Support Policy

We strives to deliver the best, unmatched support service on the web

Support Policy

Thank you for taking the time to read through our official support overview. ThemeXpert strives to deliver the best, unmatched support service on the web.

What supported

  • Guidance for installation issues.
  • Assistance with available features and configurations.
  • Providing patches for valid bugs whenever possible.
  • Assistance for small style changes.

What not supported

  • Code/Scripting training: We do not commit to educating users with PHP/SQL/Javascript/CSS/XHTML skills or elaborating on functions within or outside of the product.
  • Modified themes codes: We may not able to debug codes that are unfamiliar to us.
  • New features and theme customizations: Feature request /extensive theme modification to suit your unique requirement has to be dealt with through Third-Party developers.
  • Server, system, and Joomla setup: We are not responsible for providing and setting up your community server, configuring the system with required libraries and applications, or setting up Joomla CMS on your system.
  • Issues related to 3rd party extensions: We will not provide support for any 3rd party extnstions. Issues related to 3prd extensions should be asked on there support system.
  • FREE Templates/Extensions: There is no guaranteed support for free Templates/Extensions. However we'll try our best after serving our paid clients.

Subscription and Support Details

  • Support is provided exclusively in English.
  • Support is delivered exclusively through our Support Forum and Ticket System. We do not provide real-time support via instant messaging systems such as Skype. Official support is provided from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 22:00 UTC +6 (Dhaka, Bangladesh).
  • We guarantee a reply within a maximum of 24h for technical issues.
  • Sales & Billing issues will be handled within one 12h.
  • We are not obligated to provide support service for expired subscriptions or beyond the subscription end of term as indicated in your Download area. Continuation of support may be obtained by renewing the subscription. Download of your subscribed version is only available during the term of active subscription. You will no longer be able to download once your subscription has expired.

As noted above, if you send out an unsolicited message, your account will be terminated without prior notice. One strike and you're out. Moreover, you will feed our anti-spam filter with keywords so that you can't spam us again.