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Single H1

What does the single H1 check do?

The single H1 assessment checks whether the body of the text contains an H1 at any position other than the very beginning. An H1 is the title of your page or blog post, and you should only use it once per article. In QuixRank the H1 is the title of your blog post.

Single H1

Why is having a single H1 important for SEO?

Headings help Google grasp the main topic of a post. If you have multiple H1 tags, Google might get confused. A proper heading structure is also very important for your readers to understand the structure of your post. Moreover, heading structure is important for accessibility as well, especially for people who make use of screen readers and thereby can use headings for navigation.

Do you want to improve your H1?

If you use H1 tags in the body of your text, we advise moving it to the top of your text. Find all H1s in your text that aren’t your main title and change them to a lower heading level. Other headings can be used more than once, as long as they are structured hierarchically. So you should use H2 before you use H3 within a certain topic.

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