2014 is amazing start for us here at ThemeXpert. We moved to a new office and started a new journey with more team member. Our first quarter goal was to settle down and improve our product quality. We’ve been working hard since then to craft the best template and extension we possibly could make. As a result several extension has been rewritten from scratch and some are on queue.

New Office and Team Member

We moved 1500sqft office and its quite spacious for us to perform our daily tasks. We created a mini gym for our team member and ensured healthy working environment. With new office 3 new member joined our team and we are really happy have in on board.

New Documentation

We've rewritten the documentation and created knowledge base from ground up. We are hoping to publish them with our new site, more details below.

Support improvement

We shut down all distracting support channel and this really help us to focus only one channel for support. Forum is now our central place for support and we are really proud of our after sale support now. If you head over to our forum you'll see most of the issue has been resolved and others are taken care off.

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Joomla! 3.3 is going to be released in this month having many of outstanding feature and The Production Leadership Team (PLT) is claiming Joomla 3.3 will be the most stable joomla platform ever! This version aims to “Do more with Joomla” especially with improvements in terms of Security, Conflict reduction, Cloud storage API support, semantic microdata and so on.

In Themexpert HQ, we have already formulated our plan to welcome Joomla 3.3. Have a glance on the plan, we are going to adopt:

Our Plans

ThemeXpert Template

Because of radical changes in Joomla 3.3 we are preparing our guts for the official release. Our developer team are in hectic on updating Expose Framework and Quickstart Pack. All our Expose4 based template compatible with Joomla 3.3 and we are actively testing everything so it ain’t break anything.

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Today we are very pleased to serve Xpert Content module which is freshly baked from oven. First debute of Xpert Contents was very successful and we decided to build it from scratch with more functionality and ease in mind. with this philosophy in mind 'Build for novice and customize for pro’ we rebuild the extension again with visually appealing admin panel. This time Xpert Contents is completely javascript free and fully css driven, ohhh actually css3 :)

New Layout

Xpert Contents has been developed bearing in mind to provide you unique and smart experience ever. Its new visual layout selector will give you a new experience on joomla module interface. Displaying Joomla, K2 and EasyBlog article has never been easier.

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Hey guys, is it 27th March ? ohh ! yes, I know there have been many of you eagerly waiting for the template, released in each month. Now it’s time for your relaxation, In this turn, MetroNews cover your needs.

MetroNews is spacious, trendy, sophisticated, flexible and fully responsive Joomla template. This template provides you an awesome way to set out a daily news or magazine website or facelift your existing one . However possibility knows no bound. Metro has many of outstanding features included to embark your web journey with Metro any time.

Statistics shows many of readers do not scroll down to access whole article, many read 50% and most of visitors only see all content on video and photo. Metro has been crafted and shaped with the tactics, visitors feels to read articles spontaneously.

Live Demo Buy Now

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Our main goal of 2014 is to improve our product quality and support experience. We are striving here to provide possibly the best support but we know, we are lagging behind sometime. To improve our support quality, we’ve taken some decision which will benefit you. Before talking about upcoming changes lets see the current support workflow:


As you can see we are using too many channels to provide support and its very difficult for us to focus all this channels with limited resources. So we decided to shut down all the different channels and focus only forum.

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Our goal at ThemeXpert, this year, is to craft and shape our templates with modernized, updated and trendy technologies. Modernistic technologies are entire outcome of previous experience, research and future-proof solution.To follow this strategy, our whole development processes are under this pace. Our motto is to provide not only enlightened templates, technical support as well.

Our paramount endeavor is to focus on enhancing our services. So, we resolve to discontinue following and providing support from help desk for the templates released in 2010. Because those templates and supported technologies have been outdated, even their updated versions are no longer available or released.

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Yeah! It is February, 2014 and we are pleased to release Appy as business, app, social template and so on for Joomla 2.5 and 3.2.x. Based on your request and demand, we have strived to add your desired features in it. Appy – is a stylish, clean and professional template. This template is fast, numerous colored preset, flexible, easy to customize and fully responsive. Hope, Appy can enhance the experience of your using Joomla temple.

View Live Demo Purchase Theme

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Hi, It is Ahmed Eshaan. I have just been part of ThemeXpert Team as Technical Writer. I have been working as Front End Designer since 2012. I am here to enhance your experience of using ThemeXpert Templates. I am going to post technical and instructional based information of ThemeXpert’s works by positing blogs and video tutorials. If you have any technical problem and technical question to ask to ThemeXpert Team, Just post your problem in our forum. You can also inform me in which part of template do you want to have blogs and video tutorials, Such as template installing problem, template version upgrading problem and so on.

I will provide your problem solving solution as soon as possible. You can also suggest me your desired feature that you want to have in our existing and upcoming templates. I will forward your suggestion to our Developer Team. I am here waiting for your response.

Have a good day :)

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