Doughnut Chart

With this module, you can generate a circular chart with interactive color variations. Its allows you the control over changing data and instantly change the ratio of circular bars and therefore show the inputted data in a graphical way. Its the most trendy and easiest chart making module compared to other traditional related modules.

Doughnut Chart

General Settings

Doughnut Chart

  • Add New : A button to add new Items. You can add Items as many as you want to make a Circular Chart with this button.
  • Duplicate : Clone the Item with all its settings.

Once you click on a created Item, a couple of settings will be appeared to configure.

  • Label : The title of the Item.
  • Data : Define the amount of that particular Item in numeric value.

Data must be in the numeric form as I defined a little earlier. Otherwise, it will not generate the chart.

  • Background Color : You can select the background color of the item with this option.
  • Border Color : You can choose the border color of the item with this option.

Styles Settings

Doughnut Chart

  • Enable Responsive : You can enable or disable responsiveness with this option.
  • Enable Border : This option allows you to enable or disable border for the item. You can also define the border width after you enable the option.
  • Padding : You can also define the amount of padding in pixel for Top, Right, Bottom as well as Left to Doughnut Chart.
  • Margin : You can set the amount of margin in pixel for Top, Right, Bottom and Left as well to the Doughnut Chart.
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