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It is the most simple module to insert audio in web pages. Pretty easy to configure and need not a single line of coding knowledge at all. Its just simple.


General Settings


  • Audio mp3 link : The link of mp3 formatted audio you want to add to your site.
  • Audio ogg link : The link of ogg formatted audio you want to add to your site.

You can either input mp3 audio link or an ogg audio link at a time. If you input both two links on their corresponding input box, It is not going to work.

  • Autoplay Audio : You can enable or disable this option. By enabling this feature, you can make the audio plays automatically from the beginning once it ends.
  • Repeat Track : To set Yes this feature, you can allow the selected audio repeatedly play till you click it to pause.
  • Animation : You can set an animation of how you want the audio section to appear.

Styles Settings


  • Margin : You can define the amount of margin in pixel for Top, Right, Bottom and Left as well to your Audio section.
  • Padding : You can also define the amount of padding in pixel for Top, Right, Bottom as well as Left to your Audio section.
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