content in any field within digital marketing, whether it's social networks, SEO, WordPress. It has excellent articles that can be very interesting for anyone who is starting to poke their heads in the sector or who is working the social media of a company that is dedicated to other businesses.

Content Champion

All those who are working on their brand, or entering into the world of digital marketing, you have undoubtedly come across about Content Champion. It is a complete blog, in which it not only gives you advice on personal branding but also complements it with more personal articles, ensuring it as an example, which makes reading more enjoyable.

Their content is great. It does not speak exclusively about marketing or digital marketing but also covers essential parts of the day to day of any entrepreneur. It is highly recommended for those who are starting to start a business or who have already taken a while and need help.


Think of a blog that can get you more customers by incentivizing referrals? ReferralCandy is the best possible answer. It powers referral marketing programs for e-commerce stores with at least 100 transactions a month. Since the start of 2009, it has been running referral marketing campaigns for 30,000 brands and counting.

In general, word of mouth influences 80% of buying decisions, and this is why referrals are so powerful where ReferralCandy can be a power plant for you. The best thing is that it connects instantly with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and Boost sales and customer retention for sure.

Yoast Blog

​For those who are involved in WordPress SEO, Yoast blog is one of the greatest. We've been lucky enough to have it as an SEO guide, and the truth is that even the Yoast plugin is a genius work of creativity. It was impossible not to include it in this list. This blog is aimed at anyone who is looking to make a place in the world of digital marketing and more particularly in the world of SEO.

(Bonus) The Components of Digital Marketing

Search Marketing, Indexing Branded Content

​Search marketing encompasses content indexing activities, comparison engines and application referencing. It's also what consumers try to communicate through social networks. It is of utmost importance in digital communication because the customers' opinions are important and are perfect complements for SEO whether paid or not.

Social Marketing

​Social media is a strategic way to build the right foundation for e-reputation. The audiences are then managed by creating a capital called the "owned media." It is a digital ecosystem that integrates a kind of content strategy of the company because an outfitter will always amplify the values of the brand by embarking on a reckless communication. With the establishment of dialogue and exchanges with consumers, social marketing is a reliable tool in digital communication.

Display Marketing

​This is closely related to the previous ones because it incorporates other levers already activated. Sadly, Display Marketing is a formidable advertising banner, especially when it comes to renovation: video, programmatic or advertising.

Mobile Marketing

​This is undoubtedly the one that does translate digital marketing because it highlights the daily life of consumers. You take your smartphone with you every day. And with these blogs, you do your research, you learn about this or that offer that can solve your problems. Advertisers must, therefore, have the first reflex that digital marketing starts with mobile marketing, that is to say, to treat customers properly, to centralize communication actions. Then you have to add other dimensions such as geolocation, mobile apps, etc.

Data Marketing

​It houses all other disciplines because the right information is collected to carry out digital marketing. So you have to be able to put data marketing on the scene so you can make decisions. By adequately defining metric parameters for the valuation of investments, advertisers realize that data marketing is fully coordinated with other aspects of digital marketing.


We love learning about digital marketing, do you? The truth is that it is almost impossible to find up-to-date blogs on this subject, primarily because of the rapid changes in the technologies on which they are based.

And what better than learning from excellent professionals with fresh and updated content.

Here, we ensured that you enjoy knowing the best digital marketing Blogs. In these bogs and ours, you will find the information you are looking for about digital marketing!

Ahh! You might ask, are there only these? No, there are many more, but we've created, in our opinion, a selection criteria for you to stay with the best Blogs.

We hope you enjoyed the article.