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7 Key Elements for High-Converting Landing Page

7 Key Elements for High-Converting Landing Page

When you are fostering a plan to create a website. Ask a question to yourself. “what is the motto of your website ?”, The answer should be popped up relating to the words converting visitors and gain desired revenue. Both the purpose could nicely been served, focusing on landing pages while creating your website.

Typically business websites have conversion goal for their visitors to act on. Whether it’s purchasing a product, filling out a form for more information, or signing up for a webinar, the initial step in the path to goal completion is a landing page, the first page a visitor encounters on the site.

So, how do you accelerate your conversion rate and gain desired revenue ? you have to design your landing page that will tailored towards its visitor and target user. But before you set out and begin creating your first landing page, there are 7 things you need to know:


1. Heading and Sub-heading

When visitors land on your page, Heading and Subheading help them to decide whether they want to read on – or bounce. The thing should be focused that a visitor spends only couple of seconds to judge his presence in your site. So, you have to cut your chase within this limited time.

The worst things happen when Heading and Sub-heading are overwhelmed with confusing words and text, this surefire way to kill your conversion rate and ruin the effectiveness of your landing page

2. An Image or A Video

Images and videos in the landing help to hold your visitors attention for a long run. statistics shows 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. Another study shows 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. So,The right image can add momentum to your landing page’s conversion rates and earn reasonable revenue. The wrong image can stop that momentum cold.

3. Call to Action

When it comes about conversion rate, Two elements become always necessary. The first element is to drive traffic to your website, and the next is to get the traffic to convert into customers. you may have millions of visitors visiting your website, but if you fails to convert them, what’s the use at last ?

Call to action buttons (CTAs) are the effective and proven way to get your traffic to convert into customers. None of your other scrupulous effort will matter if your call to action is not visible and highly attractive. Call to action button should be crafted and shaped to prompt visitor to click on it spontaneously.

An effective (CTAs)generally shows step by step way what the visitors are doing and what they gain at the end. Using confusing text and design in (CTAs), you cannot expect anything desired. Placement (CTAs) always matters for conversion goal , So, (CTAs) should be placed in the position of landing page, that remind your visitor to be your consumer.

4. Place above Page Fold

The place above the fold is the key to conquer of your conversion goal. It is important to place effective visual contents above the fold, or where the visitor can have a glance of your content while landing on your page.

When are designing a landing page, the thing should be emphasized, is the hastiness of your visitors to leave a site, A statics shows a visitors spend minimum 8 seconds in a website. so, when you design a landing page, think about billboards, when you are on the highway, you only get few moments to read. Above the fold designing, consider, you are designing your page like billboard. so that visitor does not scroll down the page for crucial information.

It doesn't represents that you are no longer creating a scrollable page or design a landing page billboard alike. It represents, you have design to catch visitors attention and allure them scroll down the page and buy your product.

5. Site's Description

A minimalist and effective landing page provides vital elements to guide visitors to the funnel. The content in your landing page should be self navigational and explanatory. you should bear in mind, you have few seconds to convince your visitors. If contents in the landing page starts puzzling your visitors brain, you definitely lose your visitor in the first expression, so contents in first express free of fuss and frills really matter in enhancing conversion rate and gaining targeted revenue.

6. Testimonials

A study shows that 97% visitors in the online read review to be accurate before purchasing a product. Testimonials of your satisfied client on landing page act like reviews, when visitor starts to convert himself, testimonial convince them on behalf of you.

So, always get testimonial from your customers to back up statement you are using, your testimonial should contains a full name, photo, designation, specific result of achievement. if it possible to get video testimonial as they tactically convert higher rather text-based due to reliability.

7. Trust Elements

When the decision of your visitor turning to your favor,the trusted proof to your promise, strengthens visitors’ confident in your brand. you have to prove exactly what it says on the tin.

Almost everyone on the web does not feel secured while purchasing on the web, surely Apple or Amazon do not have to face this issue, but you and your brand might not none of them, for this consequence trust element are mandatory.

To ensure your trust, you have to add batch of security, rating, Case studies and other trusted elements in your landing page. It really boosts your conversion rate undoubtedly.


When you are planning for a website content arrangement to reach your conversion goal, you don't need to focus on whole elements discussed above. It is proven, there are millions of landing pages, have been successful to gain satisfactory conversion rate, only implementing Call to action button and self-explanatory header and sub-header.

we never mean all the element are useless except call to action button, heading and subheading. The elements discussed above, have their own logical value. For example Trust elements are logically placed in pricing pages, because before buying a product clients always look for trust elements in your pricing landing page.

So, how do you optimize your landing page to reach your conversion goal ?