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Every page on your site needs to contain a certain amount of words to be able to rank. How long your text should be, depends on the kind of page: taxonomy pages require (slightly) less content than posts, whereas cornerstone content should be exhaustive and therefore needs to contain a significant amount of words.

Why lengthy posts are needed?

Writing long blog post specifically 1000 words or more than that, will give a higher chance to rank top in Google, Bing or in other search engine. At ThemeXpert, we have a few articles containing more than 2000 words which really help in the growth of our organic traffic.

There are a number of reasons why blog post length is important for SEO. According to the latest algorithm of Google,you need to lengthen your texts in order to determine what your text is about. And if you optimize your copy well, because of the length of your post, the specific optimised keyword will be in the text more often. This will give you a chance to write more headings, more links, and more pictures, in which the keyword will be mentioned.

Another reason is long-tail keywords. Now more of the post and sites are ranking for the long-tail keywords. Because everyone uses short keywords which confuses search engines and make your site bump in ranks. But with the long-tail keywords, your site can top rank and make the higher position through the lengthy texts. And by combining lengthy text and long-tails keywords, you’ll see the growth of the organic traffics to your site.


Everybody can write but not everyone can understand unless the readability is flexible for all. A long post containing more than 1000 words can be hard to read and understand. So, to make it read, the writer must follow the proper writing format and hold on to reader's perspective.

If a page has lengthy text but all the writings are not worthy of reading then, most of the people will not visit your site second time. It will not be shared on social media and you might hardly get fresh visitors. And the search engines can hardly rankup your site. As a result, your site will end up in the 10th or 11th page which is not good.

The only way to write successful lengthy blog posts is by making sure your post is extremely nicely structured and easy to read. If your post is really long, add some kind of an index at the beginning of your post. Make sure your paragraphs are short and clear. Add lots of subheadings. Write in an attractive style. Your sentences should be rather short, you shouldn’t use difficult vocabulary and avoid passive voice.

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