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How to create a full website with Quix?

Quix is the most powerful page builder of Joomla. You can create any layout for your website as according to your needs. Control the page layout and manage everything from one place with simple drag & drop interface.

You can create a responsive website with in few minutes using the drag & drop page builder and it have advance caching mechanism and powerful rendering engine that's why the site load very faster.

Quix is compitable with any template or any framework in Joomla. You can be use it for creating beautiful layouts. The Quix pages are indexed by Joomla Smart Search. You can see instant search result when you use any keyword in the Quix pages in the search module.

Quix have 26 Elements and you can create complete website using these elements. You don't know coding? No problem! you can easily create a whole website using the Quix elements.

Now, I will display you, how can create a complete website without any coding.

Here has to show how can install akeeba quixstart.

You can Manualy Install Joomla.

Add your site logo

Template copy and add menu

Menu create

Create a Quix page and add the page with menu

Create Home Page

Homepage setup

Add slider

Add another section

Create about or companies value section

Create call to action

Create services

Creating blog article

Change blog article layout

Joomla module using by Quix

Another Joomla module using by Quix

Create Quix collection

Use and insert collections in Quix page

Create another quix page and add by menu

Create team collection

Create company value collection

Create partner and contact collection

About Page

Create about page using Quix collection

Services Page

Create services page using Quix collection

Portfolio Page

Create portfolio page using Quix collection

Team Page

Create team page using Quix collection

Blog Page

Create blog page using Quix collection

Contact Page

Create contact page using Quix collection

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