EduXpert 2.5.x3.x

Responsive Joomla Education Template

EduXpert - Responsive Joomla Education Template
EduXpert comes with majestic layout with trendy and clean design. The template has extensively and exclusively crafted for educational and online course portal for Joomla. EduXpert is well-equipped with an extended support of GURU (Learning Management System) and JomSocial. Along with K2, Easyblog, custom pages and maximum presets, you can start your online educational Joomla website anytime, anywhere.

Responsive Design

EduXpert is totally responsive joomla template, can adapt automatically to mobile, tablet, desktop and Kindle. So, you don't need to make any separate layout or content for any other viewing devices.

Responsive Design

Built With Cutting-edge Technology

Modern technology offers a wide range of advantages. EduXpert is built with Joomla 3, Bootstrap, HTML5 and Expose Framework.

Course Catalogue

Create unlimited online courses with modules & lessons, EduXpert provide outstanding opportunity. All props goes to GURU.

Megamenu and Off-Canvas Menu

Mengamenu and Off-Canvas menu offer wide range of menu options, such as: inline subtext, icons, images, videos, modules, custom column widths and more. EduXpert supports both MegaMenu on desktop and Off-Canvas menu on mobile and tablet devices.

5 preset styles

EduXpert comes with 5 preset styles. All 5 preset styles are configurable from the template manager, allow you easy switching.

Xpert Slider

Xpert Slider

Xpert Slider adds a slideshow on your website, which includes images and articles with cool effects. Xpert slider can easily be configured from the admin section.

Responsive image Gallery

Responsive image Gallery

EduXpert comes with super cool responsive image gallery, that helps to display your contents in an eye-catching manner, thanks to Xpert Captions

Xpert Scroller

Xpert Scroller

XpertScroller allows you to choose between using a standard Joomla! article manager and K2 component which offers more appealing Horizontal and Vertical scrolling


Xpert Contents

Xpert Contents is a great module to display your content in a beautiful way. The module has been developed for perfect showcasing Joomla, K2 and EasyBlog article and images.

Xpert Tweets

Xpert Tweets

XpertTweets is the perfect module to any Social site, or Business site that uses Twitter. The extension is highly configurable and easy to use.

Seo Optimised, Well-Documented All You Need

Seo ensures your web presence in search engine. EduXpert's codebase is entirely optimised for seo.

Joomla Core Pages Styling

Pages create unlimited opportunities to kick start your ideas right away. Joomla core pages are packed with Boost styling.

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