Video Popup

The most simple module make a Video Popup with a simple configuration settings module. It can be used on any web page and there is no coding knowledge required to configure that.

Video Popup Video Popup

General Settings

Video Popup

  • Video Link : Insert the Youtube/ Vimeo video URL here.
  • Trigger by : You can either use icon or image to trigger the Popup Video. If you select icon from the drop-down, then you need to select an icon from the bunch of icons below to the option. If you choose image to trigger the Popup Video, you just need to upload that image by simply with the UPLOAD IMAGE button can be found only if you select image from the Trigger By drop-down menu.

Styles Settings

Video Popup

  • Text Alignment : Set the position of the text used in that module.
  • Animation : Choose an animation effect from the drop-down menu to apply to the module.
  • Text Font : Select a font style for the texts.
  • Text Color : Choose a color for the texts.
  • Use Custom Styles for Button : You can use custom button style if you want and to do so, you need to enable this feature first, then you will find couple of related settings like Button background, button text color, border width, border radius, hover color and few more. You can configure your own button style with this feature. If you want to use default button style, just keep this option remain unchanged.
  • Margin : You can define the amount of margin pixel for Top, Right, Bottom and Left as well for the module.
  • Padding : You can define the amount of padding pixel for Top, Right, Bottom and Left as well for the module.
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