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Element Field Types

Quix has lots of built-in form fileds which you can use to build your element. Look at our step by step guide to creating an element.

Which fields you can use

Field Description
Text A simple text field
Textarea A textarea
Link Link field with all associated fields
Switch A switch value field
Icon A fontawesome icon slector
Image A image field for uploading and selecting image
Select A select field
Editor A WYSIWYG editor field
Typography Typography selector fields
Color A color input field
Margin A margin input field
Padding A padding input field
Slider A range input type
Divider Used to add a title, text or an horizontal line to the form
Input Repeater A single input repeater field
Group Repeater Group input repeater field can contain multiple input field

Common Fields Attributes

Every field accepts a list of attributes you can use. Each field could share these common attributes, but particular fields might ignore them. The best way to check which attributes are allowed on a field is to check the field description in this page, and see which attributes are mentioned.

This list provides a common ground so there's no need to repeat the description of a common field.

Attribute Description
name sets the field name
type sets the field type
label sets the field label (optional)
help Adds a tooltip to the field (optional)
value sets the field default value (optional)
depends sets the field depends another field (optional)

Positive values

You can set positive values in multiple ways: 'true', 1. Other values are interpreted as negative.

The Text Field {#the-text-field}

The text field is used to present a text input field.


- name: title
  type: text
Common Attributes Allowed
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