Follow fresh installation guideline if you are having problem to install template.

Complimentary Extensions:

  1. Xpert Slider
  2. Xpert Tabs
  3. Xpert Scroller
  4. Xpert Gallery


  1. Jomsocial

Template Settings

To load factory settings of this template please open template settings and click Configurator button. Under Load configuration button you will see all available settings there and choose settings named as your template name. Then press load button and you're done!

Load Configuration

Homepage Settings

Matheno Homepage fully based on modules, and we turned on component disable for the Homepage, to do this go to

Extensions → Template Manager → Tx_Matheno → Advance
And turn on Component Disable option and enter your Home page menu id.

component disable option

The screenshot below shows you the modules we have published on the homepage of the demo site.

Matheno homepage

Module Positions

Expose Module Positions

Slideshow settings

This module is powered by Xpert Slider and here are the settings.

xpert slider settings

Scroller settings

This module is powered by Xpert Scroller and here are the settings.

xpert scroller settings

Image Gallery settings

We used our powerful Xpert Gallery module here and have a look on the settings.

Xpert showcase settings

Tab settings

This module is powered by Xpert Tabs and here are the settings.

Xpert Tabs settings

Need Expert Help?

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this documentation, please feel free ask our forum to get quick expert support.