Look back 9 years ago, on 17th August 2005 a witty initiative of seventeen brave heads turned into an open source CMS, Joomla. Though Joomla embarked its journey with nimble functionality, on 9th birthday it turned into mighty enough, paves more than hundreds of successful Joomla template and extension providers all over the world running their business with extensive substantially.

Having a substantial ThemeXpert, we really thankful to 17 visionary close-kits who executed their vision in reality. We started our journey with ThemeXpert at 2010, within the four years we contributed 18+ extension to Joomla community, developed our own toolset Expose Framework, make 51 wonderful templates, gained business substantiality, and served 56k+ clients all over the world. On this gala day we really appreciate the quote of Brian Teeman (Co-founder Joomla! )

A lot has happened since then and I doubt any one of the seventeen people who made the decision to start something new could ever have imagined that Joomla would grow to be what it is today

Since the inception, Joomla paves the substantiality of hundreds of startups like Themexpert, and ThemeXpert leads to thousands of developers to their prosperity.

We wish “Long Live Joomla!

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Imagine your website loads extremely slow. Your visitors are hitting back button before your website comes in. Your sales and site traffic are continuously getting low. If you finally found images, fonts, script and stylesheets are culprit behind, optimize your website using a CDN. More than 2.5 billions of websites are becoming more faster than ever before using the simple but valuable tool, CDN

Nothing different with Joomla powered websites. There are million of Joomla websites are using a CDN, where the images, fonts, stylesheets and javaScripts are being embedded in order to maintain its function and form. A CDN really adds a remarkable pace to serve these contents to your website.

In this article, I’ll discuss about CDN and its options available for Joomla websites. There are not a few CDN providers available out there in the marketplace. Each of them comes some unique feather and functionality that paves their individual strong existence in the market. But in basic all are the same, but the question is which CDN is appropriate for Joomla! Websites. Don’t worry, we have made a short list based our experience. But before getting into the list, have a look at CDN details.

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Add social networking to an Internet learning system and you’ll have created a complete online university with all of the sharing, chatting and social benefits of a real college campus.

That’s why we developed EduXpert, a Joomla education template that integrates both iJoomla’s Guru and JomSocial — and makes them look and feel even more fantastic and fun than ever.

Guru on EduXpert

EduXpert provides entire eLearning opportunities in a single platform. With tight integration of Guru LMS right out of the box, you can easily deploy your unlimited online courses, add media, set exams, offer certification, and earn money from home.

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It's been a month you and our relationship just turned 4 years old. 2014 is really a memorable year, we are now at well-furnished office from a bedroom, touched milestone of 56K family members, gained half century in templates and have excellent and talented people in our team. Yes, in the mid 2014. ThemeXpert is looking healthy enough, with strong muscle and still six pack abs coming out.

Todays is fact that i am writing for, Our whole team pass bundle of minutes every day, performing brainstorming to provide you the most admirable service. Even more better and quick support to touch new milestones. All in all, our whole team are hungry to deliver you heap of happiness. To ensure to do so, we are going to make major changes in our pricing plan.

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We at ThemeXpert, always keep bird eye view on the activities on Joomla community, forum as well as our personal clients. The question, we repeatedly face is why Joomla is not right out of the box SEO friendly as WordPress. The answer is pretty simple, each CMS runs with its own philosophy. There is not the such difference with Joomla! CMS. Joomla! concerns about security first.

you might be thinking Joomla doesn't care about SEO, right ? Let me give you total clarity. There are millions of websites running on the Joomla! CMS and their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position is pretty impressive. Even many of you have found themexpert and this article from Search Engine Result Page. And our ThemeXpert.com running on Joomla! CMS.

So, you don’t need to worry about the SEO of your website. it’s pretty simple to make your Joomla website SEO friendly. It’s matter of few steps to go. Don’t think the steps are difficult to follow. For your convenience, we have created a complete joomla SEO guide for you. Here the steps, we discussed on the handy Joomla SEO guide.

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Eid-al-Fitr is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. The day is marked as the biggest religious holiday in the Islamic religion, Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated with joyful activities by the Muslim all round the world, after a month of fasting and prayer.

We are really proud to say that, each of our team members is fasting everyday and giving you top-tiered service in full swing. Even we are excited as well, our biggest religious holiday is knocking at the door.

As the holidays swiftly close, we would like to make you aware of the upcoming delays in our support response. Our support channels will be closed from July 26th to August 3rd.

I think, I am in a hurry, I am forgetting something. On Eid day we send gift to our dearest one. How can I forget you? I have huge gift for you, enjoy 30% flat discount on all membership till July 31th. Use coupon code EIDMUBARAK while checkout.

In case of emergency please contact us through our Contact page and we'll try our best to reply as soon as we can.

Thanks for being with us and wish you a very happy EID MUBARAK!!!!

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Inky Deals is one of the leading deals websites in the design community, with an extended family of more than 300,000 design enthusiasts. Itís the place to go if you want to buy premium resources at unbeatable prices, whether youíre a graphic or web designer, developer, or business owner looking to improve yourself and your work.

They are the only ones who offer a 200% money back guarantee on every product. This means that if youíre not happy with it, you get your money back and you also get to keep the product.

guarantee on every product. This means that if youíre not happy with it, you get your money back and you also get to keep the product.

Inky Deals came up with a ginormous bundle, The Ultimate Design Library: $25,088 worth of Premium RF Resources - From $59 and because they are our friends, you can grab it with an exclusive $9 discount coupon! Use the code: ULTIMATE9 at checkout.


The bundle contains:

  • 724 Vector Packs worth $9,655
  • 127 Brushes Packs worth $1,386
  • 100 T-shirt Designs worth $1,500
  • 131 Super High-Res Texture Packs worth $1,654
  • Midnight Coffee Font Family worth $30
  • 4 Responsive UI Kits worth $60
  • 1,925 Vector Illustrations worth $7,700
  • 147 Photoshop & Illustrator Addons worth $1,486
  • 13 Premium Fonts worth $95
  • 20 Premium Tutorials worth $257
  • 114 Web & Print Resources Packs worth $1,265
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Language always matters for a website, Joomla provides all specific pros and cons to run a website in any supported languages. According to Joomla community portal, 57 language pack is available in the Joomla extension directory at the time of writing. So, it can be said, Joomla is running almost in 57 languages.

Creating multilingual sites have become a lot easier with the new core integration of supporting more languages. In some case, you may need to choose a pack for your native languages. But only installing a language pack or using Joomla core languages may not give you satisfactory translated string.

Suppose you have installed a language pack for your native language or you have chosen an extension, it may produce some translation that may not appropriate for you. So, in this circumstance, you want to override the language string that doesn't suit your motto.

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