Keyphrase In Introduction

What is keyphrase in introduction?

The keyphrase in introduction checks whether or not your focus keyphrase is in the introduction of your text. Meaning, SEO checks if its in the first paragraph or not. Preferably, you would use your focus keyphrase in the very first sentence. You would like to make your topic clear as soon as possible.

Why is it important to have keyphrase in the introduction for SEO?

Your introduction is a crucial paragraph for your readers. They’ll decide whether or not your text is about a topic they would like to read. Because of that, the introduction is also very important to Google as well. Google uses your introduction to determine what your text is about. The words you would like to rank for (your focus keyphrase) should be in that introduction. You only have seconds to draw your reader’s attention. Make sure the first paragraph tells the main message of your post. That way, you can make it easy for your reader to figure out what your post is about.

How to improve the introduction?

The introduction is the critical paragraph of your text. It’s the one paragraph almost every reader will read. So you better make that an awesome piece of text! Sometimes it works best to write the introduction after you’ve written all the other paragraphs in your text!

Make sure that the first paragraph of your blog post is clear, well-written and contains the core message of your blog post. Write upside down like an inverted pyramid: the most important conclusion of your blog post in the first paragraph and the elaboration and argumentation of your conclusion following in the next paragraphs. Make sure you repeat your main conclusions in the final paragraph of your post.

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