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7 Best Joomla Page Builder You Should Try Before Starting Your Next Website (Updated 2019)


Joomla page builder is a great tool. Website development got more easier with page builders. In Joomla, it is a kind of extension that is found on Joomla extension directory. It helps you build your site very much faster and save your valuable time along with money. Before page builders, you had to build a website by doing custom coding or hire a developer and invest lots of money. Now in this modern era, you do not need to repeat old ways. Instead, you can build your website by yourself using page builders.

But when you take a look at the market there are lots of page builders and it often confuses us. When building a website we have to invest our money both carefully. Some of us cannot invest their money and time twice, therefore choosing a good page builder is very much important.

Today I will share about top seven Joomla page builders with details of each. After reading this article you will be able to choose the perfect page builder for your project. Before seeing the details let's check the features table at a glance

Quix Page Builder

If you are a Joomla lover, then it is impossible that you haven't heard of Quix best Joomla page builder. This advanced Joomla page builder comes with drag and drop interface that allows you to build any layout very fast without any coding experience. It is a perfect Joomla visual editor that can be used for building any kind of websites.

Quix page builder is built by ThemeXpert team to enhance your page building experience. It is not a new product; it has been built with a year of research and experience of real-time users of Joomla. Time & money is very important in everyone's life; therefore ThemeXpert team has to build Quix page builder so that both your precious time and money can be saved. You build professional websites by yourself instead of giving money to others.

This Joomla 3 page builder, comes with compatibility for any templates and frameworks. The most popular frameworks like t3, helix, gantry, warp supports Quix. No matter which template or framework you like to use, Quix will always work perfectly.

This best Joomla page builder comes with both free and pro version. You can do almost everything with this Joomla page builder free version. If you compare the free version of Quix with others builders pro version, you will see the differences and power of Quix Joomla page builder free version by yourself.

This page builders free version can beat other page builders pro version. Then think what its pro version can do?

Live Frontend UI

Quix Joomla page builder comes with two types of the builder- frontend builder and back-end builder. Backend builder is named as the classic builder, and it allows you to build in fully classical way. The magic comes with the frontend builder which is names as the visual builder.

Visual builder allows you to create a Joomla website and any Joomla layouts within minutes. The drag & drop layout building allows you to optimize your joomla web development time and develop without knowing any programming language. Even you can instantly see the preview of every change you made on an element; you do not need to click any preview button.

On the live frontend UI, you can instantly drag an element and move it to your preferred place. You got everything in one place that is needed to build a professional website with Quix - best Joomla page builder.

Complex layouts

The most powerful feature of Quix is building complex layouts. No matter what type of layout you want to build, it is always possible with Quix. It is possible that you might get tangled or lost when you try to build any nested columns. But with Quix, it is very easy to create nested columns.

QuixRank for Optimizing the SEO

Generally a page builder offers you only the page building options, Quix offers you more than that. You can optimize the SEO of your entire site with the guided SEO tool of Quix called QuixRank. You don’t need to be a SEO expert or spend any additional money on any Joomla seo extension.

There are more than 30+ assessment rules for checking that your page is properly optimized for search engine ranking. This assessment tests are done automatically and then generates report along with solution. From text length to focus keyword everything is checked so that your site ranks faster.

Quix Optimize for Smartly Optimizing Your images

Insert any number of images on your site, then optimize within one click. Quix Optimize lets you optimize all your images from builder page with single click. There is no need to use any additional Joomla image optimizer tool to optimize your images. Just set the image quality and then optimize. If you think the balance between quality and size is not optimal, then you can re optimize the images.

Access Controlling in Every Level

Control what your users see or do on your website. If you want to show specific section for specific users, do it easily with Quix ACL. For example, you want to give special offers to new users only, how do you do it? Create a new page and then make it hidden for old users? No, that’s very old idea. With Quix create whole page then apply acl to your preferred section. Your old users won’t see it, unless you want to.

Form builder

Every site requires a form and to built it you do not need to rely on any other Joomla contact form extensions. Quix offers you form builder element, that helps you to build your required form instantly. This element is enriched with all the necessary fields that is required in a daily contact form.

Add as much as fields you require than collect the data, it can be a survey form, login form, registration form etc.

Slider Pro

A great looking site always catches the eyesight of the user by showing elegant slider and images. If you can create attractive slider, the chances for staying at your site of users increases a lot. To create a stunning slider you might think of using third party extensions, but not anymore.

Quix’s slider pro element allows you to create mind blowing sliders within shortest time and very easily. Add different animations, navigations in the way you want with slider pro element. Slider don’t meant to be designed in one way, it's your site, style it in the way you want with Quix page builder.

Shape Divider

Our eyes don’t like to watch common things and we are very much used to watch same type of site over web. You can make it unique by using shape dividers. There are more than 22 shapes available in Quix. This shapes are entirely editable, adjust the shape according to your size and divide section in a unique way. You can add shapes to bottom or top of your section. For each position you can select your own pattern of shape, height, weight, and color.

3rd Party Extension Integration

Extensions make your workflow better and you can extend the functionality of your tool with 3rd party integrations. The developers of Quix tries to implement all the necessary features that are needed in the builder. But implementing everything is impossible, therefore Quix comes with 3rd party extension integrations.

The most popular extensions that you need in your everyday life is integrated with Quix. If you need any additional extension, than just integrate and use it with Quix.

Advanced Media Manager

Getting tangled with media files is one of the common problems in page builders. To solve this problem, Quix has come up with the advanced media manager. Media manager organizes all your media files in one place.

You can easily upload download all your media files at media manager. If you lost a file search it with name. By default there is more than 1000+ SVG icons are available for you in the media manager. Insert any icon whenever, wherever needed.

Unsplash Integration

One of the biggest and most necessary 3rd party integrations of Quix is Unsplash. There is no need to browse outside the builder to get an image. Within media manager search for any images and insert directly without any hassle. Your valuable time will be saved.

Out of the box features

Quix - Joomla visual composer has lots of mindblowing features which is built to ease your workload. This Joomla page builder comes with Super flexible layout system, in which you can modify column numbers (add or delete) any time you want, duplicate columns, resize columns, make nested columns very easily without any complex procedure.

The media manager of Quix provides you the ultimate media solution. You can use any images, animations, videos and SVG files with the media manager. And if you need any icons, it also provides more than 1000+ SVG icons.

List of Features:

  • Advanced Media Manager
  • Frontend Builder (visual builder)
  • Backend Builder (classic builder)
  • QuixRank(Optimize SEO for faster ranking)
  • Quix Optimize (Smartly optimize your images)
  • ACL (Control users in the way you want)
  • Form Builder
  • Shape Dividers
  • 3rd Party Extension Integration
  • SVG Support
  • Drag & Drop Page Building
  • Ready made layout sections
  • Settings for everything
  • Customizable typography options
  • 100% device responsive
  • Portability option
  • Movable modal
  • Destruction Free Mode

Pros & Cons


  • Destruction free mode
  • Drag & drop page builder
  • SVG and gradient support
  • Movable modal or settings panel
  • Frontend builder for free
  • Built in icons
  • Built in SEO Optimization
  • Built in image optimization
  • Access Control
  • Enriched documentation & Support
  • Advanced media manager that lets you do more


  • No cons found.

More Info / Download Try Live Demo

SP Page Builder

SP Page Builder is one of the very powerful and feature-rich Joomla page builder. You can create 100% mobile responsive website in the quickest time with this extension. Everything you do, every change you made can be seen visually and done instantly. SP page builder comes with both front-end and back-end page editor. Use the one you are used to, or you would like to.

Integration with Helix Framework

SP Page builder is packed with powerful Helix framework. Helix is the fastest template framework which is built with clean codes and modern technologies. Helix is fully Search engine optimized; as a result, you can rank up your content on top of the search result easily.

Everything you do with Helix is both user and developer friendly; you will not find any type of complexity while using the framework.

Add-ons Support

To make a desired website, you need to use add-ons. These add-ons help you create your preferred section without any sort of coding. There is a total of 50+ add-ons available with this page builder. Each addon has its own uniqueness and purpose.

You get 14 free add-ons with the lite version of SP page builder. Where others do not provide anything for free, but SP page builder gives you these free add-ons to design and build your site in your way. Though there are many limitations with the lite version yet, you can at least build a basic website with the help of this lite version.

If you want to take the ultimate experience of using SP Page builder than you must use the Pro version. But it is a matter of doubt whether you will be satisfied or not.

Drag and Drop Page Building

In this modern age, website building is not tough task, to make it more easier SP page builder offers you award-winning drag and drop system. Every element is kept on the sidebar, you just drag & drop the element you need to build your required section.

It doesn’t matter what you build with the SP page builder, it will always be 100% responsive and any device ready. With drag and drop page building, every change you make, takes action in real time. Therefore you do not go for any preview.

List of Features:

There are also a lot of other features, but the significant ones are:

  • Real time Front-end website building
  • 100% Mobile responsive.
  • Lots of template designs.
  • Readymade sections
  • Major 3rd party integrations
  • Fast website building
  • Multilingual support
  • Template compatibility
  • Renovated system structure
  • 50+ Powerful Addons
  • Advanced Media Manager

Pros & Cons:


  • Mobile friendly
  • No need to be a pundit on Coding.
  • Easy Export & Import Options
  • Free Pre design templates
  • Excellent Support


  • No frontend editor with free version.
  • No SEO integration available.
  • Moderate options for complex layouts.
  • Responsive column resizing is not that good.
  • On the fly column cannot be added not even resized, it's totally limited.
  • Nested column feature is very confusing
  • Page specific settings not available.
  • Pre designed page templates is kept free, but without purchasing pro version you do not get the “Pre designed page templates” which is told as free.

JSN Page Builder

JSN Page builder is one of the top Joomla page builders from JoomlaShine. This powerful page builder lets you create any complex web content very easily within the shortest time. You will get what you want with JSN page builder. This page builder comes with lots of features and functionalities along with three pricing plans: Free, Pro-Individual, and Pro Developer. Each plan vary very slightly, let's see it’s features and functionalities.

Powerful Elements

JSN page builder comes with outstanding elements, with the help of these elements any simple to complex layout can be built. That's not all; each element has several predefined styles. So, you do not need to waste time on each element. If you like one element drag it, place it and modify the basics only.

To make short, your working, JSN page builder also comes with premade layouts. These layouts minify your working load, and you do not need to think about the design either as its been already done by the professionals.

Revolutionary UX

This Joomla, 3 page builder, is very easy to use, and all the settings are well organized in one place. You do not need to go to several places to conduct one change. Every general, styling and advanced options are placed in three different tabs of settings panel.

From this panel, you can alter the element and give shape the way you like. First, it may look a little bit complex, but as soon as you start developing it will become easier. Visual Editing with Joomla Integrated JSN Joomla editor helps you to edit modules, articles and more very easily with the help of amazing drag and drop manipulation. Visual editing doesn’t require any kind of previous coding experience. Drag the element you needed, and with a little modification, you are all ready to go.

This Joomla content builder is compatible with all popular template frameworks. If you have your preferred framework, do not worry use JSN Joomla page builder conveniently with the framework. The performance will be the way you expected.

List of Features:

  • Fully Device Responsive
  • Revolutionary UX
  • Advanced elements
  • Use Anywhere functionality
  • Joomla Content
  • Visual & Front end editing
  • Convenient Media Selector
  • Flexible Module Positions
  • Rich Content Element
  • On Page Optimization

Pros & Cons:


  • Well organized settings panel.
  • Easy Visual editing.
  • Dedicated Support
  • Rich Content Elements


  • UI is not so elegant.
  • Very short listed elements
  • Free version is very limited, only 3 Pages.
  • Confusing On Page Optimization
  • No Pre designed page templates

Azura Joomla Page Builder

Azura Joomla page builder is an advanced back-end builder for Joomla. The drag & drop UI of this Joomla builder allows you to build your website in a few minutes. Every section you build requires only drag & drop and modification. No additional coding knowledge is needed unless you want to do custom coding.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with Azura page builder, if you do not like it, you can ask for a full refund within the first 7 days of signing up. This page builder offers four different pricing plans- Free, Personal, Business, and Developer.

The free version only provides you the basics with limited supports, 20 built-in elements but with unlimited website licenses. The personal plan comes with a single license, $25 per year and 10% discount on renewal. The other two pricing plan will charge you $40 and $100 per year.

Templates and Content Elements

More than 40 advanced elements is packed with Azura page builder. Literally, any kind of section can be built with these elements under minutes, and you do not need to touch even a single line of code. This page builder comes with template compatibility; therefore you can use this Joomla builder with any templates.

Azura page builder is provided to you by cththemes, and they accept request for new elements. If you ever need any elements just post a request to its developers.

Back-end Page building with full Customization

Everything in Azura page builder is based on drag & drop with back-end page building. To build a section, you choose the specific element, then drop it on the section and alter its setting according to your need.

Every element of Azura, has multiple customization options- General, Style, Typography, and Animation. You will enable you to bring out the aesthetic senses trapped inside you.

Builder layout for Joomla content & Custom Module

Joomla content component support comes by default with Azura; you do not need any custom plugin to create video, gallery, slider and article post. With the Azura page builder, you have the power on your hand. Along with Joomla content component support it also gives you Joomla custom module support.

List of Features:

  • ACL and Open Graph Support
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design
  • 40+ Prebuilt styled elements
  • Element request
  • Builder layout for Custom Module
  • K2 and Contact Components Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • CSS3 Animation Support
  • Images gallery with INFINITE scroll load
  • Easy customization options
  • Awesome Lineicon icon fonts
  • Meta attribute for images.

Pros & Cons


  • SEO Optimized
  • CSS3 animation support
  • Meta attribute for images
  • 40+ images library
  • Fully Device responsive


  • No Front end builder
  • Previewing changes will cost your precious time.
  • Only basic elements are free.

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

A live website builder that lets the user configure website in real time and everything on the site, updates instantly. Joomla Website Builder Gridbox is a modern all in one solution for everyone, who crazes to build elegant Joomla blog or a website.

Build any section by dragging elements, and you can see the changes without any delay. If you like to lay down and have no time at all, you can try readymade page blocks. Making a website is now a task of minutes.

With gridbox, you can take control fully with a few clicks. Alter the typography of any text you want and give your user the reading sensation he looks on your site. Customize fonts, size, height, width, margin, padding and anything with girdbox that makes your content typography rich.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

All elements that come with Gridbox is fully draggable. You can place any element anywhere you want. With this simple tool, change the way you used to build a website.

After placing an element click on settings and customize it to build your dream website. By chance, if you misplace an element, you can replace it also by dragging, or you can also clone it with a simple click of a mouse. In this way, your precious time will be saved.

Advanced Admin Panel & Themes

Joomla Gridbox gives all power to you. With its intuitive admin panel manage your website lot faster. Manage all accesses from one page, make any page private or public as you wish. You like then you can also export pages.

If you are in a hurry and need a readymade website right now, you can try pre-built websites. You won’t have to touch a single line of code or drag any element from the elements panel. Everything is already built, you just make a few tweaks, and your site is ready to roll. With the help of these themes, you can build any type of sites, but if you wish to build your heart content than you should start from very first.

Innovative Blogging Platform

Joomla website builder gridbox comes with the flexible, responsive editor and Gridbox blogging app. With the help of this blogging platform make fully responsive blogging sites very quickly. The wide range of tools makes your blogging world easy.

Style your blogs with different layouts, choose the full width, boxed, right sidebar, left sidebar or any other layouts styles. Do as your heart wants, with Joomla website builder Gridbox. All the blogs you make will be entirely mobile device friendly. No matter which device you use your blogs will look same as it looks on other devices.

List of Features

  • Visual front end editing
  • Drag and drop layout
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Pre designed content blocks
  • Blogging app
  • 40+ elements
  • Access to all Gridbox Themes
  • Instant website building
  • Multilingual support
  • Advanced Admin Panel

Pros & Cons:


  • Live website building
  • Pre built themes
  • Responsive editor
  • Fully Mobile responsive


  • No back end builder
  • No themes is available with free version
  • Blogging platform is available only for Pro version
  • One Page Navigation is not available in free version

JA Builder

JA builder is one of the best builder tools for Joomla CMS, crafted by Joomlart. Create a stunning website instantly with elegant premade page libraries and content blocks. There are so many choices available, which doesn’t require many customizations.

Every element blocks come with preview, so you do not need to place and check one by one. Preview it and if you like it, then use it on your website. Wait that’s it? Actually, more customization can be made. On each block, you can customize by every element.

120+ Content Blocks to save your Time

There are more than 18 types of content blocks are available with JA builder. Here you can find more than one choice for every , and a total of 130+ blocks are available with JA Joomla content builder. This page block contains homepage, about us, portfolio, contact, etc. Within just one click a block can be instantly inserted.

Every content block is designed with professional designers and keeping users requirements on the mind. The most popular designs are already done. But if you like to customize more, edit each element like the way you want. These blocks are updated on a regular basis.

More than 29+ Ready made Page Libraries

Time is a very valuable asset, to save your time JA builder provides you 29+ premium page libraries. These pages are fully completed and ready to be used at anywhere you want. Top to bottom of every page is elegant and designed by keeping your needs in mind.

From the page, menu select “Page” and insert the page you like. Just only with one click it will be inserted and look alike the preview. These page libraries won’t be same forever, Joomlart team updates this pages and also add a new one on a regular basis.

Device Friendliness

JA Joomla page builder is packed 120+ content blocks and 29+ page libraries, which are fully device responsive. Every layout you built with this page builder is 100% device responsive. No matter which device is used to visit your website, it will always look the same as other devices.

When you built a section, you can check the device responsive settings and view different device layouts like, widescreen, desktop, tablet, phone. From there you can change or disable any sections you want.

List of Features

  • 29+ Premium page libraries
  • 120+ Premium content block
  • Fully Device Responsive
  • Forum Support
  • Inline editing
  • Video overlay support
  • Icons support
  • Template compatibility
  • Framework compatibility
  • 3rd party extension compatibility
  • Image replacement

Pros & Cons


  • Ready made content blocks
  • Forum Support for Free version


  • Premium content block not available with free version.
  • Premium Page library is not included with free version.
  • User interface is not good.

Blox Page Builder

Take entire control over your website with Blox page builder. Build any simple to complex layouts that you can imagine with this advanced page builder. With its drag and drop layout it everything on your site will be done in no time.

Its fast layouts save your time, you just select how many columns you need, and columns will be instantly added. On the fly, if you need to remove the one, you can do that too.

Blox Joomla page builder understands your needs; therefore it allows you to create Joomla websites of any types including business, agency, education, e-commerce, one page, magazine, news, events, etc. No matter which site you built it will always be responsive and always show the same way on each device.

Layout Controlling

We notice the big things but sometimes ignore the small ones, which also take a vital role in website building. With blox page builder you can also cover those small ones. Such a small option is column spacing.

Column spacing lets you change the gaps at once so you can try different types of column layouts. You can also add or delete any column layouts on the fly. It’s not like you can add or delete columns at the beginning, add or remove any time as per your wish.

Each row you add with blox builder can have a container to center the content inside. Blox builder allows you to add a background to your rows; you can add any solid or image backgrounds to your rows. Sometimes padding of each row is needed specifically, and this option is also provided by amazing Blox page builder.

Add-ons Library

Blox Joomla visual editor is packed with every necessary add-on that are needed on everyday website building. These add-ons don’t holdbacks you; it lets you do more. By using these elements you can build a layout in many different ways.

While building websites, you might often need to use icons, and therefore you seek help from the third party. Blox page builder solves this problem of yours; you do not need to any third party icons. There are hundreds of crystal clear icons available with this page builder.

Unlimited Possibilities

Possibilities increases in a new way with this Joomla, page builder. Each addon that come with blox is fully customizable, therefore with a single addon, you can create a lot of different layouts. If it's not enough for you, then you can write your custom HTML, CSS and JS code.

List of Features

  • Fast layouts
  • Column Spacing
  • Fully responsive
  • Drag & drop page building
  • Row padding with width
  • Niche related templates
  • Icon Manager
  • Framework Compatibility
  • Custom font styling
  • Addons library
  • Custom coding
  • Template compatibility

Pros & Cons


  • Fast layout feature
  • Swift column spacing
  • 50+ templates


  • 700 + add ons available, but access only a few addons is given with free version.
  • User interface is very complex.

Which Page Builder to Choose

Now in this point, there might have a confusion have been created regarding page builder. You might be thinking “which page builder should I choose?” Actually, this depends on your need and what functionality you want. However, if you would ask me, I would recommend you for Quix - Joomla page builder.

Quix got more advanced features and functionality than other page builders. It lets you bring reality to your imagination. This page builders free version already better than other page builders pro version. You can do more amazing things with its pro version.


  • What is a page builder?

A Page builder is a tool that helps you to design and build website faster without much effort. Even you do not need any kind of coding knowledge while you build your website with page builder.

  • Why use page builder?

We all want to save money and time. A page builder allows you to save both together. You will be able to build magnificent website all by yourself with help of drag and drop page builder.

  • Why you should pick Quix and not another pagebuilder?

Quix gives you ultimate solution for any types of site building. It is unbeatable with elements, features, functionality and time. The developer team of Quix, the themexpert group is always there for you when you need help. You can read about one of the feedback from themexpert site, from this link.


A page builder will lessen your workload and save your time. Therefore choose it wisely and be thrifty for your money. Have any questions on your mind? Drop a line in the comment section and do not forget to give your feedbacks.

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Nice and resourceful article to choose the best one from the page builder market.
Good job. Appreciate the hard work.

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In the article above you mention that the QUIX Pro Version starts from 39$. You don't mention if this is the price for 1, 3 or 12 months.

I clicked on "Pricing" and there are only 2 plans, one at 69$/3 month (which doesn't include the PageBuilder) and another one at 99$/12 months.

Was the article written so long ago that the prices changed and nobody updated it or the price is for another product?

I'm sorry but now I start wondering if the other things written in the article are correct or not.


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Quix PRO $39 is for 1 year license. In our pricing page there are membership package. With Business membership you will get access to all exiting and upcoming templates + Quix PRO for $99.(all inclusive)

Hope that make sense. I'll be happy to answer your further question.


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In Wordpress most of PageBuilders work as editors that substitute TinyMCE to edit posts and pages. And I understand that in Joomla all PB you describe are different components, that work apart of Joomla articles.

Are there any Joomla PBs that work like content editors for articles? Or it's not possible to do it in Joomla?

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Quix has plan to work exactly the way you want. Its in our list and very soon we will introduce that.
So, you will be able to build his article inside article using Quix.

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May I ask, why is not Yootheme mentioned here?
They probably have got the best around Joomla themes.

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This post is about page builders, not regarding themes.

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One of the advantages of using SP Page Builder is that it comes with an extended license option, whereas all these others (including Quix) doesn't have an extended license option.

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Is the price comparison correct? For example JA Page Builder has no domains limit. I think you can't compare apples with pears

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Gridbox>>not SEO optimized? No optimized images? Yootheme is not a page builder?

Please do your homework!

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