Every year we set new year's resolution at ThemeXpert HQ to reach our numerous milestones. All milestones are set to give you extreme service from our end. We’re glad to announce, we have been able to reach maximum goals, that we set at the beginning of this year. Have a look at them.

  • We moved 1500 sqft office from a bedroom, and its quite spacious to perform our daily task.
  • We start from 3 members in team, now we've an acting football team. I mean 12 members in team.
  • Our client base is about to reach on 60k.
  • We've 50+ templates in our template directory.
  • Our support executives are instructed to available 24/7 for chat and forum support. 

Oops!! I might have forgotten something. In the beginning of a new year. You must have your own new year's resolution. and you need to fill your joomla toolbox in this occasion. Here is the New Year gift from ThemeXpert family. Enjoy 50% discount on BASIC, STANDARD as well as Single Template subscription plan, 30% discount on PRO membership plan.

Want to join or re-join our template club ?

Now the best time to gain access to all our 54 Joomla template, For your convenience, I have mention bellow all club membership price after discount.

Basic Membership: The regular price is $69 /6 months, after 50% discount : $34.5 /6 months 

Standard Membership: The regular price is $99 /12 months, after 50% discount: $49.5 /12 months

Pro Membership: The regular price is $249 / Life time, after 15% discount it's now $211.65 / Life Time

This special discount on our products is valid until Tuesday 5 January, 2015. Use the coupon code: NEWYEAR15 while checkout.

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Delivering transactional emails is considered one of the most recursive and important tasks for a website owner. If your transactional emails fail to reach recipients’ inbox, it will be difficult for you to have the benefits of an automated email transaction. An automated email transaction is heavily dependent on a reliable SMTP server. However, using an ordinary email service provider such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Hotmail has its restrictions. This is because they allow only a certain number of emails to be sent by a particular user per day. You might be thinking what is a smart solution for transactional email delivery and how to configure it, right?

For the purpose of this article I am going to discuss how to set up Mandrill for transactional emails. Mandrill facilitates sending 12,000 emails per month absolutely free. It’s easy to configure with a couple of steps. But the steps could be different depending on CMS. My today’s goal is to show you how to setup SMTP server on Joomla website.

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Are you looking for the easiest way to set out own online business right away?

There are a couple of Free and Premium extension available for eCommerce Joomla Website. For eCommerce extension, I found HikaShop comparatively useful for an eCommerce solution. And It’s going to be a great alternative of Virtuemart. The eCommerce extension comes with bundle of features with minimal restriction in the free version and extensive opportunities in commercial versions. So, I like the extension overall except it’s user experience. Let’s move forward. For your convenience, I have divided my entire process into 6 steps, Have a look below.

  1. Download and Install Hikashop
  2. Create product category
  3. Add Products and its details
  4. Add Product Categories, Image And Prices
  5. Add Characteristics
  6. Publish Products in Front-end
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Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends around Joomla community. You know, our ThemeXpert team is forerunner in celebrating festival at ThemeXpert HQ. No different on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Our whole team have been working hard to join the madness. As usual we’ve forget you on this Thanksgiving celebration. Don’t miss to fill your Joomla toolbox with our product. Enjoy 30% discount on all our single template subscribe and club membership as well.

Want to join our template club ?

Now the best time to gain access to all our 54 Joomla template, For your convenience, I have mention bellow all club membership price after discount.

Basic Membership: The regular price is $69 /6 months, after 30% discount : $48.3 /6 month 

Standard Membership: The regular price is $99 /12 months, after 30% discount: $ 69.3 /12 months

Pro Membership: The regular price is $249 / Life time, after 30 discount it's now $174.3 / Life Time

This special discount on our products is valid until Tuesday 2 December. Use the coupon code: XPERTFRIDAY while checkout.

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A Web form is considered as important as the landing page of a website. A landing page invokes visitors to get themselves into your funnel and a web form shapes your visitors into customers. The goal of your web form could be enticing your visitors to subscribe to a newsletters, sign up for an account, or get them to have am online purchase from your website.

 So, web forms are one of most essential elements of a website. A website could have multiple form to perform multiple tasks. If you have to manage all your forms and it’s information separately, it could be time consuming and sometimes becomes confusing. There are numerous of tools claims to be the best in form building, but they found limited in practical implementation. Are you thinking which tool is helpful in practical right ?

I found an online form building and management tool FormGet, which comes with complete feature to create web form and manage leads. FormGet comes with total web form management system. With FormGet you can not only create newsletter subscription, account registration, online payment form but also manage them from a single dashboard. One of the most interesting things about FormGet, you can use built-in custom form templates and set conditional logic to display your assigned form fields based on the user input behavior. Have a look on the features FormGet, that tool comes with.

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When you come up with an initiative to start or expand your online business, many factors seem to drive your decision. The Time and the budget seem the most influential among many. Even these two factors can sometimes lead to make your decision quick and inexpensive. If tight budget and short timeline satisfy your website needing, “FREE” could be your word of choice.

There are numerous Joomla! FREE template out there in the web, but it’s hard to know where to find recent, responsive, trendy and a template that suit your need perfectly. My today’s job to save your time showcasing 10 Free Joomla! templates, that provide you a great starting platform for your online business right away. Here are the templates.

01. Purity III - JoomlArt


Purity III is a top-notch FREE Joomla template that serves your website need enormously. The template is built with T3 Framework comes Bootstrap 3 at core that can tailored with any viewing devices. Purity III highly compatible with most the 3rd party extensions in community and easily customizable with ThemeMagic or Layout configuration.

Download Purity III Template

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Nefario has been released about two months ago and we proud to share that Nefario is now in the queue of one of the most downloaded template in ThemeXpert history. We are glad as well, you are cooperating with us and sending feature requests with your warm appreciation. We are really thankful for your appreciation and feature requests. But It requires a handsome amount of time to implement all your requested features. But don’t worry, we have already added some necessary features and update in Nefario. Have look on the new features and the update we added.

  • EasyBlog Support 
  • Quickstart Joomla 3.3.6  
  • Full RTL Support  
  • Revolution Slider updated to version 2
  • FontAwesome Updated to version 4.2.0

We have Great news for Nafario lovers. If you want to have Easyblog on your Nafario, Stackideas provides 20% discounts to all Themexpert account holders on Easyblog and rest of their extensions. Use is the 20% discount coupon code BLOGXPERT20.

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You all know the motto of ThemeXpert blog is to educate and facilitate our clients with technical as well as informative contents. A couple of weeks ago we published a useful content, A Complete Joomla! SEO Guide. We’re glad, you guys find the article helpful. But SEO is considered the easiest and most difficult job in online marketing. Do you know why? Let me quote a quote of Dave Naylor first before coming to the answer. He says “My rule of thumb is to build a site for a user not for a spider”.

To gain a strong position on SERP (Search engine results page) maximum developers care spider readability instead of emphasizing user friendliness. Consequently browsers change their search algorithm frequently. A statistics says only Google changes search algorithm more 600 times a year. So, you could understand without spending dedicated time for SEO, It would be difficult for to reach expect destination single-handedly. If you fail to spend enough time improving your SEO benefits, you hire someone or firm proficient in SEO consultancy.

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