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This module helps you to build an attractive circular bar with an eye-catching customizable color combination that can fit in any type of websites especially for portfolio sites in building the skills graphical representation. It is totally hassle-free with less time configuration capability.

Pie Counter

General Settings

Pie Counter

  • Title : The Name of the Item. It will be displayed as circular item bar withs its amount of value in a particular color.
  • Percent : Define the amount of that particular Item in numeric.

Percent data must be in the numeric form as I defined a little earlier. Otherwise, it will not generate the bar.

  • Percent Sign : You can enable or disable % sign.

Styles Settings

Pie Counter

  • Animation : You can set an animation of how you want the Bar Counter section to appear.
  • Title Font : Customize the title font for the Bar Counter. You can choose from plenty of existing Google fonts and define its type ( Bold, Italic, and Underline, Uppercase, Lowercase, and Capitalize as well ), size, line height, and letter spacing.
  • Title Color : Choose a color for the title text.
  • Track Color : Choose your own preferred color for the circular track.
  • Bar Color : Select a color for the bar.
  • Percentage Color : Select a color that you want as the percentage text color.
  • Line Width : Specify the line width.