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Social Icon

This module is used to create social web icon with linked inside in a very simple way, a matter of just a few clicks nothing else. Surely, this module can make you escaped doing huge code to add social icon and styles them that is very much time-consuming too. Its surely a trendy revolution for the web.

Social Icon

General Settings

Social Icon

  • Add New : A button to add a new social icon. You can add an icon as many as you want to meet your need.
  • Duplicate : Clone the icon with all its settings.

Once you click on a created icon, some more settings will appear to configure below this.

  • Social URL : Enter your particular social profile link here.
  • Icon : You can choose an icon for this social site.
  • Layout : You can either select horizontal or vertical layout from the drop-down menu.
  • Width : Define the icon width in numeric form.
  • Height : Define the icon height in numeric form.

Don't forget to write px after the numeric value in width as well as height box.

  • Alignment : Set the icon position.

Styles Settings

Social Icon

  • Animation : Define the animation that you want the module to be appeared like.
  • Icon Font Size : Set the icon font size.
  • Icon Padding : Choose a padding size in pixel for the icons to apply in Top, Right, Bottom, and Left as well.
  • Icon Color : Select a color for the icons.
  • Icon BG : Choose a color for icon BG.
  • Icon Hover Color : Select icon hovers color.
  • Icon Hover BG : Select icon hovers background color.
  • Border Styling : By enabling this option, you'll get three more option to style the border; Border Width, Border Radius, as well as Border Style. By default, Border Styling is No.
  • Margin : You can define the amount of margin pixel for Top, Right, Bottom and Left as well for the module.
  • Padding : You can define the amount of padding pixel for Top, Right, Bottom and Left as well for the module.
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