Image Alt Attributes

Image alt attributes checks if there are images in your post and if there are alternate tags that use the keyphrase. By adding an alt text in image, you provide users and search engines with a textual description of what’s on that image. This improves your chance of ranking in image search.

Importance of optimizing images for SEO

Images can improve almost any post or page. A website without an image is nothing but a boring and dull site. Also, think about how hard it would be to make money with imageless product pages! In other words, images are essential. If you add images to your posts, you need to make sure to optimize them. Not only for SEO but also for accessibility purposes. Search engines and assistive technologies like screen readers need context about an image to understand what’s on them. That means you have to add an alt text describing the image.

How to optimize images?

By this time you've already known, images are important for SEO but you have to make sure they are in perfect shape. If you have found a great image to add to a post, you need to optimize them using different types of tools. But not with Quix. Quix SEO section will help you to optimize your images in the perfect way you want. After that, you can give that optimized image a descriptive filename — add the focus keyphrase of the post to the filename. Google even encourages you to markup your image with structured data so they can show up in rich snippets. After uploading the file, you can add a caption if needed and an alt text. Take time to write a good, useful and information-rich alt text (alternative text) as many sources will use this to determine what the image shows.

How Image Alt Attributes works

To determine whether your post will rank or not, you need to find if you’ve inserted the right alternate text for image or not. There are three indications in the SEO section that will help you know if you’re in the right direction or not.

  • Red: If haven’t inserted any image or any alternate text for images then a red bullet will show and it will suggest you to add the text. increase the number of words to increase the length of the text
  • Orange: If you have inserted and image but not the right text and does not match the keyphrase, then an orange bullet will show and it will suggest you to write a proper alternate text for image.
  • Green: If your image alternate text matches with the SEO keyphrase, then a green bullet will show and it will let you know that you’re images are ready to rank up in the search engines.
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