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How to manually install Joomla

Here is a guide how to manually install Joomla, that is if you do not want to benefit from getting Joomla pre-installed by us.

  1. Find a web hosting service that is fully compatible with Joomla! CMS. You need to get access to your hosting account's control panel for setting up a MySQL database, and you need to have an FTP account for uploading files.

  2. Follow your web host's instructions to set up a MySQL database. Usually you would log in to your web hosting control panel and find phpMyAdmin. Set up a new database and make notes of the following information about your database:

    • Hostname
    • MySQL User Name
    • MySQL Password
    • MySQL Database Name
  3. Download Joomla.

  4. Unzip the Joomla archive file on your computer.

  5. Upload the files to your web hosting account.

  6. Open your web browser and surf to the web location of your site (

    Following this video:

  7. In Step 2, the Pre-installation Check, you will know if your web hosting environment is Joomla compatible or not.

  8. Click Next and follow the instructions on the screen. In Step 4 you will be asked to enter the information about the MySQL database that you noted before.

  9. In Step 5 - FTP Configuration, we recommend that you enable the FTP File System Layer. Find the FTP login information for your web hosting account and add it on this screen. Click the button Autofind FTP Path if you do not know the path.

  10. In Step 6 you can choose if you want Sample Data to be installed or not. Sample data is website content that you will have to erase from your website later. If you work with Joomla for the first time, the sample data can help you to see what you can do with Joomla.

  11. After completing all the steps of the Joomla Installer, you have to delete the Installation directory located in your Joomla directory before you do anything else!
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