Internal Links

What does the internal link check do?

The internal link assessment of QuixRank checks whether you’ve created links to other pages on your own website in your text. It also checks if these links are followed or not followed.Internal link check

Why are internal links important for SEO?

Google follows links to discover content on websites and to rank this content in the search results. If a post or page gets a lot of links this is a signal to Google that it’s an important or high-value article. This counts for internal as well as external links. Internal linking is something you control as a site owner. With the right internal links, you’ll guide your visitors and Google to your most important pages.

If you don’t want Google to follow a link, you can add a nofollow tag to the link. In that case, Google won’t follow the link and therefore won’t add value to the article you’re linking to. That’s why we check if a link is not followed. If you want an article to rank well in the search engines, it should have many followed links to it.

How to do your internal linking well?

Google won’t find the articles on your site that don’t get any links. So if you want Google to be able to rank an article in the search results you should add links to it. If you consider an article to be cornerstone content – the most important, well-written and informational articles on your site – you should add many internal links to this article from other relevant articles on your site. This serves two goals; most importantly, more people will find and read this article, additionally, the links indicate to Google that this is the most important article on a certain topic on your site. Therefore it will rank it higher than other posts on (related) topics.

Internal linking made easy in QuixRank

Getting your internal links right can be a hassle, especially when you have a lot of content on your site. But the internal linking suggestion tool of QuixRank can help you out! It goes through all the content on your site and will show you a selection of pages you should link to from the post you are writing. This selection is based on the content of the post you are writing. If it finds posts on related/similar topics, you’ll see them in the sidebar of your post, so it’s super easy to link to them. You can even indicate which your articles are cornerstone content. These articles will then show up on top in the internal linking suggestions, so you’ll never forget to link to them!

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