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Filterable Gallery

It is a features gallery module that displays gallery items in different categories. This module is the best fit for the portfolio site to show projects and also fit for the e-commerce website to display category-wise products.

Filterable Gallery

General Settings

Filterable Gallery

  • Add New : A button to add new Gallery Items. You can add Items as many as you want to make a filterable gallery.
  • Duplicate : Clone the Item with all its settings.

Once you click on a created Item, a couple of settings will be appeared to configure.

  • Title : Give a title for the gallery item.
  • Description : Write the details description about the item.
  • Link : Put the link that you want to redirect the users into when s/he will click on the item.
  • Tags : Specify tag of the item.
  • Columns : Define that in how many columns the items you want to show.
  • Animation : Choose an animation effect to apply on the module.
  • Show Title : You can enable or disable this feature. By disabling this feature, you can set the item title to be hidden.
  • Show Description : You can enable or disable showing description.

Styles Settings

Filterable Gallery

  • Enable Lightbox : By enabling this feature, a beautiful hover effect is applied along to the entire item.
  • Content Position : Set the content text position with this option.
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